Verizon Connect (Formerly Fleetmatics) Review and Pricing: The Best Overall Fleet Management System

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Looking for a powerful tracking solution to help you scale your business? Verizon Connect scores an impressive 4.6/5 in our research, making it the best overall fleet tracking system for its fast updates, comprehensive alerts, and ability to improve fleet productivity and efficiency.

For fleet owners, trackingreduced fleet costs, and vehicle management features are highly crucial. In this review, we’ll examine how well Verizon Connect performs in these areas, its pros and cons, pricing, and other noteworthy features.

Don’t have time to read the full article? In a nutshell, Verizon Connect has everything you need for efficient fleet management, but at a premium cost. If you’re still hesitant, use our free quote comparison tool to compare prices from the leading vehicle management systems on the market today. 

For over 10 years, Expert Market has been evaluating the best GPS tracking systems available. Our meticulous and unbiased research has helped thousands of business professionals make smarter business decisions.

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Did You Know?

Fleetmatics is a global fleet management solutions provider with over 42,000 customers and over 826,000 subscribed vehicles worldwide. In 2016, Fleetmatics was acquired by Verizon Telematics, making Verizon a global leader in fleet and mobile resource management. The system is now known as Verizon Connect.

Verizon Connect’s Pros and Cons


  • “Near” real-time vehicle tracking
  • Seamless job management
  • Efficient fuel management


  • Limited help and support
  • Premium pricing

 “Near” Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Verizon Connect scores 5/5 in our tracking category with its 30-second data refresh that enables you to virtually co-pilot your whole fleet. Moreover, each ping from your GPS tracker also includes detailed information on your vehicle diagnostic systems and any additional sensors connected to your tracking unit. This means you are immediately alerted when anything unusual occurs.

With live map integration and user-friendly dashboards, Verizon Connect links you to all of your drivers on the road. You can also colour code your vehicles by job to see, in real time, letting you know exactly where your vehicles and employees are when out in the field.

 Seamless Job Management

Verizon Connect also comes with industry-leading territory planning tools. Its app automatically divides the zone you cover into work areas, then assigns drivers to jobs based on their location, schedule, and vehicle capacity. This helps get jobs done in the best order while burning less time and fuel.

Verizon Connect is also an expert when it comes to automatic route optimization, so you trust that your drivers are following the swiftest way to their destination.

 Efficient Fuel Management

In the midst of hiking fuel prices, it’s natural to be worried. Verizon Connect helps you better administer fuel with cost-effective fuel management features. Get access to a fuel efficiency report, which will break down your fuel usage based on the vehicle year, fuel type, distance travelled, fuel cost per litre, estimate loss, idling duration, and harsh events. 

You can also request a lost fuel report, which breaks down the total lost purchase of fuel, overfill incidents, and average unit cost. This is sure to help you optimize your fuel use, allowing you to weather the energy crisis with confidence.

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 Limited Help and Support

Verizon Connect scores 3.5/5 in our help and support category – an above average score. It doesn’t offer an installation setup for its Reveal Starter package or its plug-and-play devices. Furthermore, Verizon charges $100 for each upgrade, unit swap, additional unit, and/or replacement unit. 

Verizon offers a variety of support options such as email and 24/7 phone support, as well as a comprehensive knowledge center to assist users. However, it doesn’t have a chatbot, which could be incredibly helpful in navigating its rather intricate website and answering FAQs.

 Premium Pricing

With great features come great prices. Verizon Connect scores the lowest in our pricing category with a 2.2/5 for its standard minimum three-year contract and premium subscription plans. However, a little birdie told us that with a little ‘pecking’ around, you can negotiate with Verizon’s sales representatives to get ‘flock-tastic’ deals that work for both parties.

How Much Does Verizon Connect Cost?

Verizon Connect scores 2.2/5 in our pricing category, ranking last overall. While Verizon isn’t the most forthcoming about pricing on its website, our researchers have found that Verizon’s monthly US license cost around $20 – $40 per vehicle, per month.

As is the industry norm, it offers custom plans based on contract length, fleet size, and depth of features. With Verizon Connect’s comprehensive features and integrations, it is understandably more expensive than other GPS fleet tracking solutions. If you’re looking for a low-cost fleet management solution, you can take a look at our review of RAM Tracking, which scores 3.7/5 in our pricing category.

Below is a quick side-by-side comparison of Verizon Connect’s packages.

