Verizon Field Force Manager Review: Is it Right for Your Business?

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What is Field Force Manager Software?

Verizon Wireless is a dominant player in the mobile and wireless technologies market, so it comes as no surprise that the company now also provides a mobile service geared towards field workers. While the Verizon Field Force Manager is limited in comparison to the software sold by certain software companies, Verizon’s app is affordable and easy to use, making it ideal for a small company that wants to get more out of the devices already being used.

Field Force Manager Review
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There are a couple of products that can be used either in conjunction with or separately from Verizon Field Force Manager.

VZ Navigator

This downloadable app gives your cell phone all the capabilities of a heavy-duty GPS device, including turn-by-turn navigation, traffic alerts and images of road signs and highways that help drivers understand where they’re going. After a free trial period, the VZ Navigator app costs $4.99/month.

Push to Talk Plus

When you need to communicate with multiple field technicians, Push to Talk Plus is one of the fastest and most reliable ways to get in touch. See which workers are available and use the dispatch console function to talk with techs at specific locations. The cost for standard Push to Talk Plus is $5/month with a $30 fee for the dispatch software license.

Field Force Manager Pricing

There are three tiers for the Verizon Wireless Field Force Manager, with the listed prices being per devices added.

Field Force Manager Limited

The most basic version costs $15/month and delivers the bare essentials needed by a small field service company. This app relies mostly on GPS capabilities, with features like updating worker maps and GPS alerts coming standard.

The geofencing option allows you to see when technicians pass through borders that you create within your company map. Verizon uses industry-smart technology that configures your app to match typical patterns and routines that apply to your particular service.

While most features for the limited subscription are helpful, this option leaves a lot to be desired with regard to administrative functions. You should only consider basic if you either enjoy doing paperwork or have limited requirements in that department.

Field Force Manager Basic

The second tier for this product is worthy of most small and mid-sized business. It includes things like mobile forms, dispatch abilities and smart timesheets with location awareness. This option also allows you to easily send messages to different employees through the management application so you can communicate efficiently. The basic version costs $20/month.

Field Force Manager Pro

By upgrading to the pro version, you get an app that takes a more proactive approach to your field service management. Advanced forms allow for more thorough data collection and analysis as well as timecard features and workflow automation. At $25/month, Field Force Manager Pro does much more than the alternatives when it comes to business efficiency and productivity.

Customer Support

As with most enormous corporations, the support you get from Verizon can be hit or miss. Representatives are available around the clock and are generally eager and willing to assist, but troubleshooting in a crunch isn’t always an option. There are online forums, online chats and in-store tutorials available for business owners who need a little extra guidance with operating the app.

Case Study: Accurate Heating

When you own an HVAC company in rainy Oregon, you can expect to have your hands full. That’s where Kim Williams and Accurate Heating, Inc. are located, providing heating and cooling services for the people of Wilsonville. Before signing up for Verizon Field Force Manager, Williams was constantly calling and leaving messages for her many technicians who were going in and out of cell service.

With the ability to track her workers and get them necessary information with the touch of a button, the company instantly became more efficient. Kim cut fuel spending by 25 percent and increased annual revenue by over $50,000. Just as important, she gained peace of mind from knowing where her workers were at any given time, which in turn made it easier to communicate with her waiting customers.

Our Verdict

If you employ a vast number of field technicians and have a huge amount of inventory and contracts to oversee, Field Force Manager might not be the right solution. However, for small and medium-sized businesses that are looking to decrease paperwork and communicate more effectively between administrators and field workers, the basic and pro levels can be extremely effective. In addition to providing helpful tools and simple integration, the Verizon app is priced much more affordably than many competitors.

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