Top Fleet Management Companies in Canada 2022

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Vehicle tracking companies in Canada enable businesses to keep an eye on some of their most valued assets, monitoring vehicle performance, efficiency and safety.

Vehicle tracking is just one aspect of wider fleet management, although the two terms are often used interchangeably. GPS vehicle tracking has revolutionized the way fleets of vehicles are managed by offering real-time location and status updates from anywhere.

Vehicle tracking companies often offer a lot more than GPS tracking, with a host of telematics features like routing, maintenance planners, and driver time logs as standard. This software can also provide advanced reporting on common, problematic, and potentially costly issues such as driver behavior, vehicle idling time and fuel consumption, to help fleet managers optimize their fleet.

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The benefits of a good fleet management system cannot be stressed enough, companies can see huge returns on investment both time and revenue. Choosing the right system, however, is not always straight forward. With so many companies out there offing great services it can be hard to know where to start.

Expert Market has compiled this list of the top fleet management companies in Canada right now. The list is broken down into small, large, and all sized fleets to make sure you pick the company that is right for your business. Each company has a more detailed review if you want to know more. If you’re ready to start comparing prices and want us to do the leg work for you, simply fill out this short form and we will find the best fleet management company for your business.

Top Fleet Management Companies in Canada

Here are our recommendations for the best vehicle tracking companies in the country right now, and the solutions they provide, for you to compare:

Top Fleet Management Companies for Small Businesses

These vehicle tracking companies are particularly well suited to those with small to mid-sized fleets, whether that’s a single or couple of vehicles, up to around 100 vehicles.


Linxup offer an easy and affordable fleet management system that can be used for both commercial and personal use. Their devices use GPS technology and give minute by minute updates of each vehicle’s location. Linxup’s vehicle tracking devices have many more great features including alerts for speeding, tampering and unauthorized use.

LiveView GPS

LiveViewGPS is a smaller company than many others we feature, but the services they offer are equally as impressive. If tablet and mobile compatibility are vital for your business, consider a supplier like LiveViewGPS which works with whatever smart devices your drivers have, negating the need for specific hardware.

MiX Telematics

MiX Telematics first achieved popularity within South Africa where the company was founded. Following this, MiX Telematics soon entered into the American market and became an extremely popular telematics solution to a number of niche industries including security, construction and emergency services.


Fleetronix is a comprehensive fleet management system designed to provide a fully integrated business solution. Fleetronix work with you to customize the system to your business so you get a bespoke solution for an off-the-shelf price. Fleetronix is ideal for small to medium sized businesses.

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Top Vehicle Tracking Companies for Large Fleets

The following companies may be of interest if your fleet is over 100 vehicles strong. Each of these companies has extensive experience dealing with large fleets and will know how to handle the particular difficulties that come with managing so many assets.


Qualcomm’s Gobi modems offer an industry leading, innovative tracking solution for businesses looking to collect data on the company fleet. The systems they offer are hosted in the cloud and can cover everything from a vehicle’s location to on-board entertainment systems.

ARI Fleet Management

Automotive Resources International (ARI) is the world’s biggest privately held supplier of fleet management. ARI Fleet provides a large selection of products to their customers, including customizable dashboards and bespoke alerts. With truly global scope, ARI Fleet has the potential to support any business no matter how large.

Merchants Fleet Management

Merchants Fleet Management is a major player in the fleet management industry, serving all 50 states. As a large supplier, Merchants Fleet Management are equipped to offer a variety of lease options, from fixed-price models to more temporary, short-term leasing plans.


XRS is a fleet management supplier dedicated to providing exceptional service to the trucking industry. Now a subsidiary of Omnitracs, XRS also provide a number of apps which are accessible through a variety of platforms and mobile operating systems.

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Top Fleet Management Companies

These vehicle tracking companies have experience across the board in fleets of all shapes and sizes. Whatever your specific needs, you will find a company here that can accommodate them and increase the efficiency of your fleet.

Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman offer one of the most comprehensive fleet management solutions available in the Canada market. With their advanced solution DIRECTOR Enterprise, managers can customize access based on their company hierachy. Users can create custom forms, identify best routes with enhanced Geo-Search, and replay accidents/unsafe driving events, along with many more features.


Fleetmatics is one of America’s largest and most respected fleet management firms. The company can boast 10 years experience in the industry and currently have more than half a million subscribers and customers around the world.

AMS (Asset Monitoring Solutions)

Asset Monitoring Solutions (AMS) started in the United Kingdom and have expanded into the United States. The vehicle tracking systems are unique and they provide their own web interface created in house for maximum efficiency. They offer a wide variety of fleet management plans to suit fleets of all sizes and budgets.


Oracle has been in business since 1997, and has built up a diverse range of products in the business space. They are one of the leading providers of fleet management software across the world and a great option for a business looking for an experienced provider.


Quartix have 13 years experience in the vehicle tracking industry, and their real-time system is one of the best on the market. Their system is based online, which means the data and information they record can be accessed from any location on all types of internet enabled devices.


Motorola is a brand primarily known for its work in other sectors, but the fleet management arm of the business is excellent and offers a lot of value to businesses. With Motorola’s tracking devices businesses can communicate with their drivers wherever they are in the country, at any time. They also offer integrated maintenance plans and reporting.


Scania put a lot of focus on small details, added together these small changes can shave lots of money off the cost of operating a business fleet. The company is constantly upgrading its range and develops many new products each year.

Track Your Truck

Track Your Truck has years of experience and as a result is a reliable supplier of vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions for any business. With easy to use and integrate software, and unique features such as Covert Tracking, Track Your Truck could be the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes.


Omnitracs offer a large variety of products with a tiered pricing structure that can adapt to suit businesses of all different sizes and budgets. Among their top features are fuel and safety efficiency products, with customers reporting up to 22% reduction in mpg and 40% reduction in collisions.

J.J. Keller

J.J. Keller is an old and well experienced company and has been providing fleet management solutions for decades. With a range of services and software available, partnering with J.J. Keller could be a great decision for your business.


Garmin provides fleet management solutions to a wide selection of industries. In addition to the hardware and open source software that Garmin can provide, they have also partnered with an impressive number of other networks meaning you can expect an expert level of service across the board.


NexTraq, from their base in Atlanta, Georgia, provide real time tracking from as little as $95 a month including activation fee, installation and lifetime data retention. ‘Find Closest Vehicle’ is their star feature for service and delivery companies, where reaching customers as fast as possible is the key objective.

Best Car Tracking Companies

There are plenty of car tracking companies, but only a handful who offer significant savings for small and medium-sized fleets.

We’ve compared car tracking companies to bring you the five best car tracking companies for small business.

The top five car tracking companies are Teletrac Navman, Fleetmatics, Asset Monitoring Solutions (AMS), Oracle, and Quartix.

The best car tracking companies:

  1. Teletrac Navman
  2. Fleetmatics
  3. Asset Monitoring Solutions (AMS)
  4. Oracle
  5. Quartix

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Comparing Fleet Management Companies

The sheer number of fleet management options means comparing and finding the right solution can feel like a daunting task. Instead of spending hours online comparing companies to find the perfect one, we recommend you focus on which features are essential or desired.

Take a look at our reviews to see common features and price points. Once you have a budget and wish list in mind you can fill out this short webform and we will put you in contact with up to four suppliers that we believe match your needs perfectly. Simply choose which one you prefer and start saving time and money with an efficiently managed fleet.

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