A Guide to GPS Fleet Tracking Costs

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Basic fleet tracking software typically costs $18 to $35 per vehicle, per month, depending on your fleet size, contract length, and complexity of features included. 

Additionally, you may also have to pay an upfront cost for its hardware, which goes up to $100. But don’t fret! In this article, we’ll explore several cost-effective solutions in the market that won’t ruin your budget. 

Want to skip the tedious money talk? You can scroll down to RAM and Motive, the top two scorers in our pricing category. 

For over 10 years, Expert Market has been helping businesses gain a competitive advantage with our meticulous supplier reviews. Read on for our research-based breakdown of fleet tracking costs in Canada. You can also get tailored prices directly from leading fleet tracking providers by filling in our quote comparison tool.

How Much Do GPS Fleet Tracking Systems Cost?

Fleet GPS tracking systems cost around $18 to $35 per vehicle, per month. However, more advanced system prices can go upward, depending on several factors.


GPS Hardware Cost

Monthly Cost

Installation Fee

Entry Level

Free* – $99

$18 – $25

Free* – $99


$99 – $149

$25 – $35

$99 and up


$149 and up

$35 and up

$99 and up

*Some providers offer hardware and installation setup for free, depending on your contract length and subscription package. 

Moreover, the cost starts to add up when you look at other integrations – fuel cards, driver ID kits, tax reporting, dash cam solutions – the list goes on!

But to keep things simple, we’ll focus on fleet tracking in this article. If you’re looking for a complete fleet management system, you can check our curated list of the best fleet management companies in Canada.

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How Do Fleet Tracking System Prices Work?

Fleet tracking system prices can be as diverse as the fleets they serve, with each solution tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses. While prices vary based on factors that include fleet size and required features, there are some general principles to keep in mind.

To begin with, prices are usually tailored – this is why it may be difficult for you to find accurate pricing online! Fleet tracking system providers will work out custom prices on a case-by-case basis, depending on the specific requirements of your business. They may also offer different pricing tiers with varying levels of functionality.

In addition to the monthly subscription fee (per vehicle, per month) for the software, you will also need to acquire a GPS tracking device upfront, which can be a significant investment. However, this is a one-time cost, and you will own the device outright. There are also a few providers who offer to lease their hardware, so you don’t have to pay a huge sum from the get go. 

Lastly, providers usually offer the flexibility to choose between monthly or annual billing. Expert advice: Providers will usually offer a discount to those who opt for annual billing! This can be particularly advantageous for businesses with large fleets (and larger budgets), that are looking for long-term cost-effectiveness.

What Factors Affect How Much Fleet Tracking Costs?

There are several factors that can affect fleet tracking costs, including: 

  • Fleet size: The size of your fleet is a crucial factor when determining the cost of fleet tracking. In general, a larger fleet will mean higher costs. This is because more vehicles require more hardware, more data storage, and more support to keep everything running smoothly.
  • Features and functionality: Advanced systems with real-time tracking, driver behaviour monitoring, and comprehensive reporting capabilities will cost more than basic systems that only offer limited functionality.
  • Contract length: Longer contracts generally come with lower rates. Fleet tracking systems typically come with a standard three-year contract, but some providers offer cheaper deals should you opt for longer subscriptions. 
  • Equipment costs: Hardware is the core of any vehicle tracking system. You can probably survive with just a basic GPS tracking device, but other hardware such as dash cams and ELD logging devices, may provide valuable insights into vehicle and driver performance that can help your business flourish. 
  • Installation cost: GPS tracking hardware comes in either plug and play or hardwired. Hardwired devices usually need professional installation, which can cost you around $100 per device. Plug and play hardware can be self-installed, however, they aren’t exactly tamper-proof – the easier it is to install, the easier it is to remove. 

Real World Examples: How Much Does Top Fleet Tracking Software Cost?

In our latest in-depth research, we’ve reviewed the top five leading fleet tracking providers in Canada and analyzed their pricing in relation to their functionality. Let’s see how each provider stacks up against its competition.

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Pricing (Software)

From $23.50 (USD) per user, per month (on average)

Pricing (Software)

$27 – $33 (USD) per user, per month (on average)

Pricing (Software)

$25 – $35 (USD) per user, per month

Pricing (Software)

Bespoke Pricing

Pricing (Software)

Bespoke Pricing

Best For

Best Overall

Best For

Managing Vehicles

Best For

Efficient Routes

Best For

Value For Money

Best For

Help and Support

Get quotes Get quotes Get quotes Get quotes Get quotes

As is the industry norm, fleet tracking software providers offer tailored pricing depending on your business’ needs. Please consider the prices below as a guide and note that the total cost for your business may vary depending on your package, contract length, and fleet size.

Verizon Fleet Tracking Costs

In our latest independent survey, Verizon ranks first with a solid score of 4.6/5 and is the only supplier to get a perfect 5/5 in three categories: tracking, driver management, and vehicle management. 

