Best SEO Companies for Small Businesses in 2022

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The best SEO company for small businesses in the US is Direction Inc. We’ve scoured the sweep of search engine optimization agencies to save you from hours of endless research. 

We can now reveal the four best SEO companies to funnel more visitors towards your business websites from internet search engines, online marketplaces and social media sites. 

Why is choosing the right company so important? More targeted web traffic means higher chances of conversions, sales and, yes, you guessed it, profit. And with earning a strong online presence being more competitive and challenging now than ever before, making sure you have the right experts on your side is more than important it’s crucial.

The best SEO companies for small businesses in the US are:

  1. Best for local SEO: Direction Inc 
  2. Best SEO service for attorneys: LawRank
  3. Best SEO for social media campaigns: Hibu
  4. Best SEO for ecommerce: Logic Inbound 

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How We Reached these Results: Methodology

To get to these results we looked at SEO companies in the US who specifically cater to small businesses (companies with a turnover of under $10million annually). We were keen to consider SEO firms that would be most useful to our Expert Market readers, so we looked mainly at digital marketing agencies that delivered projects with a client budget under $10,000. The exception to this rule is LawRank which generally charged more for its projects ($10,000 – $50,000 and up).

In order to determine the rankings, we looked at:

  • Range of SEO services offered
  • Customer reviews across five platforms 
  • Customer support options
  • Trusted partnerships (such as Google, Meta and Microsoft)

Each provider was given a score for each of the areas and the sums tallied up to give the final results. Hibu technically achieved a score of 4.175, hence why it’s placed below LawRank. However, we’ve rounded that up to 4.2 to avoid an awkward fraction of a star!

  1. Direction Inc: Best for Local SEO

Direction Inc SEO logo
Direction Inc
Pricing $60-$880
Quick overview

With a perfect 5/5 in customer review rating and affordable monthly pricing, Direction Local takes the top spot on our SEO company leaderboard with ease. They scored highest out of all the suppliers on our leaderboard when it came to the range of customer support options available. Everywhere we looked, happy clients sang the praises of Direction Inc’s organic search ranking services. 

As well as excellent services, what made Direction Inc stand out for us is the focus on business visibility in local SEO rankings. It’s easy to overlook this aspect of SEO, as other digital marketing agencies can neglect this type of search in favor of national web traffic. But if you’re selling “fresh fruit smoothies in Lexington, KY” you want to ensure everyone tapping that phrase into their phone finds your business first – and local SEO will get you there.

Former customers rated the technical expertise of Direction Inc, enjoying improved SERP ranking results. Their team will create a WordPress site for you, write on-page text and produce optimized images for you – all of which strengthen the authority of your site in Google’s eyes. With an eye on changing search behaviors, Direction Inc will also optimize your SEO for voice searching.

Their outstanding technical innovation, however, is their API 2-way syncing on citation acquisition. This means your company will automatically link to over 75 business directories, correcting inaccurate information and deleting any duplicate entries, helping more potential customers to find you with ease.

Endorsed as a top 30 worldwide digital agency by Yahoo! Finance, Direction Inc is five-star rated on Capterra and has been a Google Partner since 2017.


Extremely high customer satisfaction

Wide range of support options

Automated business directory syncing


Doesn’t offer SEO in other languages

Specializes in limited range of industries: hotels, doctors

Package name
Local Hotel $640 per year
Local Business $600 per year
Local Business $60 per month
Local Doctor $880 per year

Direction Inc Pricing

Direction Inc offers three main price packages billed annually including two months free. The options are aimed at: local hotels, local businesses and local doctors, specifically. You can also subscribe for local business SEO services at $60 per month.

Local HotelLocal BusinessLocal Doctor
$640 per year$600 per year$880 per year
  • Activity feed and notification alerts
  • Review monitoring and management
  • Social posting
  • Instant local listing data distribution to TripAdvisor, Holiday Check, Infobel and more
  • Activity feed and notification alerts
  • Review monitoring and management
  • Social posting
  • Complete local listing directory and automatic data cleansing
  • Activity feed and notification alerts
  • Review monitoring and management
  • Social posting
  • Instant data distribution to, WebMD, DentalPlans, DocSpot and more

2. LawRank: Best SEO service for attorneys

LawRank SEO logo
Pricing $10,000-$200,000
Quick overview

If you’re a legal professional looking to improve your online presence then we recommend LawRank as the best SEO service for attorneys. This tiny LA firm of under ten people is swift and successful when sharpening up the search engine visibility of legal professionals’ websites. They offer a very wide range of services including content development, link building, mobile and on-site optimization. Crucially, LawRank will take care of your SEO reputation management, a service which Logic Inbound doesn’t specifically offer, yet is essential for law firms.

LawRank is the only agency on our list to offer
SEO in another language: Spanish, which is extremely useful to access Hispanic communities seeking legal services in the USA. The agency’s customer review score came out at 4.8/5, which is actually slightly lower than Direction Inc and Logic Inbound, yet still highly impressive.

As a Google Partner, LawRank is very well positioned to increase web traffic for legal professionals; they’ll create a WordPress site for you, run Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns and offer options of exclusivity and semi-exclusivity for their SEO services as a whole. This will help your legal firm stand proud of your competitors in search engine results.


