Best Field Service Software Apps

Manage jobs and job allocation while on the road with these best field service apps

Most field service software is available in app form. It would be silly if it wasn’t – these days, pretty much everyone owns a smartphone or tablet. Simply download your field service software app onto your device and you’ll have all the tools you need to communicate with your field team at your fingertips.

And don’t forget – downloading a field service app won’t just help with communication.
It will provide you and your team with all the tools needed to easily quote, invoice, and record job details, too. This means you can say goodbye to messy folders and confusing spreadsheets.

But which field service software supplier offers the best app? Well, that depends on your individual priorities. Do you want a field service software app that provides an intuitive user experience? Or would you prefer one that offers sophisticated dispatching, for example?

Thankfully, we at Expert Market have carried out research into the different field service software suppliers, and picked out the best apps based on a number of deciding factors. Discover our breakdown of the best field service apps below.

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The Best Field Service Apps

According to our research the best field service apps are supplied by Verizon Connect, HouseCall Pro, mHelpdesk, Jobber, and Vonigo. Discover why these suppliers have made our top five in the table below:

Field Service Software AppBest For
Verizon ConnectService scheduling
HouseCall ProLower budgets
mHelpDeskEase of use
VonigoService technicians

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1. Verizon Connect

Best service schedule app

Verizon Connect offers sophisticated field service dispatch software for small to medium businesses. Thanks to its simple drag and drop function, you can easily insert and change job schedules, after which your team will be notified of any changes you make. In addition to scheduling jobs, you’ll be able to allocate vehicles, get a real time view of where you technicians are, and receive job analytics, including costs and phase completion times.


  • Great for busy service companies
  • Combines with Verizon vehicle tracking
  • Machine learning will help to make processes even more efficient


  • Large company means customer service can be a bit hit and miss
  • More suited to SMBs
Last updateDownloads (Google Play)Size
19th March 20195,000+29 Megabytes

2. HouseCall Pro

Best for lower budgets

HouseCall Pro is one of the cheaper options out there, despite the fact that it offers heaps of features to help you take and schedule job requests. You can integrate Facebook, Yelp, and Google My Business into the app, which means you can receive job requests from multiple different channels. With lots of customer management features on offer, you’ll be able to schedule things like text messages and emails to keep customers in the loop.


  • Reasonable price
  • Intuitive to use
  • Lots of features


  • Lack of customization
  • Some features lack sophistication
Last updateDownloads (Google Play)Size
9th September 2019100,000+78 Megabytes

3. mHelpDesk

Best for ease of use

Training your team to use a new piece of software isn’t an easy task. Thankfully, the intuitiveness of the mHelpDesk app means it won’t take long for your team to get to grips with digital scheduling and job management. And just because it’s simple to use doesn’t mean you need to compromise on features. Thanks to its end to end job management, you’ll be able to manage your jobs, customers, and field staff from quotation through to the final invoice.


  • Lots of offline features available
  • Very scalable
  • All information stored on the cloud


  • Can be expensive to set up
  • Reporting is not as sophisticated as other options
Last updateDownloads (Google Play)Size
12th March 201910,000+14 Megabytes

4. Jobber

Best for customization

Jobber’s best feature is its customization abilities. This feature means you’ll be able to embellish quotes, invoices and emails with your company’s branding, adding a personalized touch to your communications. On top of that, you’ll have access to lots of tools that’ll help you to manage your job scheduling, field operations, and customers – from enquiry through to completion.


  • Customize quotes, invoices, and communications
  • Very scalable
  • All information stored on the cloud


  • Can be expensive to set up
  • Reporting is not as sophisticated as other options
Last updateDownloads (Google Play)Size
8th August 2019100,000+59 Megabytes

5. Vonigo

Best for service technicians

The great thing about Vonigo is that it’s completely configurable. This means you can customize the system to suit your business’ specific needs. The system itself has been built with service companies in mind, featuring all the tools you need to manage and grow your business. Best of all, the software has been configured so you can manage a multi-site business from one platform, making it great for larger service companies.


  • Configurable functions
  • Designed with service companies in mind
  • Great for multi-site companies


  • App is not updated as regularly as others
  • Not the cheapest option
Last updateDownloads (Google Play)Size
13th June 20191,000+Various depending on device

Expert Verdict

If you’re unsure about which field service app is best for your business, just have a think about your priorities.For example, training up your team can take time that could be better spent on jobs. If you’d rather avoid downtime, go for a field service software app like mHelpDesk, which is really intuitive to use.

If you want a really sophisticated job allocation feature, you may prefer to go for the Verizon Connect field service software app. And if you really want to step up your company’s professional image, you may want to look into the Jobber app, which allows you to customize your quote, email, and invoice templates.

Aside from features, make sure you look at the size of the app. The more megabytes it is, the more space it will take up on the device. So if you require your technicians to download the app onto their own devices, you may want to look at investing in one that won’t take up too much room.

The final thing to think about is price. While some field service app providers display costs on their websites, others choose to keep it under wraps. The best way to find and compare field service software prices is through us!

All you need to do is click here to provide us with a few details about your business, and we’ll forward your details to the suppliers that best match your requirements. They’ll be in touch with quotes and information in no time!

What is a Field Service Software App?

A field service software app can either accompany a field service web application or be a standalone product. It’s a downloadable application that offers all the features and benefits of a computer programme, but it can be taken anywhere, since it’s downloaded onto a tablet or a mobile phone.

You should be able to download your field service app for free. You’ll then be expected to pay a monthly fee for the software product itself, which is worked out based on the number of users and the features you require.

What are the Benefits of Field Service Software Apps?

Field service apps are perfect for service technicians and businesses that require sophisticated job management. So what are the benefits of investing in and downloading service software? Well, with this software, you’ll be able to:

  • Remotely organize field staff job schedules
  • Remotely organize field staff job schedules
  • Use the app to generate quotes and customer invoices
  • Create job reports and store progress
  • Take photos and file them onto job reports
  • Integrate with CRM (customer relationship management) software and generate customer emails
  • Keep an electronic database of customer details
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