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Robust service scheduling at a modest price makes Miracle Service a must-have in any industry

What is Miracle Service Field Management Software?

Miracle Service is a field management software platform used by over 5,000 users in 45 countries worldwide. Equipped with a wealth of features including service scheduling, contract management, account integration, robust reporting, full mobile functionality, and more, Miracle Service provides a host of solutions for companies across all industries looking to streamline workflow and increase profits. Scalable, comprehensive, and backed by a reliable customer support team, Miracle Service is a service company software built to fit any business.

Miracle Service Review
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Reviewed by Expert Market:11/18/2019

Miracle Service Benefits

At the core of Miracle Service’s service company software are its service management features designed to optimize tasks both in the field and in the office.

Service management essentials come standard with any Miracle Service plan and include the following features:

  • Technician Scheduling
  • Service Contract Management
  • Billing and Invoice Management
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Inventory Management
  • Management Reporting
  • Document Manager

Optional Add-Ons

Miracle Service offers a host of optional add-ons for companies looking to optimize other areas of operations. Among these optional features are accounting exporter modules, which sync with companies’ current accounting programs, as well the mobile field technician console, a mobile app that allows field technicians to access a fully functional version of Miracle Service from any mobile device.

Other optional add-ons include: a customer portal, sales team CRM licenses, a reporter designer, yield tracker, and event manager — and more.

Industry Specific Add-Ons

In addition to the above add-ons, Miracle Service also offers several industry-specific add-ons to its service company software. Miracle Service’s office equipment meter module automatically collects meter readings from regularly-used office equipment and enters that data directly into Miracle Service to help users keep track of usage and costs.

Miracle Service also offers a certificate management and retrieval platform that generates inspection forms, calibration certificates, and other required forms — ideal for businesses that perform on-site calibrations and inspections.

Miracle Service Features

Miracle Service’s service company software is modular, so clients only pay for the features they choose to implement. However, there are several features that come standard with Miracle Service. Those are:

  • Document Manager
  • Inventory, Parts Management and Stock Control
  • Management Reporting
  • Sales Order Processing & Sales Invoicing
  • Service Call Management
  • Service Contract Administration
  • Period Billing – Auto-generated service contract invoices
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Visual “Drag and Drop” Technician Scheduling

For those wishing to implement additional features at a higher price, Miracle Service offers a host of tools applicable across a wide range of industries. Some of the software’s optional features include:

  • Accounting Exporter – Integrates with QuickBooks and other accounting managers.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Meter Reading and Billing
  • Supplies Yield Tracker – Toner and supplies tracking
  • Web and Wireless Access – For laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices

For a full list of Miracle Service’s optional software features, visit the company’s website.

Customer Support

Miracle Service offers a robust customer service network, including an 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. call center, a blog, whitepapers, how-to videos, and an online Customer Center portal for current clients. The company also offers a host of training services for specific implementation its software. Those wishing to learn more can do so by visiting Miracle Service’s Training page and by contacting the company directly. Miracle Service also gives prospective clients the option to request a live demo of its software via its website.

Industries Served

Miracle Service is used by over 5,000 users in 45 countries, with teams reporting an average service revenue increase of 13% and a profit increase of nearly 17%.  Miracle Service is has unique applications to help optimize operations and boost customer relations for businesses in any industry and is currently used successfully in the following industries worldwide:

  • Banking Equipment
  • Fire Protection
  • Medical Equipment
  • Office Equipment
  • Printing Systems
  • Restaurant Equipment
  • Scale Equipment
  • Security Protection
  • Telecommunications

And others — visit Miracle Service’s website for a full list.

Our Verdict

With an impressive range of features and a modular implementation system, Miracle Service provides solutions of all sizes for companies in any industry. The service company software’s selection of powerful tools gives users access to a total CRM and operations management suite, while the company’s modular implementation and pricing ensures that each company gets exactly what it needs.

Miracle Service is also backed by a robust customer service network. The only thing lacking on the company’s website is the presence of case studies, which go a long way in showcasing the real-world results of its software. Overall, Miracle Service is highly-recommended for any company looking to implement customized service industry software.

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