Pam Barrometro


Pam has over six years of experience helping businesses scale through strategic marketing research. At Expert Market, she probes into the complex world of fleet management systems looking for features that would make business owners’ lives easier, weighing each system’s pros and cons, and comparing the best systems on the market. 

On weekends, she enjoys re-reading Discworld novels, watching anime, and thrifting online. A mindful consumer who has a penchant for buying her mum things that somehow eventually end up in her personal home office, she’s always on the lookout for the most cost-effective deals on the market.

Determined to live a quiet life surrounded by books, Pam graduated with a BA in Creative Writing, majoring in poetry and fiction. She has contributed to her local newspaper as a writer and editor, worked as a researcher for Educated Change, and facilitated online creative writing workshops for Connected Women Davao. 

If her family and friends do manage to drag her into the outside world, you’ll find her sampling new desserts, drinking the strongest coffee available, and thinking about when she can go back home.