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Is The Right Fuelcard Company the right fuel card company for you? Our in-depth review is here to help you decide… 

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The Right Fuelcard Company's cards
  • Offers a huge range of fuel cards from a variety of different brands
  • Fixed weekly fuel pricing is available
  • Gives insight into your company’s fuel spend with 24/7 online access
  • HMRC-approved invoices
  • Fantastic customer service, with dedicated account managers


  • Management tool and station-finder would be more convenient if available as apps
  • A couple of customers say their fuel cards took longer than expected to arrive
At a glance: The Right Fuelcard Company offers a good variety of cards for businesses of all shapes and sizes – but its biggest benefit is its fast, friendly, and personalised customer service

The Right Fuelcard Company (also known as Right Fuel Card) currently supplies thousands of UK businesses with fuel cards. Its cards come from a handful of different brands, and while that choice can feel overwhelming, Right Fuel Card is happy to help customers decide which of its programs they should plump for.

But is it the right fuel card supplier for your team? The company’s name may say so, but with over a decade’s experience of researching and analysing the fuel cards industry, it’s our job to put that to the test.

So, read on as we examine Right Fuel Card’s fuel cards, management tools, prices, customer service, and more – all with the goal of helping you to decide whether this fuel card supplier is the right fit for your needs…

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The Right Fuelcard Company’s fuel cards

At the time of this writing, Right Fuel Card supplies traditional, credit card-style fuel cards from the following brands:

BrandCards available for…Network coverage
  • Fleets of LCVs
  • Fleets of HGVs or coaches
  • Mixed fuel fleets
1,000+ Shell stations (with some cards, you can choose to upgrade to 3,500 multi-branded stations)
  • Fleets of diesel vehicles
  • Mixed fuel fleets
1,200+ Esso stations, including almost 200 HGV, PSV and LGV sites (you may be able to upgrade to include Shell and BP, boosting coverage to 3,400 sites)
  • Fleets of LCVs
  • Fleets of vans
  • Fleets of HGVs
2,800+ multi-branded stations
UK Fuels
  • Fleets of LCVs that travel nationwide
  • Fleets of HGVs or coaches
2,300+ stations, including Tesco and Morrisons (but buying fuel at these incurs a surcharge)
Right Fuel Card’s Supermarket fuel card
  • Fleets of LCVs
  • Fleets of company cars
  • Personal cars being used for business travel
1,300+ stations, including 600+ Tesco sites, 300+ Morrisons sites, and 300+ Sainsbury’s sites

Right Fuel Card also supplies a prepaid fuel card program called RightPay. RightPay cards can be used to buy fuel at over 2,500 stations across the UK, where you’ll benefit from fixed weekly fuel prices. According to Right Fuel Card, RightPay is suitable for fleets of all kinds.

The Supermarket Fuel Card
The Supermarket Fuel Card
The RightPay Card
The RightPay Card
Did You Know?

While traditional fuel cards work more like credit cards, prepaid fuel cards are comparable to gift cards – you load the cards up with money, and your employees then use them to pay for fuel. Prepaid fuel cards are less flexible than traditional fuel cards, but you can get hold of them without a credit check.

Right Fuel Card’s other benefits

So, besides its variety of fuel card programs, what else can Right Fuel Card offer to your business? Let’s take a look at some of its key offerings, and explore how they might benefit you:

✓ Your own personal account manager

When you apply for a fuel card through Right Fuel Card, you’ll be set up with one of the business’s fuel card experts. According to Right Fuel Card, they’ll spend time getting to know you and how your business ticks, and will endeavour to help you understand how to use your fuel cards to their full potential (which essentially means saving as much money and time as possible!).

This is a really nice touch if you’re new to the world of fuel cards and could use a bit of guidance. In fact, many of Right Fuel Card’s customers rave about how helpful their account managers are – skip down to our customer review section to see for yourself!

✓ 24/7 online management

Using Right Fuel Card’s online portal, you’ll be able to check out tailored reports on your team’s card usage, 24/7. This means you can stay on top of how much your staff are spending, what they’re buying, and so on. Ideally, you’ll be able to use this information to identify areas of unnecessary spend, or even spot fraud.

You can also use your online account to see and print out your HMRC-approved invoices, order more fuel cards as your team grows, and cancel any cards that go missing or are no longer needed.

