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Certified Payment Processing Review


Certified Payment Processing are an old name in the merchant accounts industry. The company has been around since 1991 and has a client base that stretches right across the United States.

The company is a subsidiary of First American Payment Systems, and offers a product range that is virtually identical to their parent company's. There is a lot of variety in the range, with Certified Payment Processing offering all kinds of solutions; from POS systems and terminal leases to mobile payments and the ability to accept loyalty and gift cards.

Certified Payment Processing's product range may have a lot of variety, but the company has an extremely bad reputation at the moment. Many of the company's current and former customers have taken to online review sites to complain about overcharging and expensive rates and fees hidden in the small print of their contracts.

Certified Payment Processing Review
Contract Flexibility
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Account Information

Services: Card (credit, debit, gift) processing, POS terminals, equipment rental, recurring billing, real-time processing and SSL support for online purchases.

Payment Solutions: Machine payments, virtual terminals, mobile and over the phone payments.

Contract Length: 3-year contracts (set to auto renew).

Activation and Setup:

  • No sign-up fees
  • $100+ annual fees
  • $495+ early fee for canceling contract early

Administrative Fees:

  • $3 monthly account fee
  • $25 minimum monthly fee
  • No monthly fee for payment gateway (online transactions)

Transaction Rates & Fees:

  • $0.06 for in-store transactions (credit and debit)
  • $0.25 per online transaction.
  • On top of these fees businesses have to pay 1.59% on in-store transactions (same for both credit and debit cards) and 2.2% on all online transactions.

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Final Summary

Certified Payment Processing is not a good option for any business. There are many better alternatives who offer cheaper transaction rates and fees on monthly rolling contracts, or fixed-terms that are a lot less dubious.

Certified Payment Processing hasn't adapted with the times. The merchant account space is a lot more competitive in 2014 than when they started out in 1991 and there are a lot of companies competing for the same business.

It's not that everything they offer is bad, although there are definitely some issues with the contracts they offer which have caused a lot of anger among their client base. It's more a case of there being so much competition that there is no reason to sign-up with one of the most expensive merchants in the business on a 3 year contract that will cost you almost $500 to terminate early.