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By Rob Binns | Senior Writer

Find out if amoCRM’s customizable customer relationship management software is right for you with our amoCRM review

According to research carried out by software site Capterra, amoCRM is firmly placed at the lower end of the cost spectrum. Although not the cheapest CRM, it’s certainly one of the most featureful. And the potential to tailor the software to your business needs makes it totally worth the additional payout.

So what’s your biggest priority? Is it making the most out of every single lead? Is it having all of your emails in one place? What about enhancing the level of communication within your team? The great news is, amoCRM answers all of those priorities and more.

In this amoCRM review, we’re going to clue you in on how the software can have a dramatic impact on the way your business handles its customers – not just when it comes to making leads as fruitful as possible, but marketing and employee interaction, too. We’ll start by picking out the positives and negatives below.


  • Scope for software integration
  • Business card scanner technology
  • Use the API to tailor your own CRM
  • Cut down on training times

X Cons:

  • Technician may be required for custom system
  • Exporting data can be tricky
  • Limited project management capabilities

What’s on this page?

What is amoCRM?

amoCRM tools

What tools can amoCRM offer you?

amoCRM is a fully customizable cloud-based CRM package. Thanks to its compatibility with a range of software extensions, you can optimize it so it nurtures your leads from start to finish.

The software not only accounts for leads that you manually input; it pulls leads from social media channels, your webforms and your emails so all of your customer details are in one place.

But it’s not just a one trick pony. Here’s a list of handy built-in features that will help you make your business processes more efficient:

  • Automated digital ads
  • Ability to track customers on a renewal loop
  • Built-in internet calls (VoIP)
  • Team messaging

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Features and Benefits

Software extensions

amoCRM is compatible with a huge variety of software. Using the in-built API, you can set the system to draw leads and data from programs that directly relate to your business.

There’s even a bunch of ready-built widgets that you can set up in an instant. These include social media apps, MailChimp, and Dropbox for storing all of your files in the cloud.

Automated digital leads

No longer will you need to manually input leads from all your marketing channels. Thanks to the ready-to-go widgets, you can easily integrate Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and more.

Plus, you can use amoCRM to automate your digital marketing campaign, whether it’s displaying targeted digital ads or auto-sending a newsletter.

The renewal loop

How many sales do you miss out on because you don’t have a bird’s eye view of your customers’ buying cycle? Having a clear outlook is key, and that’s where amoCRM comes into its own.

See who’s recently purchased a product and find out when customers are due to make another purchase. That way, your sales team are in a better position to make that sale happen.


Like most CRM providers, amoCRM charge their clients on a per user per month basis. The Base Plan will only set you back $15 per user per month. If you think about what amoCRM offers you feature-wise, that’s not bad at all.

On the other end of the scale is the Enterprise Plan. It’ll cost you $45 dollars per user per month, but we can think of a lot of CRMs that charge a lot more than that for their most advanced package.

We’ve gone into further detail on each of the packages below.

The Base Plan

The Base Plan is perfect for small businesses looking for a cheap CRM system. As with any basic plan, there are some limitations to it – however, if you’re looking to dip your toe into the world of CRM for the first time, you can’t really go wrong. Here’s a selection of features you can find in the package:

  • 12,500 contacts per user
  • 2,500 open leads
  • Basic lead management
  • Activity reporting
  • Sales report consolidation
  • Permanent data backup

The Enterprise Plan

As you would expect, the Enterprise Plan is like a supercharged CRM system. This version is best for medium-sized businesses that have the capacity to make the most out of every system element.

In addition to a much larger limit on contacts and open leads, users also receive a couple of bonus features not available in the other packages. These are:

  • Lead scoring (see which ones are worth following first)
  • Periodic backup with archive
  • Monitoring of activity for security purposes

Free credits

As a little bonus, each amoCRM user will receive 50 free business card scans on the amoCRM app. That means you no longer have to worry about losing a business card in the post-conference networking drinks.

Try amoCRM for Free

If you’re unsure on which amoCRM version to invest in, you can always try the software for free. You’ll receive the full version for 14 days, so you can judge which features you need and which features you don’t. And no credit card details are involved until you’re set on which version is for you.

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amoCRM For Small Businesses

amoCRM is the ideal CRM software for small businesses. It’s affordable, full of valuable features, and it grows with you. Let’s look at how the cheapest package will improve your business day-to-day.

amoCRM FeatureWhat does the feature offer?
12,500 contacts and 2,500 open leadsWith each user having the capacity to store 12,500 contacts, amoCRM gives you the ability to manage and extend your customer base. Imagine the sales potential of 2,500 leads!
Google Analytics and website integrationGoogle Analytics gives you valuable insight into how browsers are interacting with your online content. With all the data filtering through to amoCRM, you can see how leads have interacted with your website. This integration will enable you to optimize your online presence, eventually landing you more sales.
Full REST-APIIntegrate your marketing channels into the CRM to gather all the data in one place. All of the widgets are ready to go: Just pick and choose which ones your business needs.
Consolidated sales reportsThe most successful businesses use data to improve and develop their processes. By analyzing your sales reports, you can see who’s selling, what’s selling, and how it’s selling. This will help you develop a sales strategy that’ll see your business grow from strength to strength.

And don’t forget – you can always request a zero commitment free trial if you’re unsure if amoCRM is right for you.

Expert Verdict

amoCRM really is a great software package, and it’s not just us who think so. It’s recently been voted one of the top ten CRM systems by Finances Online . Plus, it’s currently graded 4.5/5 stars on software site Capterra.

The system is designed to help smaller sales teams close more deals, but that doesn’t mean that larger businesses should turn a blind eye. There’s a focus on helping you generate more leads, and there’s a focus on transforming those leads into paying customers.

The limitation is in the scale of the software. Larger businesses may struggle with the lack of project management features, while users say exporting data can be a little tricky.

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Rob Binns
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