Pitney Bowes Connect+ 2000 Review

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The Pitney Bowes Connect+ 2000 is a powerful postage system designed to be used in a mid to high volume postage environment.

It has a number of important benefits including a revolutionary printing capacity which has 7/8 of an inch printing track along the full length of the envelope, web connectivity allowing package tracking with all the major couriers, access to discounted mail rates and automatic rate updates so you will never under or over pay on postage again.

Pitney Bowes Connect+ 2000

The Connect+ 2000 color printing functionality makes an impact on customers. In fact, according to recent research, promotional envelopes which contain colored markings are over twice as likely to be opened than their plain counterparts.

As well as printing the obvious things like your own company logo or branding, the Connect+ 2000 completely changes the way you think of an envelope and gives you the chance to print a huge variety of things, including promotional content and engaging advertisements.


Depending on whether it is dealing with mixed size or non mixed size postage, the Connect+ 2000 can process between 115 and 180 letters per minute. It comes with a number of weighing platform options from 5lb to 149lb. It can seal envelopes, has a report laser printer and a bar code scanner which can be used for confirmation or accounting services.

SpeedUp to 90/160, 110/180 LPM
Envelope Maximum254 x 356mm
Envelope Minimum89 x 127m
Envelope Maximum ThicknessUp to 16mm
weighing options5, 7, 12, & 35kg
Differential weighingOptional
Accounting100 standard
Barcode scannerOptional
External USB report printerOptional
Print colourPostal blue, black & white, process colour
WOW® weight limit500g
Dimensions on the Way®Standard
DimensionsWith drop stacker Length 1,638mm x Width 635mm
Dimensions (with power stacker)Adds 483mm to length Colour adds 204mm to length
Print quality1200 dpi
Color touch screen display/user interface10.2″ standard

To allow for improved accounting of postage costs, the software comes with 100 different accounts as standard and includes weight break or surcharge options if required. The software is accessed through an intuitive color screen display with an easy to use QWERTY keyboard. If required, this can be altered to be used with an external keyboard.

The base system measures 64.5″(l) x 28″(d) x 24″(h)


As businesses in the US are not permitted to purchase franking machines, companies will rent them on leases of one to five years with rental prices for the Connect+ 2000 being in the region of $300 to $800 a month.

Expert Verdict

The Connect+ 2000 is a major player in the postage meter industry, besides common functionality like high output volumes, one of the biggest advantages this machine can offer, is the color printing capability. This machine is perfect for medium to large sized businesses who need to send mail regularly.

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