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Cloze CRM Review

Available on iOS and Android from the Google Store, Cloze is dedicated mobile CRM app that manages inboxes, social media accounts and contacts all at once. The application comes with built-in support for Google Drive, Microsoft OneNote, Slack, Dropbox and Google Docs.

It was designed to automatically link Slack conversations to deals, people, companies and projects.

The app's objective is to give users a single portal for maintaining relationships. Cloze previously marketed an email management app for. consumers to organize messages based on the priority of relationships with email senders.

The company’s headquarters are based in Somerville, MA, and it was founded in 2012 by Alex Coté and Dan Foody.

Cloze Review
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Prices, Service and Solutions

The Cloze is a web-based app and available for both Android and iPhone users. Users can choose from the following three plans:


Support for Gmail, Exchange, iCloud, Yahoo! and IMAP. Unified contacts, simple search and social media manager.

Cloze Pro

Billed at $19.99 per month or $13.33 per month billed annually. It comes with all of the Cloze Free features including support for Evernote, a calendar, importing abiltiies, to-dos and reminders, APIs, unlimited contacts and email accounts.

It also sends proactive reminders to reignite important relationships with email tracking. Moreover, it creates company profiles with smart email templates and one place to track meeting notes and minutes.

Cloze Business

Billed at $19.99 per month or $13.33 per user per month, billed annually. This plan includes all of Cloze Pro and gives users a full view of project and deal activity without requiring data entry.

There is constant access to updates regarding who last spoke with any client or prospect. In addition to this, it offers tracking capabilities regarding who is assigned to specific contacts, projects, next steps, and deals.

Your emails, phone calls, meetings, documents, LinkedIn, Twitter, Evernote and Facebook touches are all organized for you by company, contact and meeting.

Cloze also grabs email signatures to ensure your contacts are up to date. Its users include wealth managers, independent lawyers, real estate agents and small business owners. As of 2015, it had around 300,000 users utilising the free version. Its "Agenda" view lets you see all of your meetings, follow-ups, reminders and alerts in one place.

Benefits of Cloze

  • It keeps contacts up to date, automatically
  • You can find all of your contacts in one place
  • Use simple search terms to find contacts
  • Separates junk mail
  • Connects to social media
  • Reminders to touch base with contacts
  • Central control for team settings and users

Things to Bear in Mind

  • Features make it arguably more beneficial to small businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Can appear to do too much at once
  • App may be slow
  • Does not filter out newsletters
  • Free version limits users to three email accounts

Ease of Use

Cloze is relatively straightforward and easy to use. The web-based application synchronizes in real time with its corresponding apps for iOS and Android.

This means information can be updated from any device, at any time. Cloze's ‘Track Opens’ feature lets you know when someone has opened an email you sent them. This is for three email accounts in the free version and unlimited email accounts for the Pro and Business versions.

The “Week in Review” module gives you a big picture view of everything you logged in the app over the past seven days. You can also set the app up to give you an email notification every morning to tell you what happened the previous day and your schedule for today.

You can set up email notifications to receive reminders of your plan for the day ahead as well as a recap of what happened the day before.

Case Studies

InBOLD Business Solutions is a cloud-based business application framework offering integrated and enterprise-level apps to SMBs. As a small business, the company needed to manage its content marketing and social media marketing all in one place. In addition, InBold Solutions wanted to keep its inbox and social media outlets clutter-free.

By using Cloze, they were able to see all their posts integrated into one app, saving a great deal of time. They also improved their client and prospect response time, including offering more detailed replies through using Cloze.

Is Cloze for Me?

Cloze is the next generation CRM for an evolving business marketplace. Helping users keep their deals and contacts updated, while on the go, is essential to having a flexible relationship management solution.

Whether it be through social media or emails, all of your data, touches and interactions are noted and logged. Some users have complained of too many features, while other say the app can be slow. With that in mind, offering three versions, the app has mass market appeal for solopreneurs and small businesses.

As a whole, Cloze is a useful and contemporary CRM option for a wide range of companies.