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Is the grass really greener on the other side? Discover if these best lawn care software providers can improve the way you run your business

When business blossoms, diaries and spreadsheets aren’t enough to keep everything organized. Field service software is a complete all-in-one system that’ll allow you to manage every single area of your business; from scheduling appointments to preparing invoices.

Many field service software providers tailor their product to specific industries, lawn care being one of them. So, to make your search for the best lawn care software easier, we’ve come up with a list of the top providers.

In our research, we looked at the features on offer, the pricing, and the scalability of the software. We’ve then highlighted the reason why each of these lawn care software providers has made the list.

The Best Lawn Care Software

According to our research, these are the top five lawn care providers: Scapersoft, RazorSync, mHelpDesk, Housecall Pro, and Jobber.

Here’s the best lawn care software, rated:

SupplierStar RatingBest For
ScapersoftBest for small businesses
RazorSyncBest for fully comprehensive features
mHelpDeskBest for ease of use
HouseCall ProBest for scalability
JobberBest for customer service


Scapersoft is great lawn care software for small businesses. There are packages suitable for businesses of all sizes, from small one-man-bands to full scale enterprises. And the great news is, the pricing is really affordable. Even the most basic package offers unlimited property profiles, invoicing and estimates, inventory tracking and scheduling.

Granted, if you want to benefit from more lucrative features – such as Google Lot Size Calculator and Quickbooks integration – you’ll need to go for the Pro package. But even that’s only $36 a month. This certainly makes Scapersoft a winner in our book.


  • Very reasonably priced
  • Great tailored features
  • Great scalability


  • Not as many features as other lawn care software packages
  • Free Trial period is limited to five days


If it’s features you’re looking for, RazorSync is certainly worth considering. There are 27 different functions in the basic package alone, and you can choose to add the likes of route optimization, inventory management, and marketing templates if you need them. This makes RazorSync incredibly flexible.

Granted, if you want to benefit from more lucrative features – such as Google Lot Size Calculator and Quickbooks integration – you’ll need to go for the Pro package. But even that’s only $36 a month. This certainly makes Scapersoft a winner in our book.


  • Packed full of features
  • Easy to use
  • Great Quickbooks integration


  • Setup fee is quite costly
  • Can’t assign a job to more than one employee


mHelpDesk claims that its field service software has been built with service companies in mind, which makes it pretty ideal for lawn care businesses. With tools designed to help your business from pre-sale right through to invoicing, it comes as no surprise that mHelpDesk’s customers consistently rate its software highly.

mHelpDesk pricing isn’t as transparent as others, so you’ll have to get in touch with its sales team to gain an idea of how much it’ll cost you.


  • Easy to get to grips with
  • Treats you as a business partner, rather than just another client
  • Focussed on delivering high quality customer support


  • No pricing structure on website
  • Reporting function not as good as others

HouseCall Pro

HouseCall Pro is a good middle ground between Scapersoft and RazorSync. With software tailored to the landscape and lawn care industries, you’ll find HouseCall Pro offers you all the features you need to effectively run your business. It’s not as expensive as Razorsync, but then again, it’s not as refined on the feature front. And some clients mention the usability could be improved, too. However, for what’s on offer, HouseCall Pro lawn care software is an excellent deal.


  • Heaps of great features
  • Not too expensive
  • 14-day free trial


  • Limited customization on invoices
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) features are a little limited


Jobber offers plenty of features tailored to the lawn care industry; combine them with its reputation for delivering super-supportive customer service, and you have yourself a winning combination. Although its Core plan is fairly expensive, Jobber does offer a Lite plan for just $39/month (as opposed to their Connect ($119 per month) and Grow ($239 per month)). This means you can test which services you need and don’t need before committing to a bigger monthly spend.


  • Fantastic customer service
  • Great tailored features
  • Lite plan is great as a taster


  • Unlimited software package is the most expensive
  • Can’t close multiple jobs at the same time

What’s Next?

If you’re uncertain about the lawn care software features you require, speak to a specialist salesperson. Fill in our form with a few details about your business, and the best matched suppliers will be in touch with prices and more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I decide on the best lawn care software for me?

There are three factors to consider: features, price, and scalability. Think about which of these is your priority, and work your way back from there. Sometimes it’s better to go for a cheaper package to start, work out which features you’re missing, then call up your supplier for an upgrade.

Are there software apps for lawn care businesses?

Out of our top five lawn care software providers, only Scapersoft doesn’t offer an app. While this means it doesn’t offer an offline mode, it has enabled the company to keep the cost of its field service software down.

Is there free lawn care software?

The short answer is no. While there may be some providers that offer free software, you’ll find the lack of features frustrating. The majority of suppliers offer a free trial period, so you can try out the software before you commit to a monthly price. And remember, suppliers like Jobber offer a Lite version for just $19 a month. This’ll give you enough features to see if the software is beneficial, and you can always upgrade if required.

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