Best Enterprise SEO Firms

Our research has found the best enterprise SEO firm is Go Fish Digital, specifically for the tourism and travel sector. Their experience in creating attention-grabbing shareable content is a recipe for success in boosting brand awareness.

As experts in digital marketing, we’re well-placed to evaluate the best enterprise SEO companies. We’ve scored a range of SEO agencies against capacity, industry expertise, the ability to grow your company, provide comprehensive service, and customer review scores.

Read on for the full set of results.

Check out each review of the winners below, and the list of runners-up at the end of each section.

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Go Fish Digital: Best Enterprise SEO for Tourism and Travel

Go Fish Digital
Pricing On request
Quick overview

Counting Marriott International among its client base, Go Fish Digital is a deeply media-savvy digital marketing agency. The team will carry out detailed technical updates to your website as well as run PR campaigns to earn namechecks from national press.


Content creation includes graphic design

Track record of attracting media attention


Interest in viral campaigns

We’re excited by the creativity and diversity of the media campaigns in Go Fish Digital’s portfolio. Supported by a talented team of in-house PR specialists, SEO experts, content creators, and graphic designers, the firm has pulled off memorable and positive marketing efforts for its clients. Impressively, Go Fish Digital scores full marks in every category.

At the same time, we’re a little wary of the slant towards viral marketing campaigns, which Go Fish Digital emphasizes in its web portfolio. While the agency’s work gained valuable backlinks that signal brand authority to search engine bots, we’re not convinced that one-hit wonders are the best strategy for SEO overall. Instead, we advise companies to invest in long-term growth and steady web traffic. In other words, we’re not fans of chasing the “go viral” rainbow.

However, Go Fish Digital clearly has many strings to its bow, and delivers reliable ranking improvement for its clients. Since they can satisfy a tourism megalith like Marriott International, we’d recommend Go Fish Digital without hesitation.

concrete office tower block
You can go and visit Go Fish Digital in Raleigh, North Carolina.


  • Status Bureau (Vancouver, Edmonton, and Toronto)
  • WebiMax (New Jersey and New York)
  • Propellic (Austin)
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Digital Authority Partners (DAP): Best Enterprise SEO for Healthcare

Digital Authority Partners
Pricing $30,000-$300,000 per month
Quick overview

Digital Authority Partners are a market leader in SEO services, with over half of their business focused on medical marketing. Their offices are in Chicago, San Diego and Las Vegas.


Easy to contact

Content production included

Wider digital marketing offered


Hefty price tag

May speak using jargon

DAP scores 4.97/5 overall, meaning it meets all of the criteria for capacity, industry expertise, ability to grow your company, and providing a comprehensive service. The only area it lost points was the customer satisfaction score (the customer review ratings average), which comes to 4.9/5.

Over 10 content writers handle copywriting, which draws in search engine users looking for valuable information. That’s an advantage DAP has over OpenMoves, which won’t carry out content creation. Happy clients noted DAP’s strong project management skills and deep knowledge of SEO.

A strategy consulting director and DAP client of over six years said the agency was always easy to get in touch with no matter the time or day. This shows commitment to client satisfaction, which means you won’t be left wondering about the progress of your marketing campaigns.

On the downside, Digital Authority Partners are on the pricier end of SEO providers. The cost estimates we’ve given are from DAP’s website and are a rough guide only. Occasionally clients felt the agency members spoke using too much technical jargon, making it difficult to communicate.

campaign results of a mental health provider
DAP's local SEO expertise draws in more customers from specific regions.


  • Cardinal (Georgia)
  • Webserv (Los Angeles)
  • LSEO (Pennsylvania)
  • Ayokay (Indianapolis)
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Vital Design: Best Enterprise SEO for Manufacturing

Vital Design
Pricing $10,000+ per month
Quick overview

Vital Design is a big name in the digital marketing industry, with offices in Boston, San Francisco, and Portsmouth. They provide the full suite of SEO, including link building and content creation. They also provide web development and brand strategy too.


Provide conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Website build available


Possible communication delays

Manufacturers need a clear and cohesive brand image with a clean, professional website. Potential clients need to feel confidence in their chosen manufacturer’s attention to detail. This means no technical errors, excellent design, and flawless copywriting. Fulfilling all the main criteria is Vital Design, scoring 4.87/5 in our research.

Overall, we’re impressed by the breadth and depth of Vital Design’s services, including web development, search engine optimization, and ecommerce setup. It helps their clients grow revenue thanks to increased web traffic. We’re confident in the agency’s ability to build your organic traffic steadily, rather than in spikes, which Go Fish Digital may end up doing.

While it’s good to see Vital Design has four in-house writers, Digital Authority Partners has more than twice as many. However, this may not cause any major hurdles for your SEO campaigns because manufacturing businesses may not need as much copywriting as medical services does. Besides, DAP won’t build you a website, whereas Vital Design will.

Vital Design only lost points owing to older client reviews (from 2019), one of which mentioned it took longer than expected for agency staff to respond to their contact requests. This goes to show the importance of responding quickly to all customer enquiries – or suffer a long-lasting dent in your company’s reputation.

three marketing portfolio examples
Vital Design offers web development, whereas Digital Authority Partners doesn't.


