Wix vs Squarespace: Battle of the Web Shops 2023

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Sabrina Dougall
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Wix vs Squarespace: which online shopping platform is better? According to our in-depth research and user testing, Wix beats Squarespace in almost every way imaginable. Though priced similarly, Wix has a broader range of features at a lower price point, so it's better value for money overall.

Both Wix and Squarespace are ecommerce platforms with website builders that allow you to sell physical goods, digital products, and services. However, we've found Squarespace is best suited to digital product sales over Wix.

In this comparison guide, we'll weigh up Squarespace vs Wix and see who comes out on top across various categories. We'll also break down our research across website features, sales features, value for money and customer support.

Wix is our top-rated ecommerce platform for website features

Wix vs Squarespace: A quick comparison

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Best For

Creating a good-looking website with excellent sales features

Best For

Selling digital products or portfolios

Price Range
Price Range
Key Features
  • Around 900 design templates
  • Loads of website functions
  • Sell on Facebook, eBay, Amazon, and more
  • Tools to boost search engine visibility
Key Features
  • Stunning templates
  • SSL security
  • Unlimited product listings
  • Members area and subscriptions
Free trial
Free trial

Wix vs Squarespace: Head to head

Wix comes out ahead of Squarespace in almost every way, though it's worth looking into detail as to where and why. Wix has superior sales features, including more payment options than Squarespace – 88 when we last counted, compared to Squarespace's 12. Though you should be aware Wix doesn't allow you to accept Apple Pay, whereas you can with Squarespace.

When it comes to website features, Wix comes out on top again. Why? Wix has reporting tools, plus the ability to integrate a chat bot, and collect online customer reviews. All of which Squarespace lacks, sadly.

Both platforms are equally good value for money, given they both offer a free trial but no free ecommerce plan. In terms of customer support, Wix wins once more. While both platforms have restore options, only Wix has a built-in autosave feature. Given how easy it is to accidentally close tabs, we know the relief that comes with autosave as you're building your web shop. Just think how much time and energy you'd save knowing your progress is backed up – even if you lose power, get distracted, or have to restart your computer.

Alright, let's look at a quick summary of these features head-to-head, including their research scores. Remember, all scores are calculated from a number of sub-category questions to produce an overall score out of five.

Sales features3.93.1Wix: More payment options
Website features4.54.2Wix: Better apps
Value for Money4.24.2Tied!
Help and Support4.33.9Wix: Built-in autosave

Now, isn't it clear as day which ecommerce platform is the top dog? It's Wix, of course!

But how about the costs? Let's take a look at the Wix vs Squarespace pricing plans.

Wix vs Squarespace: Pricing

Money-conscious business leaders needn't worry about which platform is cheaper because both platforms scored the same in terms of value for money. Rather than making a purely money-motivated decision, this means you'll benefit more by taking a closer look at the features, and which one is better suited option for for your business.

That said, you're still going to be curious about how much you'll be shelling out, so let's take a look at price plans:

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Business Elite

Price (billed annually)
Price (billed annually)
Price (billed annually)
Best For

A small online store

Best For

Expanding online sellers

Best For

Fast-moving online stores

Key Features
  • 50GB storage
  • Free domain (1 year)
  • Sell products, video, music
  • 1 auto backup/month
  • Basic gift cards
Key Features
  • 100GB storage
  • Free domain (1 year)
  • Sales tax automation
  • Print shipping labels
  • Sell in 6 currencies
Key Features
  • Unlimited storage
  • Free domain (1 year)
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Priority customer support
  • Custom reports
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Commerce Basic

Commerce Advanced

Price (billed annually)
Price (billed annually)
Price (billed annually)
Best For

Small businesses

Best For

SMBs looking to sell online

Best For

Growing retail businesses

Key Features
  • Sell unlimited number of products
  • Free domain (1 year)
  • Free Gmail (1 year)
  • Pop-ups and banners
Key Features
  • Point of Sale
  • Collect reviews
  • Product waitlists
  • Free Gmail (1 year)
  • Free domain (1 year)
Key Features
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Sell subscriptions
  • Local shipping rates
  • APIs for custom integrations
Transaction Fees


Transaction Fees


Transaction Fees


We can see that pricing is really similar for both Wix and Squarespace. Both providers have a plan costing around $30 per month plan ($2 more with Wix).

