How to Post an Article on LinkedIn Pulse in 5 Steps

Posting an article on LinkedIn Pulse

Posting an Article on LinkedIn

There are many benefits to becoming a commentator in your industry. Sharing something you have learned or questioning the status quo can set you up as an expert in your field, invite interaction from others in your industry and provide a good profile for your company.

LinkedIn’s Pulse platform, launched in 2014, is an easy way to make yourself heard as it allows you to publish your own posts, meaning anyone who thinks they have something to say can create their own articles and promote their ideas to the channel’s 433 million members.

No matter the size of your business, regularly posting on LinkedIn can increase your visibility and authority in your industry. Using a social media management company to handle those posts can be an effective tool.

1. Open a new post

Find Pulse and open up a new post – either by clicking ‘Publish a Post’ on the main LinkedIn homepage, or by selecting ‘Pulse’ from the ‘Interests’ menu, then clicking ‘Publish a Post’:

LinkedIn Pulse post

2. Think of a catchy title

Even in the professional world of LinkedIn, catchy headlines still rule. Think of a short and snappy way to say what you want to talk about. Something thought provoking which might provide a solution for the reader is a good idea: ‘Here is how to make sure everyone reads your headline’, or alternatively a listicle: ‘5 Ways you are writing your headlines badly’.

Linkedin Pulse headline

3. Illustrate with images

It is very easy to add images to your LinkedIn Pulse article, simply click on the grey box above the article and upload a file from your computer. Try to make sure you images are 700 x 400 pixels for best appearance.

Linkedin Pulse image upload

Regularly posting valuable and thought-provoking articles will keep your audience engaged with your brand. Not convinced? Check out these content marketing statistics to see more evidence.

4. Post your article at the right time

If you are targeting people in the office, schedule your post to go up at a moment when they are not too busy like just before lunch so they can read it over their break. Different days strike different moods so think about what your content is intended to do – something light hearted or funny about things that go on in the office is perfect for a Friday when people are de-mob happy, whereas Mondays and Tuesdays are for inspiration, and serious advice.

5. Add tags, then share

When your article is complete, Pulse lets you add tags to your piece, making it easier for others to find your article.

Adding tags on LinkedIn Pulse

When your article is finished, hit ‘Publish’ then make sure you publicise it across all of your social channels to get the most engagement.

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