What Point Of Sale System Does Home Depot Use?

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By Dan Barraclough

Home Depot

Home Depot use point of sale systems that incorporate technology from Microsoft, NCR, Fujitsu and 360 Commerce.


Until 2010 Home Depot ran NCR software on its NCR machines at its self-checkout stations. They still use the NCR machines, but now use software from Fujitsu.

They made the change afer initial tests showed that Fujitsu’s software increased the operating speed of each NCR machine by approximately 20%.

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Mobile Payments

Home Depot is in partnership with PayPal to incorporate its point of sale system in their stores for customer payments using either a PayPal card or a cellphone number and PIN code.

The company has also integrated mobile point of sale transactions with over 30,000 First Phone devices to ensure more efficient processing of payments and improve customer service.

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