Reveal StarterReveal
Best forFleet of 1 to 15 vehiclesFleet of any size
Key Features
  • Live Map, route replay, geofences, google traffic data
  • Speed and location data
  • Manager app
  • Plug and play hardware
  • 3 alerts: geofencing, speeding, idling
  • 4 basic reports: daily report, detailed report, geofence report, and distance travelled report
  • All Reveal Starter features
  • 17 alerts
  • 32 advanced reports: speeding, vehicle maintenance cost analysis, carbon footprint, timesheets, etc.
  • Professionally installed hardware
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Driver app
  • Dashboard metrics
  • Driver groups and permissions
Compatible Add-Ons & Integrations
  • Dashcams
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Dashcams
  • Roadside Assistance
  • ELD
  • Fuel card
  • Vehicle sensor data
  • Panic button

Verizon offers a standard 36-month contract, after which, the term will be reduced to one year. Alternatively, you may ask a Verizon representative to extend your subsequent term by two to three years, if you’re looking to strike a lower rate. 

If you’ve got 15 minutes to spare, Verizon offers a free demo of Verizon Connect for potential customers. If you like the look of it, Verizon’s trained engineers will pop around to your garage and install your new (Reveal) tracker for you. Furthermore, Verizon also offers a 14-day cooling-off period and a free trial

Want to get custom quotes directly from an Expert Market-approved vehicle tracking supplier? Use our free price comparison tool – let us know what you need and we’ll match you with the best vehicle tracking suppliers that can fulfill the unique needs of your business. They’ll then be in touch with tailored, obligation-free quotes for you to compare.

Verizon Connect’s Standout Features

AI Dashcam

Take control of your fleet’s safety, coach your drivers, and help prevent accidents with Verizon’s AI-powered dashcams. With alerts for distracted driving, Verizon’s AI helps safeguard drivers in real-time, reduces accidents, and automatically categorizes risky driving events, according to severity, for easy review.

  • Review road and driver footage side by side.
  • Set up alerts for when a driver is following another vehicle too closely or falling asleep. 
  • Receive HD clips of risky driving events within minutes of the incident (clips are classified and tagged appropriately, enabling you to take action quickly).
  • In-cab audio alerts, which work in areas without connectivity. 
  • The videos are cloud-based, and are available on Verizon’s platform within minutes of an event.

Pro tip: Verizon offers bundle pricing for its AI dashcam and GPS tracker, so mention this to the sales rep.

Verizon Connect's dash cam
(Source: Verizon Connect) Review road and driver footage side by side with Verizon Connect’s Intelligent AI dashcam

RevealField Job Management Software

Verizon offers an intuitive and comprehensive job management software that makes job dispatching as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Receive a job request
  2. Book a job based on technician availability, location, and whether they know the customer.
  3. Confirm the customer’s appointment

With RevealField, you can check job status and vehicle location on a live map and provide an accurate ETA to your customers. Once a job is complete, your customers can then submit a rating and review the job and the technician. Meanwhile, your technicians can view their list of jobs for the day along with important job details. They can also report on job status – in progress or complete – and capture job notes, photos, and signatures from the field in the technician mobile app.

It also integrates with QuickBooks Online, so you can easily manage your financial data. 

Person using RevealField software
(Source: Verizon Connect) Streamline job management with RevealField
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What Kind of Business Is Verizon Connect Best For?

With an overall score of 4.6/5 in our in-depth research, Verizon Connect is the best fleet tracking system for Canadian businesses today. It scores 5/5 in tracking, driver management, and vehicle management and is loaded with integrations that will help your business scale without much heavy lifting on your end. 

Verizon Connect allows you to maximize productivity with intuitive automatic route optimization and helps you stay on top of vehicle maintenance, all highly crucial features for medium to large delivery fleets.

Verizon Connect can also help you comply with industry mandates and route restrictions across all locations, which can be challenging when you’re managing bigger fleets. With Verizon Connect, you can automatically track driving data and show proof of compliance with a few taps on your phone.

How Does Verizon Connect Compare With Other Fleet Tracking Systems?

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Pricing (Software)

From $23.50 (USD) per user, per month (on average)

Pricing (Software)

$27 – $33 (USD) per user, per month (on average)

Pricing (Software)

Bespoke Pricing

Pricing (Software)

$25 – $35 (USD) per user, per month

Pricing (Software)

Bespoke Pricing

Best For

Best Overall

Best For

Managing Vehicles

Best For

Help and Support

Best For

Efficient Routes

Best For

Value For Money

Verizon Connect’s Vehicle Tracking Features

Verizon is the only system to score a perfect 5/5 in our tracking category. This is followed closely by Samsara (4.9/5).

