Maximizer CRM Review

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We looked into Maximizer CRM and liked its beginner-friendly features for monitoring leads and closing sales. Specifically aimed at smaller business sizes, it’s a cloud-based CRM suited to any type of seller, plus financial advisors or insurance experts.

Predictive analytics and performance assessment tools let sales managers deliver reports with greater confidence. Like most CRMs, its aim is to unify your clients’ data and spare you the hassle of 93 scattered spreadsheets. We found the simple-to-read layout made it easier to navigate than some more advanced systems we’ve tested.

You should be aware the marketing automations are very limited, as Maximizer is really built for sales folk rather than marketers.

Maximizer logo


  • Highly scalable
  • Excellent online customer support resources
  • Flexible options for deployment
  • Mobile app included in subscription
  • Free demo


  • Not as suitable for large enterprises with complex sales and marketing processes
  • Limited languages (English and French only)
  • Basic selection of integrations

What are Maximizer’s features and benefits?

If you’re working in a smaller business, CRM replaces the chaos of a system that leaves you asking: “Where did I save that phone number?” and “Was I supposed to follow up by email?”. To that end, we think Maximizer is a convenient tool to wind up those loose ends – and close deals while the leads are still hot.

If you’re not using a CRM yet, you’re in a very small minority. In fact 91% of companies with at least 12 employees use a CRM. Have a look at these benefits to consider whether Maximizer could be suitable for your business:

1. Access contact details, notes, and data in one place

This is particularly beneficial for teams working remotely or in a hybrid set-up. When you need a clear system to oversee sales executives’ pipeline progress, a CRM database is a must-have. From the sales management perspective, it’s easier to track revenue goals when there’s one location where all relevant data are collected.

2. Beginner-friendly and accessible

While HubSpot charges thousands for professional onboarding (it’s that complicated to use), Maximizer is easy to customise to suit your business processes. We found it’s much quicker to get started with and use on a daily basis compared with complex programs like Salesforce.

3. Visualise deal health

You can accurately perceive progress towards revenue targets when you have all the data to hand. Maximizer CRM allows you to download the reports you need at the right time. Because you need to share your accounts’ progress with relevant stakeholders, the custom data visualisation builder is a handy solution.

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Who is Maximizer best suited to?

Maximizer works for smaller businesses with fairly straightforward sales pipeline journeys. As it’s a recommended cloud-based CRM, you won’t need to configure and host data storage on your premises. That can save on costs and complexity for businesses without dedicated IT resources like that.

As we’ve mentioned, it’s a little light on customer service functions. If you’re looking to create support tickets and resolve incoming queries, you may want to peruse our guide to the best marketing CRM systems instead.

How much does Maximizer cost?

There are two price plans for sales professionals to consider:

Base EditionSales Leader Edition
£50 per user, per month
(Billed annually)
£63 per user, per month
(Billed annually)
3 user minimum5 user minimum
100GB data
(option to add more)
100GB data limit
(option to add more)
  • Custom data visualisation builder
  • 100,000 contacts (option to add more)
  • Custom configuration
  • Streamline your sales process
  • Kanban visualisation (pipeline overview)
  • 100,000 contacts (option at add more)
  • Set quotas for sales teams
  • Better forecasting

Maximizer is on the pricey end of the CRM costs spectrum. The company’s rationale is providing really solid customer service, which it says it has won awards for. That makes it a good option for business leaders looking for readily available tech and service support.

Arguably, you’d lose out in sales if you had a cheaper CRM provider with worse customer service. So there’s more to consider when it comes to costs that simply monthly outgoings.

How do Maximizer CRM costs compare to competitors?

You need to know what else is on the market before making a business investment decision. We want to help you make the best decision possible, so we’ve put together an easy comparison of competitor CRM prices below.

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Price Range

£50-£63 per user, per month

Price Range
Price Range
Price Range

£79 per user, per month (annually)

£88 per user, per month


Price Range
Free Trial

Demo only

Free Trial

21 days

Free Trial

14 days

Free Trial

14 days

Free Trial

30 days

Key Features
  • Analytics to monitor performance
  • Revenue forecasting
  • Work flow customisation
  • Mobile app
Key Features
  • Sales pipeline visualisation
  • AI contact scoring
  • Bots engage with customers
  • Workflow automations
Key Features
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited pipelines
  • Mobile app
  • Invoice and quote
  • Email integration (Gmail and Outlook)
Key Features
  • Unlimited users
  • Custom dashboards
  • Custom automation builders
  • 100 separate team inboxes
Key Features
  • Lead assignment and routing
  • Web-to-lead capture
  • Customizable sales process, reports and dashboards
Competitors Try Freshsales Try monday CRM Try HubSpot Try Salesforce

If you’re curious to compare Maximizer to the best CRM for sales teams, be sure to click on that guide right now. You can always bookmark it for later, and come back to it once you’re done reading this review.

