Maximizer CRM Review

Rob Binns

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This software can help you minimise the hassle of managing customer relationships, while maximising sales, loyalty, and client engagement. But is it right for your business?

Pricing starts at $29 (£22) per month, for a single user

30-day free trial available across all plans

Top plan, ‘Insights’, costs $89 (£67.50) per user, per month…

…but is currently discounted to just $49 (£37) per user, per month

Maximizer Logo and Interface


  • 30-day free trial and 60-day money back guarantee available
  • Excellent online customer support resources
  • Flexible options for deployment
  • Highly scalable
  • Its interface is simple to use...


  • ...albeit dated!
  • Can take a while to get up to speed with its features
  • Its online customer approval ratings could inspire more trust
  • Hamstrung by a limited range of integrations
Maximizer, at a glance: it’s not winning any beauty contests, but Maximizer is highly functional, scalable, and versatile (if a little pricey!) CRM software, suitable for small and medium-sized businesses alike.

With specific solutions for sales, marketing, and customer service, Maximizer CRM is a dynamic, flexible way of managing your business’ key client relationships. It’ll help you find, engage, and convert new leads and opportunities, and conjure up marketing campaigns that deliver the goods.

So what else does Maximizer do, and how can it benefit your business?

What are Maximizer's features and benefits?

Just looking to get to grips with Maximizer’s general features, or would you prefer to navigate directly to how your specific team can benefit? Use the jump links menu below to go straight to where you need to be.

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We’ll ask about your current requirements, taking into account what (if any) software you’re currently using to manage your customer relationships, as well as which CRM software features you’re most interested in. When you’re done, we’ll match you up with handpicked CRM suppliers – Maximizer among them – who’ll provide you with bespoke quotes based on the responses you provided.

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Maximizer: for all teams

Simple contact management

Our struggles with Maximizer’s user experience (UX) are well-documented – the interface, if we’re honest, looks to have stepped straight out of the year 2004. But we will say this – it’s very easy to use.

Maximizer Interface on a laptop

“Maximizer has everything I require to easily organise my client relationships, without being cluttered up with features I don't need. It is simple, intuitive, and easy to use from the beginning – and the training modules are great.”

Anonymous Maximizer customer

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And, when it comes to organising, categorising, and managing (and hopefully selling to) your contacts, simplicity is key. Acting as an address book, calendar, and priorities list for all of your teams, Maximizer makes it easy to view, sort, and prioritise your small business’ workload.

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Integrations with third-party software

Maximizer integrates with a range of productivity applications, to create a synergy between your CRM and the rest of the tools your business uses every day.

Apps that work seamlessly with Maximizer include MailChimp, QuickBooks, Twilio, and Microsoft Office, to name just a few. The CRM also integrates with Zapier, which enables a further 500+ applications to talk to Maximizer. 

Sure, it’s still not a patch on the 3,000 applications offered on Salesforce’s AppExchange. However, you are able to suggest an integration, and have Maximizer build it for you. Alternatively, you can take matters into your own hands, and take advantage of Maximizer’s API (application programming interface) to build your own integration. Admirable… but not recommended for the non-techies out there!

Highly customisable 

Which brings us to our next point… customisability. Though Maximizer’s user interface lacks the same aesthetic sheen of competitors such as Zoho and Freshworks CRM, it’s still easy to tailor to the needs of your team and business. 

Aside from enabling you to make superficial changes to the interface (such as hiding tabs and data fields, or eliminating visual clutter), Maximizer even goes as far as allowing you to build your own features – again courtesy of its wonderful API.

“The thing I like most about Maximizer is its customisability. The ability to set up my CRM to look and function exactly the way I want is superior to many other products.”

Mark, Maximizer customer

Flexible deployment

Maximizer offers its CRM solution as both a cloud-based option, as well as on-premise. Not a huge amount of CRM suppliers are this versatile, and it’s one of Maximizer’s key points of difference. 

We won’t wade too much into the cloud-based vs on-premise debate here (we do that much better in our deep dive into the best cloud-based CRM). But, broadly, choosing cloud-based deployment means your business’ data will be stored in Maximizer’s ‘cloud’ – a highly secure, GDPR-compliant data storage centre in the UK. 

Selecting an on-premise solution means you’ll be responsible for storing data on your own internal servers. This option is cheaper in the long run, and data storage is limited only by what your own systems can handle – but it’s also harder to maintain and upgrade, and compliance will be on your own head.

Maximizer: for sales teams

Pipeline and deal management

Maximizer CRM Insights plan for sales teams

With a slick, personalised pipeline view, Maximizer empowers your team to drive more value from leads and clients, throughout the entire sales process. 

View all of your contacts and deals at a single glance, and be quicker to jump on opportunities as they crop up.

Pictured: some nifty sales data visualisation from Maximizer’s ‘Insights’ plan. 

