The Best CRM Systems for Hedge Funds

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A CRM system can help you juggle investor relations and fundraising campaigns, while leveraging data to grow your firm. But which hedge fund CRM software provider is right for you?

ProX ConBest for
NavatarWide range of integrationsNo 24/7 supportData intelligence
SatuitCRMImpressive mobile appDesktop interface isn’t easy on the eyeTravel and meeting planning
DynamoFree trial availableClunky UX (user experience)Fundraising
Backstop SolutionsUser-based roles and permissionsDifficult to useMaintaining investor relations
ClienteerSimple investor reporting Lack of pricing transparencyFlexibility and ease of use

As a hedge fund manager, you’re constantly relied on to make huge decisions for high-net-worth investors – so it’s always going to be stressful.

What’s more stressful, though, is getting bogged down in the day-to-day admin and chores that come with the job. Surely there’s a better way to automate those repetitive tasks and focus on what matters – satisfying your clients, and growing your reputation and portfolio?

Well, there is – and it’s called CRM (customer relationship management) software. CRM is a cloud-based tool that allows you to track your clients, prospects, activities, and interactions across your entire portfolio. Hedge fund CRM software allows you to be savvier with your data, and use it to coordinate all aspects of your fundraising, investor relations, and portfolio management.

But which hedge fund CRM system is right for you? Let’s break down our top five hedge fund CRM software providers to find out.

The Best CRM systems for hedge funds

According to our research, the best hedge fund CRM systems come from Navatar, SatuitCRM, Dynamo, Backstop Solutions, and Clienteer.

The top 5 hedge fund CRM software suppliers, rated:

Read on to find out why these companies made our list, or – if you’re short on time, and want to start comparing rates from leading providers right away – explore what our quick quote-finding form can do for you.

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Navatar – Best for data intelligence

Navatar’s leading hedge fund CRM software, in its own words, “transforms ordinary GPs (general partners) into leading investment firms”. It’s a bold claim, but we think Navatar’s software – which also integrates with top analytical CRM provider Salesforce – has the capacity to deliver.

With Navatar’s wealth of data analysis features at your fingertips, you’ll be able to stay ahead of your competitors, while gathering intelligence on LPs (limited partners) and potential investors. Better still, Navatar’s proprietary relationship management workflows harness automation to help you get the most out of your time – not to mention your investors’ money.


  • Integrates with hundreds of third-party applications, including Gmail, Outlook, Preqin, and Capital IQ
  • Sports a simple, stripped-back interface
  • Savvy workflow automation means you won’t have to sweat the small stuff


  • No 24/7 support
  • Pricing isn’t available, though we believe Navatar’s to be among the more expensive hedge fund CRMs out there

Navatar’s seamless integration with CRM powerhouse Salesforce is one of the software’s biggest drawcards. After all, integrating your CRM with third-party software (including other CRM systems) expands the horizon of features and functions it’s able to perform – something that’s crucial for growing hedge fund businesses.

To find out more about how Salesforce (along with its superlative data intelligence platform Einstein Analytics) can help your hedge fund become more metrics-driven, check out our Salesforce review.

SatuitCRM – Best for travel and meeting planning

With software solutions for most types of wealth management – including hedge funds, institutional assets, and private equity – SatuitCRM is a truly versatile piece of tech.

That’s because, aside from everything you’d expect from your hedge fund CRM – prospect, client, and activity tracking – SatuitCRM also acts as your personal assistant. When you’re out in the field, SatuitCRM provides real-time access to your appointments and client data. Its in-built mapping tool even makes it a breeze to locate your clients’ addresses, all from within the SatuitCRM mobile app.

One of the things that make SatuitCRM so effective for remote teams – or hedge fund managers working from the road – is the fact that it’s cloud-based. 

This technology enables real-time transmission of information via a mobile app. For more detailed insights into what this kind of software can do for your business (and who the top suppliers are), explore our guide to the best cloud-based CRM for UK businesses.

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Dynamo – Best for fundraising

It doesn’t boast the intuitive interface of Navatar, or the bells and whistles of SatuitCRM’s remote capabilities, but Dynamo excels in one particularly key area for hedge fund managers… fundraising.

Dynamo’s dedicated fundraising portal allows you to identify and qualify the most suitable investors, and then engage them with targeted, personalised fundraising campaigns. This portal is easy to use, and you can use it to showcase funds, documents, and data to a wealth of potential investors.


  • Free trial available
  • Additional features help your hedge fund stay compliant with the regulations
  • Provides a dedicated client specialist for support
  • Offers an API (application programming interface) connector that feeds in data from Preqin and Bloomberg


  • User experience can be a little clunky, especially if you’re on the mobile app

Dynamo’s fundraising capabilities work in much the same way as most conventional marketing CRM systems – allowing you to build up a database of information about clients, and then use this to inform tailored marketing comms.