  • Direct Online Marketing (Pennsylvania).
  • Visual Fizz (Illinois).
  • Volacci (Texas).

OpenMoves: Best Enterprise SEO for Financial Services

Pricing On request
Quick overview

OpenMoves specializes in SEO and PPC, providing in-depth consultancy services. It's widely recommended in online reviews, with clients in banking and financial services highly confident in its abilities.


Excellent industry knowledge

High quality reporting


No content creation

Growing your financial services business means placing a huge amount of trust in your marketing partner. Handling sensitive customer data, colossal cashflows, and investor concerns means that maintaining your reputation is crucial. After carefully researching SEO firms, we’re confident that OpenMoves is the top choice for businesses in the financial sector.

Its average online review score is an impressive 4.97/5 across hundreds of happy testimonials. Its advertising expertise is clear: OpenMoves is Semrush SEO certified, a premium Google Partner, a Meta Business Partner, and a Microsoft advertising partner. This means it knows exactly what will and won’t work to get your services seen by your target customer base.

flow chart for SEO process
OpenMoves ensures metrics reports feed into improving your SEO strategy.


  • Upper Ranks (New Jersey)
  • Outpace (Oklahoma City)
  • Stellar SEO (Nashville)

Methodology: How Did We Choose The Best Enterprise SEO Firms?

Using our industry knowledge, we created a shortlist of the best SEO agencies. We made sure to select companies with enterprise clients (with valuation over $1 billion) as well as expertise in particular industries. We then evaluated the agencies individually, awarding them points based on whether they satisfied the following criteria:

  • Capacity: does the company deal with large projects and clients?
  • Industry expertise: does the firm’s portfolio or client reviews demonstrate familiarity with the relevant industry?
  • Growth: does it provide link building?
  • Comprehensive service: does the firm provide content creation (such as copywriting) as well as all standard SEO services?
  • Customer satisfaction: what’s the company’s average review score across three major review platforms?

We assigned the most weighting to customer satisfaction because it’s the most important factor for deciding on the quality of service delivery. The next most important is the agency’s capacity, followed by industry expertise – both are crucial for a successful enterprise growth partnership.

Finally, we assigned a few extra points for the critical service of link building and the convenience of in-house content creation. This final factor was often a critical differentiator because the need to outsource content requires more management capacity on the client’s side.

Expert Verdict

We’re proud of our research-backed recommendations for SEO agencies. To recap, here are the top enterprise SEO providers for each industry:

  • Go Fish Digital: Best for tourism and travel
  • Digital Authority Partners: Best for healthcare
  • Vital Design: Best for manufacturing
  • OpenMoves: Best for financial services

We’ve mentioned 17 organic marketing companies in this review – so you can be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed! If you’re not sure which firm is best for your business, make use of our free supplier matching service.

Fill in a few answers about the SEO services you’re looking for, and we’ll put you in touch with our trusted SEO partners. 

Until then, we wish you the best with your SEO search. Feel free to check out more SEO guides at the bottom of this page.


How much does enterprise SEO cost?
There is no set price for enterprise SEO services because each agency will scale costs according to client goals and desired outcomes. However, it’s common for enterprise SEO to cost at least $25,000 to $100,000 per month. Enterprise SEO agencies charge more than smaller firms because their clients require greater expertise and a greater volume of work delivered.

If you’d like more detail, check out our guide to SEO costs.

How is enterprise SEO different from other SEO?
Enterprise SEO involves the basic functions of search engine optimization, such as technical SEO, on-page optimization, and link building. However, the scale is much greater than SEO for small firms. While an SEO audit for a small website may involve analysis of a 20-page website, enterprise SEO could see 40 websites with 4,000+ pages each scanned for errors and possible improvements.

It’s likely that enterprise SEO will involve internationalization of web pages, such as creating landing pages for various global territories as well as location-specific content. SEO experts will ensure your website has hreflang tags to display the correct version of each page based on the visitor’s geographical location.

What is enterprise SEO agency?
It’s a large company that provides SEO services for other large or growing companies. Enterprise is all about scale: increasing the size of your company’s marketing operations to bring in more clients through organic search.

While a small SEO agency might analyze and optimize 10 website pages a month, an enterprise SEO agency will scan, compare and troubleshoot hundreds or thousands of web pages automatically. SEO for enterprise involves running national SEO campaigns and full-scale content marketing to attract web traffic from a much larger customer base than SEO for a small business.

Written by:
Sabrina Dougall
Sabrina is a business journalist whose career began in news reporting. She has a master's in Investigative Journalism from City University London, and her work has appeared in The Times, The Daily Express, Money Saving Expert, Camden New Journal, Global Trade Review, and Computer Business Review. She specializes in writing about SEO (search engine optimization). Having run her own small business, Sabrina knows first-hand how critical digital marketing is to building a client base and local reputation.
Reviewed by:
Caitlin Hathaway
Caitlin is experienced in SEO strategy design and execution, enabling businesses to grow their search engine visibility meaningfully over time. Caitlin was a keynote speaker at international SEO conference BrightonSEO, sharing her knowledge on SEO project management.