Sales forecasting

Maximizer allows you to stay on top of key metrics relating to your opportunities and prospects, such as the probability your team has of closing each of the deals they’ve got lined up. 

On top of that, you can generate reports that’ll help predict future revenue for each rep, channel, or territory, and make smarter decisions for your business.

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Maximizer: for marketing teams

Maximizer Address Book Interface Top Half

Campaign management

Maximizer offers a whole host of intelligent analytical features to help you stay on top of your marketing campaigns. Track customer behaviour and engagement with your ads, and leverage key email data to optimise for future campaign success.

Email marketing

Maximizer CRM integrates with MailChimp to provide simple, yet eye-catching email templates, to boost your marketing efforts. 

Create professional emails with ease, send them in bulk, then track every step of the process – from creation to clicks, all the way to (hopefully!) conversions.

Web form builder

And if email marketing isn’t really your style, Maximizer’s web form builder lets you take a more ‘hands-off’ approach to attracting new leads. Create a ‘web-to-lead’ form and embed it in your website, all with no technical knowledge or coding required. 

Then just sit back, put the kettle on, and wait for the fresh leads to start flowing into your CRM. 

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Maximizer: for customer service teams

Case management

When it comes to dealing with complaints, quicker is almost always better. Thankfully, Maximizer instantly notifies you about any new service or support requests. You can prioritise cases by their severity, and make sure all issues are tackled with the urgency they deserve.

Maximizer Customer Service Interface Top Half

Automatic call logging

Which members of your customer service team are excelling, and who needs to up their call count? With the frantic speed modern business goes at, it’s not always easy to tell.

Maximizer automatically logs the time, date, and length of your reps’ phone conversations. You can then use this information to see where your staff can improve, and provide vital extra training if needed. 

Knowledge base 

As the old adage goes, “knowledge is power”. And, with Maximizer, it is – power to learn from past issues your team have resolved, and to tackle new customer service cases with brevity and ease. 

Maximizer’s knowledge base allows your service agents to tap into useful historical records, such as notes, manuals, and forms from past complaints. This helps them to develop quicker, more informed responses to similar issues in the present, and helps ensure that you’ll have plenty of future business to rely on, too.

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How much does Maximizer cost?

Small OfficeBusiness PlusInsights
$29 (£22) per user, per month$49 (£37) per user, per month$89 (£67.50) per user, per month
1GB data limit10GB data limitNo data limit!
30-day trial available across all plans – no credit card required

All of Maximizer’s plans are fairly affordable, albeit frustratingly only available in US dollars. You’ll also be required to pay annually – Maximizer doesn’t offer any form of monthly billing – while the prices above don’t include relevant additional fees and taxes, either.

All three of Maximizer’s pricing plans come with the key features you’d expect from a top CRM supplier. These include:

  • Sales, marketing, and customer service modules
  • Access via most mobile devices
  • A passable range of email and third-party app integrations
  • Personalised onboarding, and access to live chat and email-based support
  • Advanced applications for monitoring and planning activities, accounts, daily tasks, and contacts
  • Total sales, marketing, and workflow automation

Be careful, though – Maximizer’s basic plan, ‘Small Office’, limits you to just a single user. This means the price point compares unfavourably with the likes of Freshworks CRM (which starts at just £11 per user, per month, for its customer service CRM solution Freshdesk), Zoho (£10 per user, per month), Sendinblue (£16.50 per month) and even Salesforce (£20 per user, per month).

Maximizer CRM also offers a free 30-day trial across all of its plans (even the most expensive one, ‘Insights’). However, Maximizer – unlike HubSpot, Freshworks CRM, Zoho, and Sendinblue – doesn’t provide an entirely free version of CRM. Not a deal-breaker, but…disappointing, nevertheless.

Extra features you’ll get when you upgrade to one of Maximizer’s more exclusive tiers include:

  • Investment account management
  • Consolidated household views
  • Insurance policy management
  • Industry processes and workflows
  • Phone-based support, available 40 hours per week

Upgrading to one of Mazimizer’s ‘Business Plus’ or ‘Insights’ plans also scores you more users with administrative access to the system, as well as goal tracking, forecasting, reporting, and collaborative benefits to boot. Want to know more?

To receive tailored quotes from Maximizer and several other leading CRM software providers, take our short questionnaire below. What sets it apart is that the quotes you receive will be delivered via phone, meaning you’ll get a faster, more personalised response to your CRM enquiry. Enjoy!

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What’s Maximizer’s customer support like?

Maximizer offers phone-based support for its UK customers between the hours of 9am and 5:30pm, Monday to Friday.

For less urgent enquiries, there’s email support, plus an enquiry form you can fill in on its website to get a call back. Maximizer also boasts an impressive array of online resources, including straightforward guides to help you get to grips with the software.