To find out more about using data to win customers and influence your existing client base, explore our guide to the best marketing CRM software.

Backstop Solutions – Best for investor relations

As a hedge fund manager, your investors are the heart and soul of what you do – and your CRM system should reflect that. Refreshingly, Backstop’s clever CRM platform makes managing your large network of investors easier than ever. You can track their balance and capital activity through the CRM’s interface, while detailed reports help you to manage business risk. You can also share and track notes, research, calls, documents, and meetings, and sync data across your email, calendar, contacts, and more.

Better still, Backstop Solutions’ intelligent hedge fund CRM solution enables you to develop a more holistic, nuanced understanding of your investor and client base. 

By linking contacts within your network to one another based on their existing relationships, you’ll have an ace up your sleeve when it comes to investor engagement and fundraising.


  • Backstop’s Excel Toolkit allows you to auto-generate marketing materials and performance reports
  • Easily control permissions and access rights across your team


  • It’s not the easiest system to use!
  • Mobile app feels a little dated

You’re almost finished with our list of the top 5 best hedge fund CRM software providers in the UK. Time to start comparing quotes?

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Clienteer – Best for flexibility and ease of use

Let’s get straight to it – Imagineer Technology Group’s dedicated hedge fund CRM software ‘Clienteer’ is extremely easy to use. Aside from being highly configurable, Clienteer’s interface is also intuitive – while its clear, clever visualisation of your hedge fund’s key data makes it a pleasure to look at, too.

Aesthetics aside, there’s plenty more to this book than its cover. Namely, flexibility – Clienteer is available as either a cloud-based or on-premise solution, ensuring you keep your firm’s data security firmly in your own hands.

Clienteer also promises flexibility in terms of pricing, offering multiple subscription options to suit hedge funds of different sizes and ambitions. However – and somewhat frustratingly – Clienteer doesn’t specify exactly what these prices are, and you’ll have to enquire to get an accurate quote.


  • Utilises a drag-and-drop interface to visualise forecasts and opportunities
  • Lets you assemble and distribute complex investor reporting packages with ease
  • Multiple pricing tiers available...


  • … though these remain annoyingly opaque!

Expert verdict

At this stage, you should have an idea of the fundamental differences between each of our top 5 CRM systems for hedge funds. Now, it’s time to decide which system’s specific skill set is best-suited to the daily demands of your own hedge fund management business.

Do you want to prioritise investor relations above all? Pick Backstop Solutions. Is more intelligent, effective fundraising at the top of your priority list? Choose Dynamo. If you’re constantly on the road – or just need a system that’s simple to use and nice to look at – SatuitCRM and Clienteer should tick all the right boxes.

But, for all-round effectiveness and cutting-edge data analysis and reporting, our top CRM pick for hedge funds is Navatar. Its wide range of integrations (including CRM behemoth Salesforce) is just a bonus.

Next steps

So what now? Do you take a risk and pluck a provider out of the air? Perhaps spend hours trawling the internet undertaking further research? Or is there an easier way to do it – to hedge your bets, receive tailored, no-obligation quotes, and compare hedge fund CRM system suppliers on your own terms?

There is, and it takes just 30 seconds.

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Once you’ve completed our quick questionnaire (it takes 30 seconds, tops!), we’ll match you with one or more leading CRM suppliers. They’ll then be in touch with you directly over the phone to provide personalised no-obligation quotes, and handle any further questions. It’s that easy!

How We Test CRM Systems for Businesses

We tested 13 market-leading CRM systems to evaluate them in terms of functionality, usability, cost, scalability, and more so we can make the most useful recommendations to UK businesses.

Our rigorous testing process means these products have been scored and rated in six main categories of investigation and 13 subcategories – in fact, we covered 84 areas of investigation in total. We then gave each category score a ‘relevance weighting' to ensure the product's final score perfectly reflects the needs and requirements of Expert Market readers – and that's our product testing algorithm in a nutshell!

Our main testing categories for CRM systems are:

Features: the functionalities and capabilities provided by the CRM software, such as contact management, lead and opportunity tracking, and task and activity management.

Help and Support: the resources and assistance available to users when they encounter issues or require guidance while using the CRM software.

Customisation: the ability to tailor the CRM software to suit the specific needs and processes of the organisation, e.g. customising fields, layouts, and workflows.

Scalability: the ability of the CRM software to accommodate the growth and changing needs of the organisation, such as the capacity to handle a growing customer database.

Price: the cost associated with using the CRM software. It includes factors such as licensing fees, subscription plans, and additional charges for add-on modules or features.

Team Structure – Sales CRM: determining if a platform makes it easier to manage large sales teams, including team dashboards, team hierarchies, and team inboxes.

Usability – Small Business CRM: assessing the simplicity of the interface, the ease of navigating through menus and options, and the overall user experience.


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