Kickserv Review: Is it the Right Field Service Software for You?

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What is Kickserv?

Kickserv software allows companies to get an overall view of everything related to the business. With Kickserv’s features, many growing companies are able to facilitate growth and maintain harmonious business operations.

The all-inclusive field service software is capable of handling many CRM tasks, online and offline. The scheduling capabilities of [Kickserv software] permit businesses to improve efficiency, organize information, manage workers, and serve customers well.

Back in 1994, Tom Eccles created a desktop server-based software program for his family plumbing company. The breakthrough system that led to the healthy, accelerated expansion of the family business was the core of what Kickserv came to be. In 2006, Kickserv was created with the contribution of Matt Bradley to produce the trailblazing field management software known by professionals today.

Ease of Use

Features and Benefits

  • All-in-one dashboard
  • Service history tracking
  • Customer online scheduling and booking
  • Online lead capture
  • Individual and team management capabilities
  • Easy drag and drop organizing
  • Employee scheduling and job management
  • QuickBooks two-way synchronization
  • Invoicing capabilities
  • Electronic signature approval option for payment
  • API connections for custom versatility

One of the Kickserv’s best features is that it provides business owners and managers with an overall company portrait on a single dashboard. The detailed sales reports display accurate consumer data and precise statistics regarding open, closed, and lost sales for each user.

Kickserv is arguably one of the mobile management powerhouses for managers and owners on the move. Activity and task tracking for employees makes measuring productivity far simpler.

Every opportunity captured by Kickserv technology comes with an estimate to make financial decision-making and profit projections less complex.

Many users of Kickserv software applaud the technical support department for their level of involvement and efficiency when working with businesses.

The customizable interface offers administrators the ability to set permissions for every system user. For an affordable cost, Kickserv replaces multiple programs to expedite business processes and minimize the cost of additional programs. The software has an iOS, Android, and a Web-based version.


Kickserv pricing varies depending on the number of users. The Lite version starts at $26 a month for access for two users. For $44 a month, five users gain access to the Basic version.

For $89 a month, a maximum of ten users can access Kickserv software with the Standard version. For $134 a month on the Pro version, 20 users can log into the system, and additional access can be purchased in packages of five users at $15 a month each.

Incredibly, all Kickserv features are included for all user accounts, with the exception of the QuickBooks two-way integration. QuickBooks can be added for additional $10 a month for web access, or $50 a month for desktop access.

Case Study – Marvel Sewer and Drain

Marvel Sewer and Drain is a satisfied client of Kickserv’s, praising its level of usability, customer support, and convenience. Ben Smith, CEO of Marvel Sewer and Drain, mentioned how Kickserv’s features helped make the business more productive and cost-effective when serving customers.

Numerous companies report excellent customer service experiences as Kickserv software users, and Smith strongly agrees that the advantages of the technology coupled with its customer support center are a huge boost for small businesses in motion.

Do I Need Kickserv?

Any small business that desires a convenient portal to handle business operations can benefit from Kickserv software. The overarching Kickserv features make it an ideal tool for both managers and employees.

Although the web-based version of Kickserv has for the most part been more well-received than the mobile version, the company continues to make upgrades based on consumer feedback to improve results. Use Kickserv software to unite your business and streamline field service management operations with greater ease.

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