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By Julia Watts | Content Manager | Published: 9 January 2019

What is Field Service Management Software?

Field service management software helps you manage almost every aspect of business operations. It makes handling your workload easier by putting reporting, scheduling, dispatching, invoicing and customer account management tools all in one place.

Quite simply, field service software helps you to work smarter and worry less.

Why Use Field Service Management Software?

If you rely on technicians and other field service personnel, you know all about challenges such as:

  • Tracking important assets and workflows within your business
  • Managing time logging and payroll-related processes
  • Maximizing the time your technicians spend in the field
  • Preventing waste and theft
  • Ensuring timely payment and invoice processing
  • Delivering a service that customers are happy with

Field service management software streamlines these tasks and saves you money.

Generally, if you rely on a mobile or distributed workforce, you can benefit from field service software. Here are a few industry-specific examples:

Social Services

Field service software helps you track the whereabouts of case workers, caseloads and client outcomes, while keeping tabs on appointment times and the time your staff spend on site.

Motor Carriers

Field service software and fleet management software combine to give you a bird’s eye view of your fleet’s performance. You get real-time insights into resource allocation, billing, and inventory control.

Construction and Landscaping

Field service software distributes work fairly between contractors based on their availability and whereabouts. In industries like construction where moonlighting (having a second job) is common, that means employees have less reason to seek work elsewhere. You’ll be able to accurately track their hours and pay them on time too.

Repair and Installation Services

Field service software tells your technicians exactly what each customer’s problem is before appointments. That’s why 82% of repair businesses who use field service management software say it improves their first time fix rates. With prompt and accurate service, you’ll see higher customer satisfaction on installs, repairs, and diagnostic calls.

Pool and Spa Maintenance

If you’re a pool service professional, you’ll love what pool service solutions bring to the table. Specially-designed mobile apps show drivers the fastest routes to calls, and in-app chemical calculators help them to cut down costly chemical wastage when they get there.

Did You Know?

Up to 67% of field service customers won’t rehire you if you’re an hour late to an appointment.

Features of Field Service Management Software

All field service software typically includes the following core features:

Work Order Management

Work orders contain the information that your technicians need to complete their calls. You might create thousands of work orders daily, so it’s important to have a system for managing them at scale.

Work order management lets you send, digitize and distribute work orders with all the details your field service staff need for the day’s jobs.

Smart Scheduling and Dispatch

As a dispatcher, you’re responsible for a distributed workforce. Your field service staff plan their days around the schedules you set, so you need to be able to update their job orders and assignments in real time.

That’s what smart scheduling is for. The feature allows you to sort technicians by expertise, availability, and even proximity to the customer (if you’re using in-vehicle GPS tracking).

Inventory Management

How can your technicians be effective if they’re ill-equipped?

Most modern field service management solutions can track your inventory levels and automate reordering of key parts when you’re running low, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Mobile Apps

Nearly all field service software suites include a mobile app. The most basic ones give your technicians access to their schedules, work orders and job histories while they’re in the field.

The most advanced apps, like Intuit Mobile, will even send reassuring service status updates to your customers.

Several field service management solutions offer the following advanced features:

Quote Creation

Some packages, like Wintac job management software for plumbers and electricians, provide quote creation tools to help you draw up on-the-spot estimates for customers. You can assign costs to specific spare parts and perform in-app calculations to make quoting a whole lot faster and easier.

GPS Tracking

Field service apps like AT&T Workforce Manager provide fleet management-lite functionality via GPS location tracking. Technicians get accurate route information, and dispatchers benefit from knowing when they’ve checked into customer calls.

CRM Integration

Field service software doesn’t just assist your field service personnel – it also makes customer relationship management (CRM) easier for account managers. Simple scheduling features help to minimize missed appointments and keep your customers happy. There’s also the option to upsell customers new products during repairs.

Mobile Payments/Invoicing

There’s nothing better than receiving swift payment for a job well done. That’s why some field service apps let your staff process customer payments on the spot. Your accounts team will thank you later.

Benefits of Using Field Service Management Software

  • Mobility: Field service management systems use technology that’s built to travel, sending real time updates to your smartphones, tablets and laptops
  • Time: Remove entire steps in your workflow with time tracking software to save time and headaches later
  • Efficiency: Minimize asset downtime and increase the time your technicians spend in the field
  • Insight: Optimize time and asset allocation by tracking performance-based metrics
  • Accuracy: Eliminate double-booking and guarantee that invoices are paid on time
  • Integration: Find solutions that work well with popular fleet management, invoicing and CRM systems
  • Customer Service: Fewer missed appointments and more predictable scheduling keeps customers happy
  • Speed: Create invoices and accept payments in the field for a healthy cash flow
  • Profit: All of the above means less time spent chasing money and more time making it

Who Uses Field Service Management Software?

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from using field service software. And with 150+ solutions currently on the market, you have lots of options covering every industry.

Thousands of businesses use field service software to streamline service delivery. Here’s a selection of success stories from across the US:

Island Aire

When Florida-based air conditioner manufacturer Island Aire started using FieldEdge, they had no idea that it would become such an important part of their business. Now, managers can’t imagine working without the software’s intuitive dispatch board, and technicians love the mobile app customer call functionality.

Automated billing and contract renewal mean Island Aire’s active customer accounts just keep on growing. And, thanks to more reliable service, customers themselves have no complaints.

Better Life Maids

It’s safe to say that Better Life Maids, one of few eco-friendly house cleaning companies, does things differently to most. They adopted Vonigo’s field service technology in 2015, long before their competitors. CEO Matthew Ricketts cites Vonigo’s ability to integrate field service and sales in a single platform as one of their main selling points.

The result? Better Life Maids is growing faster than ever, with month-on-month sales increasing by as much as 8% in some offices.

Field Service Software Prices

Field service software suppliers bill their customers on a ‘software-as-a-service’ (SaaS) model, which means you pay a monthly fee for access to the features we’ve discussed above.

Within that model, different suppliers structure their pricing plans according to either:

  1. The number of users of the software, or
  2. The number of jobs you complete each month

As a rule of thumb, the larger your field service workforce, the more you can expect to pay. However, many suppliers offer free trials ranging from 14 to 30 days, so you can try the software before you sign on any dotted lines.

With that principle in mind, field service management software fees range from less than $10 to more than $50 per user, per month.

Next Steps

To recap, smarter job scheduling, intuitive dispatching, and faster payment collection are just a few of the best perks of field service management software.

Bear in mind that no two solutions are the same, and that there are some suppliers who specialize in software for one or two specific industries. To find the best solution for your business, it pays to do your research.

Julia Watts Content Manager

Specializing in the complex realms of telephone systems, business energy, vehicle tracking, asset tracking, and fuel cards, Julia writes content that cuts through the noise to help you find the right solutions and technologies for your business. Having spent five years working across the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, she loves helping exciting ventures – big or small – to flourish.

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