Top Business Conferences You Should Attend

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As the worst of the COVID pandemic hits the rearview mirror and the world gets back on its feet, 2023 is poised to be the year that in-person business conferences will resume being great opportunities for you to showcase your business, and update your skills.

This should be enticing enough, but if you still need convincing, here are six benefits of attending conferences:

  • Network with consumers and suppliers of your industry
  • Learn from the leaders of your sector
  • Spot the latest trends relevant to your business
  • Research competitors to stay ahead of them
  • Get inspiration from your peers’ case studies
  • Experience new products and services in your field first-hand

To help you select your next one (or maybe your first!), we have prepared a list of the best conferences to attend in 2023, focusing on some of the business fields we cover. Before you start planning your journey, you can find our ranking below.

1. Consumer Electronic Show (CES) – Best for Tech Insiders

Where? Las Vegas, NV

Which venue? Multiple

When? Jan 5-8, 2023

What is it? The CES has been taking tech entrepreneurs to Southern Nevada for over half a century and has seen gargantuan changes in the industry – many of which were first shown in its conference floors. It boasts participants from over 160 countries and 40 categories of the tech sector, from AI and audio to travel and wellness.

What can I expect? You’ll be able to visit stands from a plethora of companies across multiple venues. In three of those, CES will also be hosting an array of conference sessions. Some of the 2023 edition’s themes include: “How Technology Can Advance Health Equity” and “The Cross Platform Storytelling and Engagement Universe.”

Which big players are going? Samsung and Uber

Which guest speaker can’t I miss? Ed Bastian (CEO for Delta Air Lines)

Attendee's take

CES is a moment where you get the whole world here at one time. Leaders in tech all seeing your new innovations. And for us, it’s been a great way to validate what we’ve put to the market.” (sic)

Charles Kergaravat,
- director of international marketing for Klaxoon

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2. HR Leadership Summit – Best for HR Administrators

Where? San Diego, CA

Which venue? TBA

When? Apr 24-26, 2023

What is it? With over 15 years of experience in gathering North America’s HR professionals, HR Leadership Summit is the go-to place to meet (and learn from) some of the industry’s elite. It runs a very exclusive model which sees the organization pairing you up with suitable business partners. Should your registration be approved, your entry fee will be paid by the event’s sponsors.

What can I expect? Due to its model, you’re in for lots of one-to-one meetings, as it forgoes the traditional conference floor model. It also offers many talks. In 2023, these include “Building an Inclusive Workplace Culture from the Ground Up” and “Workforce Stabilization: Organizational Change & Resiliency”.

Which big players are going? Pepsico and SAP

Which guest speaker can’t I miss? Wanda Hope (Chief Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Officer for Johnson & Johnson)

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3. National Restaurant Association Show (NRAS) – Best for Restauranteurs

Where? Chicago, IL

Which venue? McCormick Place

When? May 20-23, 2023

What is it? With a name like that, one would assume this gathering is a who’s-who of the foodservice field… and be absolutely correct. The NRAS is also a huge affair: over 1,800 companies from more than 900 categories occupy the largest convention centre in North America for three days, exhibiting new products and solutions for this industry.

What can I expect? The floorshow is this event’s crowning jewel, with business owners, chefs, and beverage experts engaging in exciting live demonstrations. That said, the event also runs the RestaurantShowXchange (RSX), an exclusive buyer-to-exhibitor matchmaking program, which is available to you at no extra cost should you wish to attend.

Which big players are going? Heineken and Oatly

Which guest speaker can’t I miss? Tiffany Derry (Chef, TV Personality, and Restaurateur)

Attendee's take

One of the main reasons that I always come to the National Restaurant Association Show is to get inspired by the people that come in from all over the world. The Show always offers some new idea, some twist” (sic)

Carrie Britton,
- owner for Funky Door

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4. Global Fleet Conference (GFC) – Best for Fleet Managers

Where? Miami, FL

Which venue? The InterContinental Miami

When? Jun 5-7, 2023

What is it? This event is smaller in attendance than others on this list, but this reflects its quality over quantity ethos. It prides itself on gathering upper echelon representatives of some of the world’s leading fleet management companies. Celebrating its 10th edition in 2023, it centers its activities around talks with networking events spliced in between.