Maximizer also offers free live training webinars six times a week, as well as an online community forum. Here, you can post all your pressing CRM questions, and get answers from other Maximizer customers in real time.

Is Maximizer right for my business?

Let’s answer some frequently asked questions from our audience of business owners to find out.

“I need a cheap CRM system. Is Maximizer for me?”

Starting at just £22 per user, per month, Maximizer isn’t the most expensive CRM software out there. Bear in mind, though, that its basic plan supports one user only, so if you have more than one team member who’ll need access to it, you’ll have to upgrade. 

For a cheap CRM, check out Zoho, or Freshworks CRM. Zendesk also has affordable pricing, with a scope of sales and service features comparable to Maximizer’s.

“Will Maximizer support me now that my team are all working remotely?”

Yes, it will. Even Maximizer’s on-premise solution – where data is stored on servers at your office, or other physical premises – supports the ‘new norm’ of remote work. If you opt for Maximizer’s cloud-based deployment, you’ll have even fewer worries – cloud-based CRM is built for teams operating remotely!

“Reviews suggest that Maximizer’s mobile app is a little clunky. Will it work with my device?”

Maximizer’s app supports the iPhone, iPad, and even iPod Touch, as well as multiple Android devices. We’d recommend confirming the compatibility of your device directly with Maximizer’s technical team before making a purchase, though.

What do Maximizer’s customer reviews say?

It’s not in our nature to review a product – particularly one as nuanced and complex as a CRM system such as Maximizer – without taking into account what its customers have to say. So, when faced with the honest (and at times brutal) force of public opinion, how does Maximizer come out in the wash?

Maximizer customer Sofia echoes our own conclusions about the software’s big drawcards, lauding the system’s customisability and contact management capabilities:

“Maximizer is great for managing a robust database of contacts and profiles. Its customisable, user-defined fields are particularly useful.”

Like us, Sofia is similarly undecided on the efficacy of Maximizer’s interface:

“It’s not very mobile-friendly, and the current version is 100% incompatible with older licenses (such as desktop versions), which are islands. Transferring our old database to the new version was virtually impossible.”

Her thoughts are echoed in another Maximizer review by customer Jacob:

“Maximizer is very dated, resulting in a lack of user intuitiveness – finding things where one expects them to be is quite difficult. At this point, it’s a difficult process to properly bring Maximizer into the 21st century, since a massive overhaul would leave many existing users lost.”

Leaving Maximizer’s look and feel alone for a while, Josh provides a more technical view of the CRM’s highlights:

“I really like the user definable setup, and the hierarchy between contacts and companies. I also like how every user defined value gets its own view in SQL, meaning it’s very easy to extract data [to modify in] other systems using the database. 

“Maximizer is very familiar to [Microsoft O]ffice users, and performs really well, even with 90,000 contacts/companies in its database. It's a solid CRM, as long as that's all you need.”

Does your business already use Maximizer, and have an opinion you’d like to share with us to sit on Expert Market? Let us know at – we’re always looking to feature more of the opinions of our audience!

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Maximizer case studies

How has Maximizer’s powerful CRM software supercharged the business and operations of all kinds of enterprises? Read on to find out.

West Coast Environmental Law (WCEL)

Canadian environmental law nonprofit WCEL uses Maximizer to help with donor management, and to give the charity more actionable insights into the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns. 

Using Maximizer also helps WCEL reduce paper-based admin, and ensure a standardised process for dealing with client information. 

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Sait Polytechnic

Esteemed educational institute Sait Polytechnic leverages Maximizer for a scalable, cost-effective solution to boost sales, and drive greater student and benefactor engagement.

Maximizer also provides Sait with increased visibility into the efficacy of its client communications, as well as improved budget and sales forecasting.

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Expert verdict

Maximizer CRM does a lot of things well. With a huge range of online support resources and three decades of experience, it knows how to help keep your business ticking along. It’s flexible in its deployment, full of features, and has a certain unvarnished simplicity that will go down well with your staff.

The downside? Well, its interface does look a little tired – particularly when compared with some of the more vibrant, colourful dashboards of Zoho or Freshworks CRM. Also, Maximizer’s pricing plans (starting at £22 for just a single user) aren’t the cheapest out there, and risk overwhelming the budgets of smaller businesses in the long run.

Yet, paradoxically, Maximizer doesn’t quite wield the advanced analytical CRM capabilities of providers such as Salesforce, either – leaving it stranded in a kind of middle ground when it comes to the businesses it’s best-suited to.

Whether or not you like the sound of Maximizer, there are still plenty of other CRM suppliers on the market. And with our free, quote-finding service, it’s now easier than ever to compare them. Simply furnish us with some details about your business and requirements, and you’ll receive quotes from industry-leading CRM suppliers

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