The 5 Best Integrated HR and Payroll Providers

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Explore the best integrated HR and payroll solutions available…

Integrated payroll and HR software can make your business that much better – more streamlined, efficient, and most importantly, compliant. 

According to our expert research, the best integrated HR and payroll services for your business include ADP Payroll, Deluxe, and more. Long gone are the days of spreadsheets and disconnected systems – when your payroll and HR systems are one, you can provide your employees with the best level of support. 

You can also use our free quote-finding tool to help you find the best solution for your business. Just provide us with a few details, and we’ll do the rest! You’ll be contacted by trusted suppliers with no-obligation quotes. 

Best Pricing Our expert rating 
ADP Payroll Comprehensive System Around $10-$14 per employee 4/5
Deluxe Hiring Solutions $39-$49 per month + $7-$12 per employee 3.5/5
Zenefits Price $8-$27 per month, per employee 3.5/5
TriNet HR Expertise Contact provider directly3.5/5
APS Payroll Reporting Features Contact provider directly 3/5

ADP Payroll

Best Comprehensive System 

ADP Payroll is a cloud-based, all-in-one HR platform. ADP is well established and provides a comprehensive platform complete with most of the features you would expect. Because of its high scalability, our experts deemed one of the best payroll software for small businesses.

ADP Payroll provides a service focused on businesses with one to 49 employees, making this a great option for startups and small businesses. It also offers a dedicated service for bigger companies that have around 50 to over 1,000 employees. 

Its payroll features include online payroll processing, automated tax management, an employee portal, and a mobile app. Hiring solutions are also available, including background checks, job board access, and the ability to schedule interviews and send out offers of employment. 

Plus, ADP Payroll’s time management tools mean you can track employee working hours as well as effectively manage vacation days and requests.


  • Comprehensive
  • Dedicated small-business platform
  • Well-established


  • Pricing is not clear
  • Added cost for a lot of the features

ADP Payroll's Pricing:

ADP Payroll doesn't publicly provide prices and you’ll have to contact them for a free quote. Although, we do know that the pricing is around $10-$15 per employee. 

Deel HR logo
Want to scale a global team?


Best Hiring Solutions 

Deluxe is a full-service payroll and HR software that’s simple and easy to use. Deluxe offers tax filing in all 50 states, automatic tracking of employee working hours, and detailed payroll reporting. You can easily sync changes between payroll, HR and benefits in order to streamline your business and employee files. 

With digital onboarding and hiring, you can automate and assign tasks to new hires, access relevant tax documentation, and customize your own forms. The system itself is user-friendly, making it easy to manage important payroll and HR tasks. 

With Deluxe you have access to a unique feature called Text to Apply, an easy way for potential talent to apply to your job openings. These applications can then be tracked on the Deluxe dashboard. You can also post to relevant job boards and social media channels using this software. 


  • Offers digital onboarding and hiring
  • Lets you process payroll from anywhere in the world


  • No free plan
  • Lacks customizability

Deluxe’s Pricing:

  • Lite – $39 per month + $7 per employee, per month – payroll services with only essential HR features 
  • Blended – $49 per month + $7 per employee, per month – HR platform designed to integrate with your current payroll and tax service 
  • The Works – $39 per month + $12 per employee, per month – everything in Lite and Blended 

The Lite package is on the pricier side, considering it’s limited to payroll services and HR essentials, but the All-Access package is well priced considering how comprehensive it is.


Best Price

Zenefits is a cloud-based payroll, HR and benefits platform. It’s targeted towards small businesses, but companies with up to 2,000 employees can still use it. Payroll can be run in just a few clicks, and taxes are filed automatically. Zenefits even offers you an easy way to provide benefits to your employees, with hundreds of providers available for them to compare. 

Employees are able to access their own portals, edit personal details and manage their benefits. The accompanying Zenefits app provides you with the ability to manage payroll, HR and benefits on the go, making it a flexible and dynamic platform. You can also integrate third-party apps to build a seamless experience for your employees, including Slack, Salesforce, and Office 365. 

Price-wise, Zenefits is the most cost effective out of these providers, especially because it includes automated onboarding, employee management and integrations. Some users have complained that Zenefits’ customer service is slow, which can be particularly frustrating when you have an urgent query. The software itself is said to be glitchy at times, which can also be headache-inducing. 