With Squarespace's mid-range plan, you can sell unlimited products and enjoy unlimited storage space. By contrast, Wix has a maximum product limit of 50,000, and 100GB storage space.

Indeed, Wix is the best value for money out of the top ecommerce platforms for large businesses because it's priced much lower than the market leaders Shopify and BigCommerce.

What about transaction fees?

Wix charges no transaction fees on payments you take from goods sold online. Squarespace only charges transaction fees (at 3%) on the Business plan. However, bear in mind that you'll still have to pay third-party payment processing fees, which are charged by payment companies, not the ecommerce platform provider.

Wix web shops: Who, what, why?

What: Drag-and-drop website builder, plus reliable ecommerce platform
Who: Any small business leader looking to sell products or services online
Why: Great all-rounder for a reasonable price

Wix has the best website and sales features when compared with Squarespace. We'll look at sales features first as this will be your greatest priority when setting up a web shop. First of all, multichannel integration is much better with Wix. What does this mean? While Squarespace recently introduced ‘Amazon blocks' as a way to display and link to products on Amazon, Wix has had Amazon integration for years.

As long as you're subscribed to Wix Core, or above, you can sell on online marketplaces, including eBay and Google Shopping, which you can't when using Squarespace.

Wix online shop design options
Wix allows you to select various product layout designs with its editing features.

Wix also has greater on-the-go creative capabilities: you can create a website from your smartphone, which you can't do with Squarespace. Even better, Wix allows you to save changes to your mobile site without editing the desktop version. With Squarespace, you can't.

Wix and Squarespace both have great SEO tools, which means you'll be able to get your products found by shoppers using search engines. The same goes for blogging: both Wix and Squarespace will get you set up with a fully functioning blog section of your online store. That's a boon for business leaders wishing to get seen online, as clever, creative content is a great way to attract highly interested buyers to your site.

Wix inventory tracking screenshot
Wix gives you inventory tracking options, such as manually inputting your stock levels, shipping weight and SKUs.

We particularly like the inventory tracking options you get with Wix, allowing you to connect your online stocks with your real-world product availability. Wix stores come with product filtering, too; Customers can browse items by category, price, color and weight. At the time of our testing, product filtering was not available with Squarespace.

To learn about Wix's price plans in more detail, click to see our dedicated guide.

Squarespace shops: Who, what, why?

What: Template-based website builder with a solid ecommerce platform
Who: Visual creatives, artists, life coaches, educational platforms, media websites
Why: Unlimited media storage space

Squarespace has a bunch of great features that make it a solid ecommerce platform: unlimited users, mobile-optimized websites, and 24-7 customer support. It's reliable, reasonably priced, and works well – but it's far from unique.

Its online shop templates are limited when compared with Wix, leaving you feeling restricted by the type of aesthetic you can create for your web shop. Its selling features are limited when compared with Wix, with little niggles such as not being able to input separate shipping and billing addresses. You won't be able to customize invoices to the branding of your business. Yet both of these features are available on Wix.

Squarespace templates
Squarespace has a template recommendation engine that suggests website design layouts based on your specific business goals. Here are the results for starting a web shop for an existing cosmetics company.

While Squarespace's customer support is decent, it's not perfect, and 3.9/5 is a lower score than Wix's 4.3/5. Squarespace is also strangely defensive about not offering phone support. Wix has recently changed its policies so it's difficult to get hold of phone support unless you upgrade to its $100-plus-per-month plan.