Largely, this perfect score is thanks to Verizon Connect’s robust tracking software and insight alerts system, which notifies you in real time when a vehicle does something unexpected. Verizon Connect’s insight alert types include:

  • Activity
  • Diagnostic
  • Driving hours
  • Geofencing
  • Harsh driving, idling, and speeding
  • Ignition on, late start, and long stop
  • Power disruption
  • Out of hours driving (useful for theft prevention)
Verizon Connect vehicle tracking software on different screens
Source: Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect’s Ability To Reduce Fleet Costs

Once you’ve created a route with multiple stops, Verizon Connect’s intuitive routing abilities system can automatically optimize it by reordering the stops, except for the start and end points, to create the shortest or quickest route possible. However, Azuga, our number one contender in route optimization, allows you to reorder stops – including the start and stop points – giving you ultimate control of your vehicle journey.

While Azuga automatically optimizes routes to avoid traffic congestion and possibly dangerous areas like construction zones, Verizon gives you near real-time Google traffic information as part of its map view. Moreover, Verizon also offers automatic fuel tax reports and fully customizable mileage reports that can be filtered by various options such as vehicle, driver, vehicle and driver, vehicle and state, and road type. 

Verizon Connect’s Vehicle Management Features

When it comes to vehicle management, Verizon and Samsara soar to the top with a perfect score of 5/5. Both systems offer the ability to automatically receive vehicle diagnostic reports as soon as a fault light appears. However, Verizon takes it one step further with its Maintenance Connect console which provides Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and allows you to quickly identify the closest service center if immediate action is necessary.

As for theft prevention, both systems are like superheroes protecting your fleet with powerful alerts for unauthorized usage. However, only Samsara offers a panic button as an extra security feature – like a bat signal for your fleet, drivers can press the panic button to notify you ASAP if someone tries to steal your car, or if there’s an emergency.

Does Verizon Connect Have Good Customer Reviews?

Verizon Connect is by far the most reviewed tracking system on our list, with 793 reviews at Capterra (3.2/5) and 923 reviews at G2 (3.9/5), where Verizon Connect wins #1 in route planning. Although Verizon does have a few integration hiccups along the way, Verizon’s representatives are responsive and are actively reaching out to address user concerns.

Easy to use. Works for everything I need in tracking and eld software

What do you like best? Easy installs, Customer service, is beneficial. Applications are exactly what I need in my business.

What do you dislike? Ordering equipment is a hassle. Takes many phone calls to get equipment order.

What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you? Administration portal. (sic)

Tammy K., Operations Manager
- October 4 2022
Best tracking system for any business!

What do you like best? Best Customer service, dependable company. They will call back to make sure your system is working or they will stay on the phone until you are satisfied. I have called maybe twice or three times and they always corrected the issue. You just don’t get that kind of response anywhere.

What do you dislike? Maybe give customers something free to wear t-shirts or something to place on our company vehicles showing everyone who we do business with.

What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you? Tracking all of our company vehicles sometimes are not displaying locations. It’s very important to know who is closer to another vehicle in case they need assistance. (sic)

Eddie A., Fleet Operations Manager
- September 29 2022 (Original November 4 2020)
Verizon Connect

Overall: When calling customer service, was always helpful and would let me know when issue was resolved.

Pros: Verizon Connect is very user-friendly, as I was able to navigate thru system and was self-taught.

Cons: When Verizon connect would be down, was very difficult to manage. (sic)

Kali S., Fleet Maintenance Coordinator
- December 6 2022

Verizon Connect’s stellar overall score of 4.6/5 in our in-depth research is the result of years of innovation. Its comprehensive fleet tracking software will help you comply with regulations, simplify maintenancereduce fleet costs, and improve fleet performance, making it the best overall fleet tracking system.

Verizon Connect is highly scalable with Reveal Starter for small businesses and Reveal for medium to large fleets. However, do keep in mind that it’s more on the expensive end and requires you to commit to a minimum contract length of three years, thus scoring a 2.2/5 in our pricing category.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly fleet management solution, you can check out RAM (3.7/5), which offers the most affordable pricing options with its long-term contract packages.

Still unsure about how much you need to invest in your fleet tracking system? Use our free quote comparison tool to get the most accurate prices straight from the leading providers in the industry.

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