The Top 5 Commercial Waste Companies

Commercial waste truck

Small businesses pay commercial waste haulers an average tipping fee of $73.03 per ton to landfill their trash in the same region. Clearly, commercial waste disposal costs are too high.

That’s why we’ve reviewed, rated and ranked the best commercial waste companies in the country. These companies offer the best value for money around, and we’re not alone in that estimation. Together, they account for more than 95% of commercial waste management spending in the US.

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The Top Commercial Waste Companies


Waste. The final frontier.

1. Rubicon Global

How many commercial waste companies can boast a $1bn valuation without actually hauling any trash? Simple – by creating software that helps haulers and businesses connect with each other to serve their waste generation and collection interests. That’s what Rubicon did, leading to comparisons with Uber and a bunch of other exciting tech upstarts. All you need to know is Rubicon’s customers want to be with them and competitors want to be them.

Rubicon’s Primary Services

  • Flexible waste collections
  • Mobile and desktop software to arrange pickups, view service requests and set up recurring payments
  • Roll-off and dumpster hire
  • Complimentary analysis of your business waste profile

Fun fact: Rubicon’s software platform, Caesar, is named after Caesar’s march across the Rubicon River to seize Rome.

2. Waste Management

North America’s largest waste management empire stretches from Manhattan to Manitoba, and beyond. Waste Management boasts the third-largest fleet in the entire country, and hauls enough trash to fill the Dallas Cowboys’ football stadium nearly ten times over. That might sound excessive, but rest easy – Waste Management invests more than anyone in recycling technologies.

Waste Management’s Primary Services

  • Small business dumpster rental
  • Recycling consultancy and collection
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified hazardous waste disposal
  • Industrial wastewater treatment

Fun fact: The late Waste Management Founder, Wayne Huizenga, owned teams in three out of four of America’s major sports leagues. He never bought an NBA team.

3. Republic Services

No one turns trash into cash in more ways than Republic Services. From solid waste collection and dumpster rental to renewable energy and recycling, the firm does a lot of things well. They deserve special mention for the close to 100% reliability rate of their pickup and disposal services. Over the years, this kind of dependability has won them many fans, and more than a few industry awards. Today, they’re one of the largest commercial waste companies in the country.

Republic Services’ Primary Services

  • Solid waste pickup and disposal
  • Small and large dumpster rental
  • Electronics recycling
  • Universal recycling (for everyday items such as light bulbs and batteries)

Fun fact: Republic Services’ recycles enough fiber materials to conserve more than 41 million trees each year.

4. Waste Connections

Waste Connections will dispose of your solid waste with a smile, which we imagine is easier said than done. Professionalism and quality customer service round off the list of reasons why customers love this firm. Their construction waste removal services are particularly hard to top. Thousands of businesses would struggle to run a tight ship without them.

Waste Connections’ Primary Services

  • Commercial waste collection and removal
  • Roll-off and dumpster hire
  • Trash compactor rental
  • Document destruction (paper files, computer disks, magnetic media, and more)
  • Single-stream and mixed recycling services

Fun fact: Waste Connections is the third-largest waste management company in North America.

5. Junk King

When it comes to junk removal, it’s hard to dispute Junk King’s claim to the crown. Unlike other commercial waste companies featured here, Junk King won’t touch hazardous waste – but they’ll happily haul your old office equipment and furniture. Their services even extend to storage space rental. Need a place to put your stuff before upgrading to new premises? Look no further than Junk King.

Junk King’s Primary Services

  • Full service junk removal (ie. retail space renovations, office equipment overhauls)
  • Self service dumpster rental (you fill it, they collect it)
  • Construction debris clearance
  • Complete commercial property cleanouts

Fun fact: Junk King comes to the rescue in several episodes of the TLC TV show Hoarders: Buried Alive.

Next Steps

Whether you tend to gardens or demolish buildings for a living, you produce waste that needs managing. If the prospect of doing this in-house doesn’t appeal, the commercial waste companies we’ve covered above can do it all for you.

Still not sold? We get it; paying someone to manage garbage seems like a waste of money. But most businesses actually save more than they spend on commercial waste management. In fact, research has shown that for every $1 companies invest to reduce food loss and waste, they save $7 in operating costs.

That’s a 7:1 return on investment.

If you’re in the market for waste management services, your next step is to contact commercial waste management companies for quotes. To make it easier to compare suppliers, we’ve profiled the leading commercial waste management companies across the US. Just complete this short form to receive free quotes and start saving money today.

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