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What is a CRM System?

A CRM (customer relationship management) is at its core a database of customer data. CRM systems have evolved to a sophisticated point where they can now organize this data to provide tons of customer service, marketing, and sales solutions. A CRM system means you can run your business operations from one place.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from a CRM as well as businesses in any industry. Some providers offer niche systems that fit into one industry whilst others are flexible and customizable and can suit various business sizes and industries.

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"Building a trusting relationship between you and your customers is one of the most important and beneficial things any business can do, and CRM software is one of the best ways to do this." Duncan Lambden Senior Writer

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How much does CRM software cost?

Paid CRM system costs start from around $19 per user, per month for small businesses. More advanced packages for larger enterprises range from $50 to $150 per user, per month, while the most expensive CRM systems charge $300 per user, per month, or more.

How does CRM work?

Most CRM systems are cloud-based which means that your business’ data (files, contacts, documents, the lot) is stored ‘in the cloud’, hosted on servers operated by the CRM provider, rather than on your own premises.

There’s a couple of benefits to this, including both security and convenience – who wants to have a load of expensive equipment taking up valuable office space? The main advantage of cloud-based CRM, though, is that it facilitates remote working.

With cloud-based CRM, information updates in real-time – enabling collaboration across time zones, and bringing together teams situated thousands of kilometres apart. Plus, there’s no expensive hardware to maintain or install – cloud-based CRM is accessible entirely from your web browser.

Do I need a CRM as a small business?

Yes. CRM software can be used by businesses of any size even if you’re just got started. Starting with a CRM system from the get-go means you can be sure that data, information and important documents are all stored safely and in one place. You don’t need to carry out any data migration or worry about losing information amongst stacks of files and paperwork. Instead, your CRM system will have all the necessary info stored plus be equipped with tons of tools and solutions to make your business much more streamlined and efficient.