  • Easy-to-use
  • Customizable
  • Affordable


  • Can be glitchy
  • Poor customer service

Zenefit's Pricing:


  • Essentials – $8 per month, per employee
  • Growth – $18 per month, per employee
  • Zen – $27 per month, per employee


  • Essentials $8 per month, per employee
  • Growth – $14 per month, per employee
  • Zen – $21 per month, per employee

Annual pricing is cheaper, but the option of paying monthly makes Zenefits an accessible and affordable option for businesses with limited budgets. Add-ons such as a benefits admin will cost you $5 per month, per employee. 

Use our comparison tool for free quotes


Best HR Expertise 

TriNet is a full-service payroll and HR platform that streamlines the management of payroll, benefits and expenses. TriNet simplifies employee management by allowing you to track an employee through stages like hiring, onboarding and offboarding. TriNet also offers access to HR consultants, ensuring you stay compliant by adhering to relevant tax laws. 

The HR tools available empower your business to deal with complex situations by providing access to legal resources, state-specific HR forms and best practices for procedures such as performance review and termination. 

TriNet also provides tools to help you stay compliant with the Affordable Care Act, including an Applicable Large Employee calculator to track deadline changes, employee details and any other requirements. 

TriNet integrates with TurboTax to provide accurate tax management information. With this integration, you can deal with admin for payroll collection, unemployment, and filing local, state and federal taxes. 


  • Great benefit and insurance management
  • Good customer service
  • Easy-to-use


  • Annual increase in pricing

TriNet's Pricing:

You’ll need to contact TriNet directly for pricing, although it claims to offer a transparent flat rate on a per employee, per month basis. According to users, though, annual increases in pricing mean the software can get costly.

APS Payroll 

Best Reporting Features 

Not to be confused with the above ADP Payroll, APS Payroll is a cloud-based HR solution with payroll services. As it’s a cloud based payroll provider, you can access this software from anywhere in the world, making it a flexible and dynamic way to carry out important business functions. 

APS Payroll makes payroll easier by simplifying the process, providing insightful analytics and relevant tax information to help you stay compliant with current legislation. Its tax management is available in all 50 states, and you can use it to manage benefits such as life, dental and medical insurance. Deductions are automatically made. 

APS Payroll also provides time management tools to help you accurately track and manage employee working hours, labor expenses, and risk factors. Accurate reporting provides you with data around efficiency and productivity, while reports can be created based on various factors, with the option to customize. 


  • Great customer service
  • Workflow automation


  • Customization is limited
  • Can be expensive

APS Payroll's Pricing:

You’ll need to contact APS Payroll to receive a quote. Some users have said that this software is on the pricier side. 

Our Methodology: How Did We Choose the Best Payroll Software Providers?

Five researchers carried out in-depth research into payroll services according to a comparison framework designed by our research team leader. For each provider we've asked these questions:

  • How much control does it give you over your payroll process?
  • How secure is it? What security measures does it take to protect your data?
  • How much help and expertise does it offer when it comes to taxes and compliance?
  • How scalable is the product? Can it grow alongside your company?
  • How helpful is its customer support offering?

We've factored all these questions into our rating system and come out with a ranking of the best payroll software providers.

Expert Verdict

ADP Payroll, Deluxe, Zenefits, TriNet, and APS Payroll are our top picks for integrated HR and payroll solutions. These software systems can save you time, energy, and resources while ensuring your employees are well looked after. 

Each business is different and has its own unique needs, so be sure to use this guide to help you understand what features you should be looking for when it comes to integrated software. 

Whether you're looking for a solution that fits your budget, offers HR expertise or has great reporting features, there’s a best-fit tool for every business. If you need further guidance in finding a great solution, you can use our free quote-finding tool. You’ll be matched with trusted suppliers who’ll contact you with tailored, no-obligation quotes. 


What is HR and payroll software?

Payroll software provides a number of payroll services, including automatic payroll calculations and tax management, while HR software provides solutions for human resource management. 

HR solutions can include help with hiring processes, best practices, and legal compliance, as well as support from HR consultants. Outsourcing HR can lift a burden from your business and allow experts to ensure that these processes and tasks are carried out in a timely and efficient manner. 

Why should I integrate payroll and HR services?

Integrating payroll and HR means you can be confident that these important aspects of your business are dealt with in the right manner. It can be difficult to keep up with changing tax and employment legislation, and staying compliant is key, which is where outsourced services come in. 

When integrated, both systems will be in direct communication with each other, as opposed to two disconnected systems, which are more likely to lead to errors. 

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