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Braintree provide tools for businesses who are looking to offer the option of e-commerce. Originally started in 2007 in Chicago, the fast growth of Braintree has been incredibly impressive, most notably resulting in eBay acquiring this company through PayPal in 2013. Braintree has a lot of international clout, meaning borders between countries will no longer be an issue for your business and Braintree even processes 130 different currencies.

Braintree has a very informative blog, which is a great way for Braintree to communicate with their customers and keep them updated with the latest news. Among the impressive services offered, Braintree can also allow your business to accept Apple Pay which will become increasingly important as the latest model of iPhone continues to grow in popularity.

Unsurprisingly, this is an extremely tech savvy company, so if this is a quality your business values or exudes itself, then Braintree could be your perfect partner.

Braintree Review
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Services and Features

  • Services: They specialize in offering SSL support for secure online shopping.
  • Payment Solutions: Braintree focuses on helping merchants to process mobile payments.
  • Contract Type: They offer customers month-to-month contracts.
  • Activation and Setup: There is a $25 fee for signing up and a $250 charge if you decide to cancel your account early.
  • Administrative Fees: Braintree doesn't charge a monthly account fee. However, there is a $25 monthly minimum charge and a $10 monthly gateway payment fee for businesses that would like to accept payments online.
  • Transaction Rates & Fees: They charge $0.30 for each retail credit and debit card transaction and $0.29 for each online transaction. In addition, merchants will have to pay 2.9% of the retail credit and debit transaction and 2% of the online transaction.

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The Expert Market Verdict

Braintree is very simply a cool company and they are good at what they do. With the recent backing from PayPal they now have the added power behind them to make anything happen. For any business likely to spread across international borders, Braintree would be a powerful provider. Braintree are an even more desirable company if you are especially interested in the opportunities for development tools. Not only are their systems ready to be customized, they integrate pretty flawlessly too. As Braintree is a direct provider of their merchant accounts, you can expect things to be especially smooth if you do have any issues.

Braintree also offer a one-touch payment solution which is proving to be popular among third party app developers. For any business looking to get online and to offer e-commerce, Braintree should absolutely be on your list to investigate.