What’s Maximizer’s customer support like?

Maximizer offers online support for its UK customers during regular business hours. That means you can get help via email and live chat. Average response time is under two minutes, according to Maximizer. That’s very impressive, if that’s the case, given HubSpot’s standard response time is two working days.

Unfortunately, the company no longer offers phone support. Maximizer therefore offers less of a human touch than Freshsales CRM, which offers phone support on all price plans including its free version.

Online resources, including straightforward guides, provide general guidance to help you solve common roadblocks with Maximizer CRM. You’ll find industry-specific blog posts for financial advisors available for free on the company site, too.

If you’re looking for a CRM that helps your business handle customer support enquiries, Maximizer isn’t our top choice. Check out our guide to the best CRM for customer service instead.

What do Maximizer’s customer reviews say?

It’s not in our nature to review a product – particularly one as nuanced and complex as a CRM system such as Maximizer – without taking into account what its customers have to say. So, when faced with the honest (and at times brutal) force of public opinion, how does Maximizer come out in the wash?

Maximizer customer Sofia echoes our own conclusions about the software’s big drawcards, lauding the system’s customisability and contact management capabilities:

“Maximizer is great for managing a robust database of contacts and profiles. Its customisable, user-defined fields are particularly useful.”

Like us, Sofia is similarly undecided on the efficacy of Maximizer’s interface:

“It’s not very mobile-friendly, and the current version is 100% incompatible with older licenses (such as desktop versions), which are islands. Transferring our old database to the new version was virtually impossible.”

Her thoughts are echoed in another Maximizer review by customer Jacob:

“Maximizer is very dated, resulting in a lack of user intuitiveness – finding things where one expects them to be is quite difficult. At this point, it’s a difficult process to properly bring Maximizer into the 21st century, since a massive overhaul would leave many existing users lost.”

Leaving Maximizer’s look and feel alone for a while, Josh provides a more technical view of the CRM’s highlights:

“I really like the user definable setup, and the hierarchy between contacts and companies. I also like how every user defined value gets its own view in SQL, meaning it’s very easy to extract data [to modify in] other systems using the database. 

“Maximizer is very familiar to [Microsoft O]ffice users, and performs really well, even with 90,000 contacts/companies in its database. It’s a solid CRM, as long as that’s all you need.”

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Maximizer case studies

How has Maximizer changed the business and operations of all its customers? Read on to find out.

West Coast Environmental Law (WCEL)

Canadian environmental law nonprofit WCEL uses Maximizer to help with donor management, and to give the charity more actionable insights into the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns. 

Using Maximizer also helps WCEL reduce paper-based admin, and ensure a standardised process for dealing with client information. 

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Sait Polytechnic

Esteemed educational institute Sait Polytechnic leverages Maximizer for a scalable, cost-effective solution to boost sales, and drive greater student and benefactor engagement.

Maximizer also provides Sait with increased visibility into the efficacy of its client communications, as well as improved budget and sales forecasting.

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Want more real-life examples of how the biggest names in business are using CRM to maintain their status at the top? Check out our deep dives into how Apple and Amazon both use CRM, as well as more big brand CRM case studies from the world’s elite businesses.

Whether or not you like the sound of Maximizer, there are still plenty of other CRM suppliers on the market. And with our free, quote-finding service, it’s now easier than ever to compare them. Simply furnish us with some details about your business and requirements, and you’ll receive quotes from industry-leading CRM suppliers

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Verdict: Beginner-friendly for sales-focused business leaders

We like Maximizer for its fast client support response times, which can save your small business from sales disasters. Overall, it’s likely to bring greater efficiency to your pipeline management. That can truly help reduce the time it takes to close deals.

Yet Maximizer isn’t right for everyone; if you’re part of a larger corporate enterprise, you should look to upgrade to top class tools like Salesforce. Similarly, if your company is focused on mass marketing, lead generation and ABM strategies, you’re better off looking into HubSpot’s marketing suite.

You won’t have too many integration options with Maximizer CRM. However, the convenience of keeping your clients’ data on one platform lifts the weight of stress off your mind.

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