However, Verizon ranks last in our pricing category, with a 2.2/5 for its standard three-year contract and premium pricing. We don’t want to generalize, but after careful analysis, it seems that “you pay more, you get more” is a recurring theme in vehicle tracking! 

Our researchers found that Verizon’s UK prices can cost around £20 to £40 per vehicle, per month. This steep price brings you the most advanced driver and vehicle management features – the top two factors that can significantly cut hefty fuel, maintenance, and insurance costs. 

Verizon’s prices start to make sense when you consider the money you’ll save in the long run. However, if you’re on a tight budget or don’t need such sophisticated features, you can scroll down to RAM (3.7/5) or Motive (3.9/5), the top two scorers in our pricing category.

Samsara Fleet Tracking Costs

Samsara places second overall, along with Azuga, scoring an impressive 4.5/5 overall. They both score 4.9/5 in tracking and 5/5 in vehicle management and have many similarities: both have 30-second to one-minute refresh time, powerful alerts, and comprehensive vehicle reporting capabilities. 

However, when it comes to driver managementAzuga (4.3/5) falls behind as it doesn’t have crash reporting abilities and comprehensive driving style data reports. With Samsara (5/5), you can get an overview of your drivers’ risky driving practices and get detailed safety report cards daily. 

Coincidentally, both also score an average 2.5/5 in our pricing category. Samsara’s most popular packages in the US go for $27 to $33 per vehicle, per month. Meanwhile, Azuga’s most popular package in the US is priced at $30 per vehicle, per month. Moreover, they offer a minimum three-year contract. If you want more payment flexibility, you can scroll down to Motive (3.9/5), which offers monthly subscriptions. 

Find out exactly how much GPS fleet tracking will cost for your business
Do you already have a fleet tracking system?
Compare tailored quotes from leading fleet management providers - just answer a few questions about your fleet

Azuga Fleet Tracking Costs

If you’re looking for a good balance of price and features, Azuga may be the solution for you. Azuga scores 4.9/5 in our tracking category, and stands out with its efficient routing capabilities that can help you make significant savings on fuel. 

Azuga falls a tad behind in driver management features, with a score of 4.3/5. It doesn’t offer comprehensive driver safety report cards, which Samsara (5/5) offers. However, this isn’t a complete downside. Azuga’s simpler driver report cards are easy to understand and it is the only driving scoring system designed to reward good behaviour via incentives. Extremely helpful for boosting driver morale!

Azuga scores an average 2.5/5 in our pricing category, but its starter BasicFleet package comes slightly cheaper than Samsara’s (2.5/5). Unfortunately, both systems only offer three-year subscriptions, so if you don’t want to lock yourself in a long-term plan, scroll down to Motive (3.9/5) or RAM (3.7/5). 









Core vehicle tracking features

Driver scoring and rewards

Unlimited phone, email, and web support.

BasicFleet features

Enhanced safety features – SpeedSafe, distracted driving, panic alert

Efficiency-boosting tools – vehicle diagnosis, scheduled maintenance, trip logs and tags, fuel card integration, API integration, etc.

All SafeFleet features

Enhanced vehicle data

Fuel saver

Comprehensive fleet tracking services – custom reports, quarterly fleet review, one-minute tracking


As is the industry norm, fleet tracking software providers offer tailored pricing depending on your business’ needs. Please consider the prices below as a guide and note that the total cost for your business may vary depending on your package, contract length, and fleet size.

Motive Fleet Tracking Costs

Motive scores 4.3/5 in tracking, taking last place in this category. It offers the fastest one to three-second data update, beating even the perfect scorer Verizon’s 30-second updates. However, it doesn’t give you the option to set custom locations, nor does it have driver dispatching capabilities. If you want a system that can streamline your daily workflow, you can scroll back up to Verizon (5/5) or Azuga (4.9/5). 

However, if you don’t need those features, Motive is a great cost-effective option, scoring 3.9/5 in our pricing category. It’s the only system on this list that offers monthly subscriptions, and it offers a free fuel card that can help you save on fuel and maintenance. 

Motive is pretty hush-hush when it comes to pricing. As a benchmark, RAM scores 3.7/5 in pricing and offers affordable packages for as low as $18 per vehicle, per month. So you can expect your Motive subscription to be budget-friendly, too. 

Unfortunately, Motive falls behind in help and support as you have to self-install their devices. Meanwhile, RAM hardware is installed by one of their accredited engineers at your premises, at a time that suits you.

Motive picks itself back up in vehicle management, scoring 4.5/5 and crushing RAM (2.8/5). This is largely due to Motive’s cargo temperature sensors which monitor fleet temperature and humidity and alert you when a refrigerated trailer is not at the desired temperature range. This is highly crucial to preserve the quality and safety of your goods, especially if you carry food or medicine. 

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RAM Fleet Tracking Costs

RAM doesn’t fall much behind in tracking, scoring 4.6/5. It offers a quick 30-second update, on par with Verizon (5/5). Moreover, its user-friendly dashboards make it easy for fledgling fleet managers to track and monitor their entire fleet. 