Customers report responsive staff

Delivers strong SERP and web traffic results

SEO and web content available in Spanish


Only relevant for legal services

Hefty financial investment

LawRank Pricing

Due to the nature of their industry speciality, their SEO pricing is higher than the other agencies on this list. LawRank does not offer discrete pricing packages but works on a per-project basis. 

Therefore, pricing is by request only. However, their clients report spending within brackets of $10,000-$50,000 and $50,000-$200,000 for multi-year projects.

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3. Hibu: Best for SEO social media campaigns

hibu logo
Pricing On request
Quick overview

Hibu scored strongly on its range of services and has a particularly wide array of trusted partners. (Deep breath) Google Ads Premium Partner, Meta Business Partner and Microsoft Advertising Select Channel Partner – the most affiliations of any of the SEO agencies we reviewed, meaning clients can have confidence in accessing these search engine channels successfully. It fared pretty well on its range of customer support options, too, with email, webchat, phone and knowledge base avenues available.


It seems, however, that the quality of customer service is lacking overall, though. Hibu has a long way to go in repairing its reputation as we found a range of unhappy customers sharing recent experiences with the digital agency online. Capterra rates Hibu at a dismal 1.3/5 and we found several customer reviews scoring Hibu 0.5/5. Disgruntled clients complained of a lack of professionalism and no ROI. Ouch.

Why did we rank them 3rd best overall, then? Hibu is an experienced agency offering modern SEO services including voice-optimized FAQs, keyword-rich content creation and backlinking from authoritative domains. 

Their secret weapon is social media SEO strategy, setting up and running campaigns on several channels to get your business seen by targeted audiences. They’re a multi-arm agency with capacity for marketing automation, display advertising and listings management. So (on a good day), Hibu covers a lot of bases for your buck.


Covers many aspects of SEO and digital marketing

Wide range of trusted partnerships


Some very unhappy client reviews online

Pricing info unavailable without consultation

Hibu pricing

Currently Hibu is offering a free custom built Smart Site (normally priced at $449 for website design and set-up fee) with purchase of a Smart Site Pro as part of a qualifying digital advertising package. 

There’s no set pricing whatsoever, so you’ll have to get in touch with Hibu directly if you want to get an idea of SEO project costs for your business. However, clients indicate project spending under the $10,000 mark for short time periods of around three months.

4. Logic Inbound: Best for Ecommerce SEO

logic inbound logo
Logic Inbound
Pricing $200-$11,200
Quick overview

Business-savvy Logic Inbound has a laser-like focus on converting website leads into sales. It’s this kind of dogged determination that earns the company a solid 5/5 gold stars for customer satisfaction. As a Google Ads Partner, Logic Inbound is well-placed to boost the conversion rate optimization (CRO) of smaller companies, particularly those selling products and services online.

They’ll build you a custom WordPress or Shopify website, create SEO-tastic content, secure backlinks from Googlicious sites and optimize your sites for mobile. For added online exposure, Logic Inbound will sort out Facebook advertising for you as well – a nifty method of drawing in new shoppers ready to buy.

Aside from the above, we couldn’t specifically identify reputation management, multilingual SEO or voice search services from Logic Inbound, as offered by competitor LawRank, for example. However,
they are much stronger on SEO training and skills-sharing, with financial benefits for partners willing to invest their time, networks and expertise (see the Pricing section below for more on this). That means you could actually end up scoring some free SEO work!


Great SEO training

Partnership and commission opportunities

Excellent customer satisfaction score


Slightly narrower range of SEO services compared with others

No multilingual SEO (unlike LawRank)

SEO service
Direct website posts with 1 hour strategy consultation $200
Hourly consulting $215 per hour
Custom SEO education $600 for three hours
SEO short term projects $1000+
Monthly SEO mutual work $1,500+
Monthly services $3,000 to $11,200

Logic Inbound Pricing

A little outside of the norm, Logic Inbound offers a price menu of SEO services: 

  • Direct website posts with 1 hour strategy consultation – $200
  • Hourly consulting – $215 – business consulting and custom SEO tips
  • Custom SEO education – $600 – bundled 3 hours of custom training
  • SEO short term projects – $1000 and up 
  • Monthly SEO mutual work – $1500 and up 
  • Monthly services – $3,000 to $11,200

In addition to the above, they also offer some “free partner models” such as podcast interviews, joint blog posts and work in return for testimonials. There are also affiliate or commission opportunities available including white label partnerships.

Expert Verdict

There you have it, four very solid options for SEO for your small business. Legal professionals should hurry on over to LawRank, our recommendation of the best SEO service for attorneys. Those looking to build or promote an online store should head to Logic Inbound for ecommerce SEO.

While Hibu’s customer reviews certainly wobble its overall rating, the agency is nonetheless a decent option for wide-ranging digital marketing, social media and SEO services. 

If none of the above really hit the mark, you’re sure to get what you need SEO-wise from Direction Inc, our top choice overall for local businesses to get seen by search engines. Or if you’d like more choice then simply let us know a few basic details and we’ll put you in touch with digital marketing agencies that can fix up your SEO a treat.

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