Of course, it has to be said that pretty much all fuel card suppliers offer 24/7 account management through an online portal of some kind. But it’s such a useful tool that it’s still worth shouting about in every instance!

✓ An easy station-finder

If you sign up to Right Fuel Card, your staff will also gain access to an online station-finding tool, designed to be used on their mobile devices while out on the road. They simply input their location and select the fuel card they’ve got, and the tool will show them their nearby accepting stations. They can also narrow down their searches by looking specifically for HGV-friendly sites or 24/7 facilities.

It’s not clear whether this tool uses automatic location information from your drivers’ devices to speed up the search process, or whether it actually plots out a route to your employee’s selected station for them. But we do know that the ability to find the closest accepting station with a few taps of a touchscreen is bound to be a big time and fuel-saver for your team.

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How does Right Fuel Card’s pricing work?

When it comes to fuel cards, we have to look at costs from two perspectives: the fees charged by your fuel card supplier, and the costs associated with the fuel you buy. Let’s take a closer look at these factors.

Right Fuel Card’s fees and charges

First off, it’s worth exploring the fees and charges you’ll pay to Right Fuel Card in exchange for its services. Unfortunately, UK fuel card companies are not very transparent about how much their fees actually cost (in most cases, you’ll need to contact the supplier to get that info). However, we can give you an idea of the kinds of charges to expect.

Right Fuel Card will charge your business a monthly card fee for each fuel card your team holds.

The amount you pay for these fees will be based on your estimated fuel usage, which you’ll give the company when you apply for a fuel card program – so it’s super important that you get those figures as accurate as possible. Typically, businesses that buy more fuel will pay cheaper fees.

There’s also a series of potential charges that you could be subject to. These include:

  • A card replacement fee, if a card has been cancelled under certain circumstances
  • A paper invoice fee, if you request that a paper copy of one of your invoices be sent to you
  • A monthly invoice fee

Fuel pricing structures and costs

Through its different fuel card options, Right Fuel Card offers a choice of two different pricing structures for fuel:

Fixed weekly pricingUsually applicable to a particular kind of fuel (depending on which card you choose), fuel prices will change only on a weekly basis, staying fixed for the seven days in between. Handily, Right Fuel Card will send you price notifications via SMS or email every week, so you’ll always know what those all-important costs are.
Pump pricesProbably the pricing structure you’re more familiar with: your team will pay the fuel prices set at each station, which aren’t fixed. Usually, you’ll also have to pay a surcharge if you buy fuel at a station that doesn’t belong to your chosen fuel card’s brand. For example, the Esso Fleet Card can also be used at Shell and BP stations. But you’ll pay pump price at Esso stations, and pump prices plus a surcharge at Shell and BP stations.
Did You Know?

Our free quote-matching service has been designed to help you easily find and compare the best fuel card options, at the best prices, for your business. Simply answer a handful of questions about what you need (it only takes a minute), and we’ll match you up with the best suppliers for you. They’ll then be in touch with tailored, no-obligation quotes, and answers to all your questions. It’s quick, free, and easy.

Is Right Fuel Card the right supplier for my business?

Every business is different, so the answer to this question is never a simple yes or no. But checking out the more tailored Q&As below should help you to decide whether Right Fuel Card can provide what you need…

“I run a fleet of HGVs/coaches – does Right Fuel Card have good fuel cards for us?”

Yes! Esso’s Commercial fuel card can be used at almost 200 HGV, PSV, and LGV-friendly stations, while cards from UK Fuels, Keyfuels, and Shell also give you access to HGV-friendly sites.

Some of Right Fuel Card’s cards also offer specific benefits for HGVs, too. The Shell CRT card, for example, nets you cheaper rates at core HGV sites.

“I run a super small team/I’m a one-person band – can Right Fuel Card cater to me?”

Certainly. While it doesn’t call out any particular card as suitable for small operations specifically, Right Fuel Card does say that it can help any business of any size – including one-person bands – to find the right fuel card for them.

“I want the cheapest fuel prices – will I get them with Right Fuel Card?”

This is a difficult one to answer, because it really depends on the fuel card you choose and the stations you use. It also depends on whether you incur surcharges (for example, by using a station outside your card brand’s network), and how much those surcharges are – information that isn’t publicly available to us.