Unfortunately, RAM skimped on some vehicle management features, scoring the lowest with an average 2.8/5. It doesn’t have engine temperature sensors and it doesn’t keep fleet maintenance records – both features Verizon (5/5) offers. 

If you’re willing to do some paperwork and manual maintenance scheduling, RAM can be a very budget-friendly choice. RAM scores 3.7/5 in our pricing category, with its standard three-year contract at $18 per vehicle, per month. While they are pretty hush-hush with their pricing, our researchers also found that it offers longer five-year deals at $15 per vehicle, per month

RAM offers a minimum one-year contract. This is not too bad, considering most providers offer a standard three-year minimum contract. However, if you want more flexibility, you can scroll back up to Motive (3.9/5), which offers monthly subscriptions. 

Find out exactly how much GPS fleet tracking will cost for your business
Do you already have a fleet tracking system?
Compare tailored quotes from leading fleet management providers - just answer a few questions about your fleet

How Much Money Can a Company Save by Using a Fleet Management System?

Vehicle tracking systems come with tons of quantifiable benefits. According to the World Economic Forum, using digital solutions, such as vehicle tracking systems in fleet management, can help cut global emissions by 20%

Considering that passenger vehicles are the major cause of pollution in Canada, vehicle tracking systems can significantly help you reduce emissions by cutting down travel time and fuel consumption. Let’s take an in-depth look at how fleet management systems can help you cut business costs below. 


CO2 Emissions

The transport sector accounts for 24% of total greenhouse gas emissions and, in addition to optimizing fuel efficiency, vehicle trackers can significantly reduce your carbon footprint by reducing unnecessary hours on the road.

Cut Driving Time

Many vehicle tracking systems are equipped with auto route optimization that will guide your drivers to the swiftest route toward their destination. This can significantly reduce fuel consumption and labour costs. 

Reduce Vehicle Downtime

There’s nothing worse than vehicle downtime – the repairs are costly and projects get delayed, which means you’re losing out on earnings. Fleet tracking systems can significantly reduce vehicle downtime by ensuring you keep to your scheduled preventative maintenance routines. Moreover, many trackers are equipped with vehicle diagnostic abilities that automatically detect small anomalies in your fleet and alert you immediately.

Save on Fuel

Fuel costs make up more than a third of your overall vehicle ownership cost. Considering the exorbitant fuel prices – 6.7% hike as of recently and it’s still expected to go up – fleet tracking devices can save you money by helping you optimize fuel use. According to studies, commercial fleets can decrease fuel costs by up to %13 by using vehicle tracking systems. 

Improved Driver Safety

Accidents are expensive. Not only will this have a financial impact, but the reputation of your business can suffer as well. In Ontario, there’s a significant increase in fatal truck accidents due to distracted driving, tailgating (driving too closely), and speeding. 

Many fleet tracking devices are equipped with speed sensors that alert you and your drivers when they’re driving above the speed limit. Moreover, providers also offer smart dashcams that can detect tailgating and distracted driving so you can ensure that your drivers are 100% focused on the road. 

Prevent Theft

Vehicle theft peaked last year, with 9,591 vehicles stolen in Montreal alone. Most of the leading fleet tracking devices are equipped with powerful alerts that notify you the moment someone tampers with your vehicle system and increase the chances of your vehicle being retrieved. 

Find out exactly how much GPS fleet tracking will cost for your business
Do you already have a fleet tracking system?
Compare tailored quotes from leading fleet management providers - just answer a few questions about your fleet

How Can I Find the Best Fleet Tracking Software Prices?

To find the best fleet tracking software prices, it’s important to compare tailored prices from multiple providers. Don’t settle for the first quote you receive!

Moreover, while price is certainly an important factor, you also need to look at the features, functionality, and level of customer support offered by a provider. 

We know it is pretty complex! To get started, you can use our free quote comparison tool. Let us know what your business needs and we’ll connect you directly with leading suppliers that match your unique requirements. They will contact you with tailored, obligation-free quotes to review and compare.


What does fleet management include?
Fleet management includes all the actions and processes involved in overseeing a fleet, such as: vehicle tracking, vehicle maintenance, fuel monitoring, driver management, and compliance with state safety regulations.
What is the largest cost segment of vehicle operating expenses?
Fuel costs are typically the largest cost segment of vehicle operating expenses. This is followed by maintenance and insurance costs.
How much does fleet management cost per vehicle?
Fleet management typically costs $18 to $35 per vehicle, per month.
How can fleet management costs be reduced?
There are several ways to reduce fleet management costs. From the get go, you can choose to lease your hardware, so you pay less for your fleet management system each month. You can also optimize routes, implement fuel use management, and keep to your preventative vehicle maintenance routines.
What is the best fleet management software solution?
The best fleet management software solution will depend on your business’ needs and budget. However, according to our latest independent survey, the best fleet management software solution is Verizon, scoring a stellar 4.6/5 overall for its accurate tracking and incredible driver and vehicle management features.
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