What can I expect? Its strength lies in its keynote program, which is built around case studies. The event has a strong focus on Latin American business integration, with many key players in that region sharing their challenges and successes.

Which big players are going? Sixt and Volvo

Which guest speaker can’t I miss? TBA

Attendee's take

GFC was a very good conference that sparked a lot of good conversation and created new relationships. I met lots of new people and got to spend some time with folks I wanted to know better” (sic)

Scott Singsank,
- senior global account manager for Wheels

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5. ProjectSummit*BusinessAnalystWorld (PS*BAW) – Best for Project Managers

Where? Washington, DC

Which venue? The Westin Arlington Gateway

When? Jun 12-14, 2023

What is it? One of the largest conferences for project managers and business analysts in North America, PS*BAW provides a premium symposium for these professionals. For three days, authorities in these fields descend upon the nation’s capital for a major learning and networking experience.

What can I expect? The event’s main attraction are its talks and keynotes, but you can also expect workshops. Of the latter, the 2022 edition included “Learn to Manage Your Requirements Before Your Stakeholders Manage You” and “Proven Ways to Enhance Strategic Thinking in Yourself and Others”.

Which big players are going? Google and Hewlett-Packard

Which guest speaker can’t I miss? TBA

Attendee's take

I enjoyed meeting fellow BAs and BA Managers and hearing about their experiences, and how they have solved some of the issues we are running into. Their fresh perspective helps me realize that we’ve done a lot of good work at my company but there are so many more things we need to do” (sic)

Christopher Gaffney,
- former operations management director for Equitable

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6. Inbound – Best for Digital Marketers

Where? Boston, MA

Which venue? Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

When? Sep 5-8, 2023

What is it? This one-day event is a big seminar focused on sales and marketing trends. Hosted by software company Hubspot for more than 10 years, it’s an unique opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the world’s leading minds and develop key ideas and partnerships for your business.

What can I expect? While its main gig is its conference sessions, expect plenty of workshops and networking. As Inbound fosters enterprise communities, its program includes events dedicated to black and latino professionals. Also, keep an eye out for the guest talks: past speakers include world-class personalities, such as Barack Obama and Viola Davis!

Which big players are going? TBA

Which guest speaker can’t I miss? TBA

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7. The Lodging Conference – Best for Hoteliers

Where? Phoenix, TX

Which venue? The JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge

When? Sep 18-21, 2023

What is it? This conference sees hotel owners from across the land gathering in sunny Texas for plentiful networking activities and talks from VIPs of the industry. Speakers of the 2022 edition included Jeff Weinstein (Editor-in-Chief for HOTELS Magazine) and Lawrence Cuculic (President & CEO for Best Western).

What can I expect? A bunch of hospitality champions in one place trying to outdo one another, which means one of the best work-play ratios on this list. The event is famed for its gourmet food offerings and leisure activities for networking purposes. Its casual dress code also makes for as relaxed an experience as business conferences can be.

Which big players are going? Hilton and Hyatt

Which guest speaker can’t I miss? TBA

Attendee's take

The Lodging Conference is incredibly special because the relaxed environment that you have here is just something that everybody needs and this year in particular having the opportunity to see so many friend and colleagues that you may have not seen over the last couple of years has made it extra special. (sic)

Chip Rogers,
- president & CEO for AHLA

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Next steps

As you’ve seen, 2023 comes packed with opportunities to learn and network through conferences. The variety of the ones we picked highlights the sheer breadth of these events, so even if we missed your particular industry, we’re confident there’ll be one that suits you.

We get it – as we come back from a couple of economically unstable years, going to these gatherings can represent too much of a financial burden. However, many of those (including some listed here) offer at least part of their experience virtually, so that’s a cheaper option to look into when browsing for your next conference.

Business Conferences 2023 FAQs

What’s the purpose of a business conference?
A business conference gathers professionals from an industry to share upcoming trends and foster collaboration. Many of them also organize trading fairs.
Are business conferences worth it?
Business conferences are very worth the investment. They provide great opportunities for you to showcase your business, update your skills, and expand your network
Are virtual conferences effective?
In-person conferences offer better chances of networking, but if you can’t make it to one or are more focused on the learning side of these events, virtual conferences are an effective way of keeping up-to-date with your business latest developments.
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