One critical advantage of Squarespace over Wix, however, is you'll enjoy unlimited storage space on your website. That means you can upload videos, images, pictures and audio to your heart's content without worrying about running out of space. For that reason we'd recommend choosing Squarespace if you need to include lots of multimedia files on your web shop, for instance videographers, media-hosting platforms and online tutorial sites.

Read our full breakdown of its features in our dedicated Squarespace review.

Squarespace website builder tutorial screenshot
Squarespace has an easy-to-follow tutorial built into its website designer. You'll be able to learn website editing with no code skills at all.

Thanks to its abundant storage space and focus on visual marketing, we recommend Squarespace for media creatives, designers and other visual creators. You'll be able to run email marketing campaigns and integrate with social media platforms for greater publicity.

Our researcher says...

Squarespace is all about visual sites: photographers, artists and videographers can show off their creations in online portfolios. It's a better platform for design because Squarespace is beautiful, visually.

Wix is just generally good for product sales, and is better suited to small business owners creating stores. Of the two, Wix is better for beginners because it's easier to use.

Ruairi Shirlow
Ruairi Shirlow Researcher, Expert Market
And the winner is...

In the battle of Wix vs Squarespace, it's Wix that wins the day. With better quality sales features and website functionality, your small business is going to soar online with Wix beneath your wings.

You can trust our results because they're research-backed by weeks of testing and rating. We carefully assess ecommerce platforms against fixed criteria so the numerical results are fair and easy to compare. As we've outlined above, Wix outshone Squarespace in all crucial categories: Sales features (3.9/5 vs 3.1/5); Website features (4.5/5 vs 4.2/5); Help and Support (4.3.5 vs 3.9/5).

The only category in which the two platforms tied was in Value for Money at 4.2/5 each. The advantage of Squarespace is its unlimited storage space. If you're selling digital products, or need a site to host videos, then Squarespace is the better pick vs Wix.

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How is Wix different from Squarespace?
Wix has better sales features, such as accepting more payment options than Squarespace (88 for Wix vs 12 for Squarespace). Wix also has better apps than Squarespace; for example, it offers a no-code option to add a chat-bot, plus the ability to gather customer reviews. Wix has a built-in autosave feature, whereas Squarespace lacks this.

Squarespace has a narrow range of ecommerce-specific templates when compared with Wix. You can't customize business invoices on Squarespace, whereas you can with Wix. We found Squarespace doesn't offer phone support to its customers, but Wix does. Overall, our research indicates Wix is a better platform for starting an online shop when compared with Squarespace.

Is Wix easier than Squarespace?
Squarespace becomes easier to use over time, rising from 3.4/5 to 4.2/5 in its ‘ease of use' score in our ecommerce platform testing. That means Squarespace is now easier to use than Wix, which only scored 4/5 in user testing. One of our Squarespace user testers says, “The backend management was so much easier and intuitive than what Wix provides.”

By contrast, some users testers found Wix's editor quickly became cluttered and overfilled. Unfortunately, this made building their online store more difficult than it needed to be. Our research found a rather steep learning curve to come to grips with Wix's website editor when compared with Squarespace, which was frequently described as ‘intuitive.'

Which is more expensive, Wix or Squarespace?
Wix and Squarespace offer different pricing plans depending on the features you need. However, if you just want the lowest priced option to sell online, then Squarespace Business ($23 per month, paying annually) is cheaper than Wix Core ($27 per month, paying for one year upfront).

Wix charges no extra transaction fees on any of its plans, while Squarespace charges a 3% additional fee on every sale made through its Business plan.

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Sabrina Dougall
Sabrina Dougall Web Marketing Expert

Sabrina is a business journalist whose career began in news reporting. She has a master’s in Investigative Journalism from City University London, and her work has appeared in The Times, The Daily Express, Money Saving Expert, Camden New Journal, Global Trade Review, and Computer Business Review. She specializes in writing about SEO (search engine optimization). Having run her own small business, Sabrina knows first-hand how critical digital marketing is to building a client base and local reputation.

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