The 10 Best PPC Management Companies

best ppc management companies

This article will review the 10 best PPC management companies from across the US

The best PPC (pay-per-click) management companies can take your adverts – and ultimately your business – to the next level. By combining industry insights with the latest digital marketing software, these companies have all the PPC power needed to boost your company’s online presence.

Let’s cut to the chase. From our research, we found Smartsites to be the best PPC management company because of its proven track record with huge clients – including Audi and Rakuten – and with small businesses too. However, Hibu is a close second, with its flexible pricing plans and accreditation from Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

As always at Expert Market, we’ve done the research for you and found the best options for your business. We’ll help you find the perfect PPC solution, no matter the size of your budget or ambitions. Ready to get started? Let’s PP-see who’s best.

AgencyOther servicesEmployees
SmartsitesSEO, web design, ecommerce development60+
HibuWeb development, social media marketing, SEO60+
Higher VisibilitySEO, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization60+
NetmarkMobile app development, customer software development, IT strategy50+
WebiMaxSEO, web design, PR, social media marketing10+
Silverback StrategiesSEO, social media marketing, content marketing20+
HubspotEmail campaigns, landing page developmentNA
PBJ MarketingSEO, social media marketing40+
Disruptive AdvertisingSocial media marketing, email campaigns50+
JumpFlySocial media marketing10+


Managing over $20 million in annual PPC advertising, Smartsites is one of the industry’s biggest players. In fact, Smartsites is rated in the top 2% of all Google Partner agencies. If you needed any more convincing that Smartsites is a smart choice, then you should know that this agency works with businesses of all sizes, offering monthly reports and tailored campaigns across numerous channels including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


Hibu has received accreditation from Google, Bing, and Yahoo, which is only awarded when a search engine recognizes your business as an expert in PPC. Having built such good relationships with these three search engines, Hibu can build tailored campaigns for your business that deliver high quality results. On top of that, you can set your own budget, and pick from five different campaign plans – giving you ample flexibility throughout the process.

Higher Visibility

As one of Google’s top Premier Partners, High Visibility’s PPC team has the knowledge and experience to improve your company’s visibility online. After creating a tailored strategy for your business, Higher Visibility will continually seek to improve and optimize the campaign by testing the adverts, reacting to user trends, and monitoring the keyword performance. Suitable for business of all sizes, Higher Visibility can handle projects costing from $1,000 to $200,000.


Make your mark online with Netmark’s comprehensive PPC management services. Netmark stands out from other PPC agencies by collecting and analyzing more information than its competitors using the market’s best software, providing your business with the data it needs to generate more clicks – and more cash income. What’s more, Netmark’s agreements are month-to-month, so no annual commitment is needed.


Maximize your website’s clicks with one of the PPC industry’s leading names, WebiMax, which recognised as the best PPC management company for small businesses in 2019. What makes it so popular, then? WebiMax is the full PPC package, combining paid search expertise with extensive customer support, and assigning a dedicated account manager to every campaign it creates. You’ll even benefit from a site analysis, at no cost.

Silverback Strategies

Guiding your business through every step of the PPC campaign trail, Silverback Strategies is a customer-orientated agency. We’re sure you’ll go bananas for its paid media managers, who are all personally trained by industry leaders from Google, Bing, and Facebook. More than just a friendly service, Silverback Strategies delivers high quality results thanks to its effective keywords and audience research. On the downside, Silverback Strategies’ customer service isn’t available 24/7, and there is no live chat support.


Slightly different from the rest, Hubspot is an all-in-one digital marketing tool offering three price plans and a free trial. The annual subscriptions cost $200/month, $800/month, and $2,400/month with onboarding costs, but there is a free starter package to help small businesses get up and running without spending a dollar – although this is very limited compared to the premium plans in terms of tools and software. However, Hubspot is merely a digital marketing tool with PPC software, so you’re better off looking elsewhere if you’re seeking a team of experts to help your business grow.

PBJ Marketing

Working with high end clients including Volkswagen, University of Maryland, and Yale Medicine, PBJ Marketing could be the peanut butter to your PPC campaign’s jelly. How does this agency work? Rather than spread your business too thinly across numerous account managers, PBJ Marketing assigns individual strategists to a handful of clients, giving your company the attention it needs in order to increase its visibility on search engines. Taking an analytics-based approach, PBJ Marketing has a proven track record across a range of channels.

Disruptive Advertising

You won’t find any disruptions when reading your reports from Disruptive Advertising, with its PPC team having carried out over 2,500 AdWords and Facebook audits. Keen to get on board? Disruptive Advertising offers your website a free 32-point audit to identify where your campaigns could improve. This agency does lean towards the more expensive side for what you get, but it’s still a good option.


You’ll be jumping for joy once JumpFly has launched your PPC campaign. Focusing purely on PPC management, the company is completely committed to helping your business reach new heights across Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon. Focusing mainly on retail and consumer brands, JumpFly isn’t for everyone. however, they do work on a month-by-month basis, so there’s no need for annual contracts – which gives your business some much welcome flexibility.

Expert Verdict

PPC is important for growing your business, and hiring a PPC management company is an effective way to improve the visibility of your business online. Usually offering flexible pricing and monthly contracts, these companies can help businesses with budgets of all sizes.

Whether your business needs a simple PPC audit, new social media adverts, some keyword research, or just a whole new PPC campaign altogether, you’ll find the perfect PPC solution in our list of suppliers. Let’s quickly recap which companies made the cut:

  1. Smartsites
  2. Hibu
  3. Higher Visibility
  4. Netmark
  5. WebiMax
  6. Silverback Strategies
  7. Hubspot
  8. PBJ Marketing
  9. Disruptive Advertising
  10. JumpFly

Here at Expert Market, we know it’s hard to find the right PPC agency for your business – that’s why we’ve done all the research for you. If you’d like to hear from some of the nation’s leading PPC management companies, simply fill out this form, and they’ll be in touch with tailored quotes. This should only take a minute, and won’t cost a dime!

FAQs: What is PPC?

PPC is pay-per-click advertising. This is an online advertising strategy where a business or brand pays a website or search engine whenever a particular advert is clicked by an internet user. There are many types of PPC adverts, but the most common is known as paid search, which is used on search engines like Google and Bing – the more you pay, the higher up the SERPs (search engine results page) your advert will appear, and therefore the higher the chance the internet user will click on your link.

What is a PPC Management Company?

This is a separate digital marketing agency that takes care of a company’s PPC strategy, offering insights, creating campaigns, and providing reports. Some of the most common tasks include keyword research, deciding the right channel to focus on, competitor analysis, and campaign optimization.

Why use a PPC Management Company?

By outsourcing your PPC strategy, you’re paying a team of PPC experts to focus purely on improving your company’s visibility online, while allowing your employees to focus on other tasks within the business. A PPC management company usually offers flexible pricing plans and contracts, all while offering regular reports, so you can see how your campaigns are performing. All in all, these companies make your digital marketing life a whole lot easier.

Who is PPC Management Right For?

PPC management can benefit businesses of all sizes. If you own a small business, you’ll appreciate how outsourcing your PPC campaigns can allow your employees to focus on growing the business in other areas. On the other end of the scale, owners of larger businesses will reap the rewards of investing in a team of PPC experts and strategists.

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