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What is Property Inspection Software?

Property Inspection Software is a unified cloud computing and mobile workforce application that allows field operatives in various industries to inspect and report on properties using a smartphone or tablet.

The ability to upload photos, video and comments makes this technology a remarkable time-saver for inspectors, as they relay reporting information back to managers, support staff and property owners via the cloud.

Digital home inspections ultimately save time, money and help build trust with property owners by providing professional easy-to-read inspection reports.

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Property Inspection Software Benefits

It’s estimated that companies leveraging property inspection apps can reduce the time spent in the field for inspectors by as much as 70%.

Greater Transparency

Ultimately, home inspection software increases transparency, improves customer satisfaction, limits training expenses, accelerates cycle times and may reduce loss adjustment expenses for those operating in the broader insurance industry.

Increased Efficiency

Businesses benefit from unprecedented operational insights and improved process efficiency, since the technology quickly streamlines on-site workflows and operations.

Higher Productivity Levels

Property inspection software is capable of sending detailed work reports to key business stakeholders. Thanks to this, many companies have seen an increase in productivity. Overviews include all inspections completed, details on which inspector carried out the work, the day on which the inspection was completed, and how long each inspection took.

This unified reporting dashboard allows companies to identify potential bottlenecks and assign resources as needed, when needed.

Mobile Integration

Almost universally, all home inspection suppliers offer their products on both the iOS and the Google Android platforms.

Property Inspection Software Features

While variations exist across multiple service providers, home inspection software typically allows companies to:

  • Users: Add and manage inspectors,
  • Management: Amend and remove properties
  • Insight: Generate inspection reports
  • Organization: Create to-do lists for inspectors in mobile mode
  • Context: Customize property descriptions as needed
  • Scheduling: Powerful property calendars show which day inspections are due and their location.
  • Routing: Inspectors can use GPS-enabled property inspection apps to plan routes to homes, commercial units and government-run installations.
  • Branding: Home inspection report software allows custom branding with your company logo. Reports are formatted for all devices and screen resolutions.

Home inspection software reviews show strong support and positive feedback for reporting accountability made possible by signature boxes for inspectors (and property owners/tenants).

Property Inspection Software Providers

Several key vendors dominate the inspection software sector, including:


SnapInspect have invested heavily in inspection app video integrations, allowing companies to visually engage their property owners. They have several Fortune 500 clients in over 16 countries, including REMAX.  They claim a 98% client retention rate in their industry.

Supplier Rating:

Inspect & Cloud

They have built their integrated home inspection platform to offer virtually unlimited customization options for remote inspectors on their smartphones or tablets.  Over 30 built-in software tools ensure flexibility and robustness.Take note of the ability to bulk import legacy data and properties into their system.

Supplier Rating:

Inspect 2 Go

While Inspect2Go covers a range of industry sectors including environmental health and hotel housekeeping, their property inspection software distinguishes itself by allowing mobile applications to function without the need for a wireless connection on both iOS and Android.

Supplier Rating:


zInspector are enterprise-level property inspection apps priced for independent operators.  They offer unlimited cloud storage and cover a range of industry sectors including home improvement, construction and general real estate.

Supplier Rating:

Property Inspect

Property Inspect offer simplified property inspection software for rental units and resorts, giving them some differentiation in the marketplace.  They also offer an agency model allowing them to provide clients with direct login access to book inspections with up-to-the-minute availability.

Supplier Rating:

Case Study

One property manager was experiencing a bottleneck in list-based paper filing systems and chaotic email tracking systems that served as poor file repositories for inspector reports and images.  While not particularly tech-savvy he knew an online home inspection software platform probably held the answer to his present dilemma.

“I tried one particular cloud platform on one of my properties – a small three-bedroom, two-bath home, using my phone. I took pictures, assigned categories, thinking: It cannot be this easy; it cannot be this simple.

Upon returning to the office, he accessed the browser-based dashboard to examine pictures, comments, categories and other notes made using the mobile application.  It was a liberating experience for a property management owner who had been drowning in paperwork for the last several years.”

The property inspection software allowed him to send one unified cloud report containing all the multimedia assets, effectively shaving several hours off the previous manual processes.

“This gives me enhanced credibility as a property manager. Rather than having a piecemeal, scrapbook collection of data, I now had this concise, professional, very clear report that takes the owner through the entire property. It makes me look good. The feedback has been extremely positive.”

The digital signature pad allows both parties – the property management owner and the tenant – to sign off upon the inspection report from the smartphone or tablet.  This can be used for move-out inspections, increasing transparency and trust between both parties when examining any potential property damage.

Property Inspection Software Pricing

Most providers offer a sliding scale of monthly packages at different price points based on the number of users and properties.

As the property and user count moves upwards, enterprise pricing (with volume discounts) kicks in, allowing companies to scale their operations accordingly.

A typical vendor may offer beginner or starter packages at $49 per month for 1 user and 100 properties.  Once a company reaches 500 properties and five users, costs could increase to between $150-$250 per month depending on the supplier.

In most instances, custom packages are offered to companies once they exceed 1,500 properties per month.

To receive an accurate quote straight from the supplier, just fill in our form with a few details and suppliers will be in touch with tailored quotes.

How We Test Field Service Software for Businesses

We tested nine market-leading field service software to evaluate them in terms of functionality, invoicing, price, customer support, and more so we can make the most useful recommendations to US businesses.

Our rigorous testing process means these products have been scored and rated in six main categories of investigation and 30 subcategories – in fact, we covered 30 areas of investigation in total. We then gave each category score a ‘relevance weighting' to ensure the product's final score perfectly reflects the needs and requirements of Expert Market readers – and that's our algorithm in a nutshell!

Our main testing categories for field service software are:

Online Customer Booking: the functionality of the field service software that allows customers to schedule and book service appointments online, such as booking online and customer rating tools.

Schedule and Dispatch: the capability of the field service software to efficiently manage and assign service appointments to technicians or field workers.

Invoicing: the functionality of the field service software that allows for generating and managing service invoices.

Mobile App: determining whether a mobile app is available to download and offers a functioning site.

Customer Support: the assistance and resources provided by the field service software company to users, including phone support, email or chat support, and online forums.

Price: the cost associated with using the field service software. It includes factors such as licensing fees, subscription plans and trial period.


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