What CRM Does Uber Use?

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Rob Binns

Learn how to improve your customer relationships with a lesson from a global powerhouse

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With the help of industry-leading CRM suppliers Salesforce, Uber’s approach to managing its customer relationships has been the very lifeblood of its ascent to the top.

Though still a relatively fresh-faced company – it was founded in 2009 – it’s basically the dictionary definition of a household name. But if you’ve been living on a deserted island for the last decade, we’ll fill you in.

Uber is a ride-sharing app operating worldwide. It connects people with local drivers through a simple – yet elegant – live map, and has provided an easier, cheaper alternative to traditional taxi services. It’s also recently branched out into food delivery, with a bicycle sharing system already gaining traction across the US.

Yep – what started life as a clever app is now a transportation service that’s changing the logistics of US cities, and fuelling economies around the world.

So what’s the secret behind Uber’s meteoric rise? The key to its phenomenal success? Apart from blood, sweat, and tears, it’s having the right systems in place. Let’s take a look at one – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

So how does Uber use CRM, and how can it benefit your business? Let’s find out.

What is CRM?

CRM software provides a central hub for all the information crucial to running your business. It lets you manage your team, clients, leads, deals, and projects – all from one, handy place.

CRM systems pull in data from social media, meetings, emails, and phone calls to put everything your business needs, right at your fingertips. And quite literally, too – you can access CRM software from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. CRM systems also lets you craft targeted marketing campaigns to get new value out of old customers.

Want to CRM like Uber?

How Uber Uses CRM

Here are some of the ways Uber became a CRM success story.

 Listening to its customers

Uber’s CRM extracts data from people engaging with the company on key social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. The CRM system can then store them as contacts. This enables Uber to get back to any complaints with haste, ensuring it maintains an excellent public image.

CRM also makes it easy for Uber to track all of its interactions with the public. If there is a complaint, Uber’s team knows exactly who’s dealing with it, and how far along that team member is to reaching a resolution.

 Targeting the right crowd

By having a handle on key demographic information about its customers, Uber can create more personalized, targeted marketing campaigns. If you like a few drinks on the weekend, you might get a notification at 9pm on a Friday wondering if you need a ride. If you take Uber to work, you might see an email pop up on Sunday evening reminding you to book your ride for the morning. Genius, huh?

By tapping into the behaviors and riding habits of its customers, Uber gives its marketing a highly healthy chance of succeeding. And from the customer’s side, they get a superior, more tailored service – and will be more likely to use Uber again.

 Cultivating customer loyalty

CRM systems let you create loyalty schemes to reward your most faithful customers. Take Uber Rewards, for example. Uber’s own loyalty scheme lets you earn points every time you travel or eat through the app. These points can later be traded in for benefits and ‘Uber cash’.

Uber incentivizing its most loyal customers not only makes them feel valued, but it keeps them using the service. See how a CRM could help you do the same – fill out our quick form and get quotes from top CRM suppliers.

Choosing the Right CRM

If you want to have any chance emulating Uber’s business model, you’ll need to pick the right CRM supplier. Major companies like Uber, Airbnb, and LinkedIn all have that in common – a reliable, scalable CRM system.

Whether it’s Salesforce, Zoho, Insightly, or any other popular platform, the key is to have it successfully implemented and customized for your business.

So – just how do you really choose?

Well, that’s where we can help. Simply click here to fill out our webform, and we’ll match you with the right CRM supplier for your business. It takes 30 seconds, and it’s 100% free.

Next Steps

So, what next? Well, you need to make like Uber, and start streamling the way you run your business. And it all starts with CRM.

Think about the benefits of CRM software: it’s scalable, handles all your information from one place, and is the driving force behind those all-important customer interactions. It also lets you focus on building your sales pipeline, improving your client communications, and chasing leads – all with less effort.

And with so many cheap (and even free!) CRM systems on the market, what have you really got to lose? Uber started somewhere. Where might your business be in ten years?

Click one of the buttons below to see if you’re eligible for free CRM quotes. And get ready to start applying some of the lessons from our Uber case study – and grow your business.

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Rob Binns
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