If you want to be particularly savvy when it comes to fuel costs, our advice is to plump for one of Right Fuel Card’s fixed weekly pricing cards (if you find one that matches all your needs, of course). Fixed pricing makes it much easier to predict and budget for your team’s spend, plus there’s the fact that fixed prices are linked to the wholesale fuel market, which means they’re often cheaper than pump prices.

It’s also worth pointing out that Right Fuel Card supplies a dedicated supermarket fuel card, given that fuel is often a little cheaper at supermarket forecourts.

“Customer service is important to me – will I be happy with Right Fuel Card?”

All evidence points to yes. Right Fuel Card’s friendly and dedicated customer service team has attracted some really high praise from customers – you can read all about it in the next section!

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What do Right Fuel Card’s customer reviews say?

Right Fuel Card has a glowing reputation among its customers, with an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 from 2,092 reviews on Trustpilot. In fact, a truly impressive 89% of reviewers have rated the company as ‘Excellent’.

So, what do customers love about this fuel card supplier? Most cite dedicated and polite customer service, and many even shout out their helpful account managers:

“Great customer service, great all round – everything I could ask for as a small business. Plenty of phone calls to check if everything is okay and if I needed any help. Gul Fraiz has been brilliant while setting my account up. No complaints at all.”
  • PC Home Improvement
“Fast, efficient, very polite and very humble staff. I’m loving the whole experience. I got my card in time and everything is well.”
  • Pemberayl Shahwe
“They do exactly what they’re supposed to do. I received the fuel card, it’s easy to navigate the online account. Good fuel price.”
  • PT Express Ltd

Of course, though few and far between, there’s also been some more negative feedback levelled at Right Fuel Card.

One reviewer discusses the fact that they weren’t given all the pricing information they needed before signing up for their cards, though Right Fuel Card has responded that prices were fully explained in an introductory email:

“We put in premium diesel fuel (the reason we wanted to use Shell) and got the forecourt ticket. When the invoice came from Rightfuel, it was a lot more. On calling them they announced that they include a surcharge of 22.5% on top of forecourt prices if you buy premium fuel. That and the monthly charge to have the card. It wasn’t notified to us on applying for the card. Needless to say, that’s not a price we can afford to sustain.”
  • EJE Kent

The lesson here? If you sign up to Right Fuel Card (or any fuel card supplier, for that matter), make sure you find out everything you need about what you’ll be paying for your fuel. Of course, you’d want your supplier to be as transparent as possible before you sign the dotted line, but you can help yourself by reaching out to ask the right questions before making your decision.

We’ve also noticed a small handful of customers who talk about the fact that their cards took longer to be delivered than they expected:

“I was waiting for my fuel card for over a month.”
  • Wall Art Murals

To the company’s enormous credit, Right Fuel Card has quickly replied to almost every review – in most cases to thank the reviewer for the positive feedback, but also to provide an explanation or a solution in the case of more negative feedback. This shows Right Fuel Card to be a supplier that’s on the ball when it comes to customer service and communication – something we love to see here at Expert Market!

NB: Where we have edited reviews, we have done so for grammar and spelling only

Our Methodology: How Did We Do Our Research?

Five researchers carried out in-depth research into UK fuel cards according to a comparison framework designed by our research team leader. For each card we’ve asked these questions:

  • How convenient is it to use?
  • How helpful is it for managing fuel expenses?
  • What can it do to ensure your company’s funds are secure?
  • What extra benefits do you receive from using it?

We’ve also broken down each card by fee structure, fuel type, network coverage and more to offer you the easiest choice.


Overall, we’re really happy to recommend Right Fuel Card to businesses of all shapes and sizes – largely thanks to its positively glowing customer testimonials, and its dedication to helping you understand and use your fuel cards to their maximum potential. The company’s dedicated account managers and weekly price notifications (for fixed fuel price customers) stand out in particular as hugely helpful benefits.

We’re also fans of the supplier’s easy to use management portal and its station finder tool (though both could be even more convenient if they were available in app form). We also like the fact that options for cheaper fixed weekly pricing are available through various cards.

Of course, if you’d like even more personalised help in choosing the right fuel card supplier for your business, you should try our free supplier-matching service. Simply answer a few questions about your operation and its fuelling needs, and we’ll match you up with the right suppliers for you. They’ll then be in touch with tailored quotes, and answers to your questions. It’s free, quick, easy, and designed to help you compare the best options for you.

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