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Who are Fleetmatics?

Fleetmatics are a global fleet management solutions provider serving small and mid-sized businesses.

Their focus is on managing local fleets, improving the productivity of mobile/logistics workforce and delivering business intelligence drawn from real-time and historical data collection from drivers and vehicles.

Fleetmatics have offices in North America, Ireland, the UK and Australia. They have over 42,000 customers and over 826,000 subscribed vehicles worldwide. They were acquired by Verizon Communications in November, 2016, making Verizon a global leader in fleet and mobile resource management.

Ease of Use
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Fleetmatics GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Fleetmatics’ fleet management solutions are web-based applications which monitor and deliver data on vehicle location, fuel usage, speed, mileage and other workforce and logistics information to fleet managers and operators.

Features and Benefits of Fleetmatics GPS

Fleetmatics cover the technology issues of fleet management allowing their customers to focus on their own businesses and experience a substantial ROI via increased revenue, reduced costs and growth of bottom line profits.

Advanced Technology

Fleetmatics’ cloud based software is real time and market leading. They offer custom reporting, instant alerts and Geofencing with comprehensive visual live mapping.

Driver Management

With Fleetmatics each driver has their own unique key fob, which means they can move from vehicle to vehicle without creating a gap or complication in driver and vehicle management reporting. Each vehicle has a key reader and a GPS unit.

Smart Phone Integration

The Reveal Field App cuts out calls and text messages when routes change. Drivers can receive their vehicle assignments and dispatch routes with a constantly updated interface.

Drivers can view their own route and performance information. The performance data is displayed in metrics for drivers and they can compare themselves against their colleagues.

Fleet Maintenance

Fleetmatics GPS Fleet Management Software gives real-time notifications for diagnostics, maintenance and more, monitoring engines and giving you full truck information without physically checking each truck.

Alerts can be set and services tracked. Breakdowns are reduced, fuel costs cut and better truck and driver management can mean lower insurance premiums.


Reporting is of course comprehensive with useful features like being able to share reports with key stakeholders tailored to their responsibility and information needs.

Reports include fuel, live activity in the field, timecard, and summary and driving style, covering individual driving habits. There is even the function to rank drivers. Tracking dashboards display both metrics and potential cost wastage and savings in dollars and cents.

What does a Fleetmatics GPS System Cost?

Fleetmatics pricing varies with the size of fleet managed. They provide a cost savings calculator and can give free demonstrations to outline product information and potential return on investment. Pricing for Fleetmatics GPS systems is only available on request. They are unlikely to be the cheapest but they are a global leading brand and the price will reflect the quality and functionality of the software and support available.

Fleetmatics Case Studies and Reviews

Dallas Plumbing Company

Dallas Plumbing Company, a large and well established plumbing firm chose Fleetmatics GPS Tracking to improve efficiency and lower costs. After a bad experience with a previous GPS company they found many benefits with Fleetmatics.

They reduced fuel costs, improved security and gained the control they wanted over their whole fleet. They particularly liked the alerts for vehicle activity, areas of interest, speeding red flags and vehicle idling. They are sent to a manager’s cell phone who can react quickly if necessary.

Fleetmatics improved their driver behaviour and thus public relations via better drivers on the road. Comprehensive reporting also helped this company lower costs and they feel the system simply pays for itself.

KRD Trucking

This trucking firm were impressed with Fleetmatics’ ease of use, especially for their less computer experienced personnel. They researched many GPS tracking providers before switching, from their less user-friendly previous system, to Fleetmatics.

With a fleet of 405 trucks the choice was vital for the success of their business. They liked the daily reports when they couldn’t monitor each and every truck throughout the day. Fleetmatics’ software was displayed on large screens so key management could see a map view of the fleet.

KRD saved 20% on truck idling time and gained a path to ELD compliance. They reduced speeding and harsh driving and were better able to allocate the right trucks to the right routes.

Expert Verdict

Overall Fleetmatics GPS Tracking has very positive reviews, particularly on their advanced functionality and ease of use of the system. This is a very reputable, established brand with excellent software and the pricing of the system reflects that.

Reviews usually show a reliable return on investment. Many companies with bad experiences of other brands have chosen Fleetmatics with much success.

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