Texaco Fuel Cards Review: Are They Right for Your Fleet?

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Our independent researchers have put Texaco Fuel cards under a microscope to help you decide if Texaco will be a good fit with your fleet. Ideal for small businesses, it’s the only provider that offers clear fixed retail pricing which makes managing your transportation costs a painless task. Although it’s not ideal for the HGV or coach market, Texaco offers great value for money which is particularly welcome in an economy still suffering from high inflation and soaring costs.

Read ahead to learn more about Texaco’s fuel cards, or if you’re in a rush, you can use our quick and free comparison tool to receive tailored quotes.

Texaco Fuel Cards Review

Texaco is one of the four major petrochemical companies in the world and first came to the UK in 1916 since when the brand has developed and innovated on a global level. Not only is it involved in the refinery business with large plants in places like South Wales, but it also has a healthy distributions service dealing with 270,000 barrels of crude a day throughout Europe. The company takes on independent retailers and provides petrol for some 800 service stations across the UK.

The Texaco Business Fuel Card is designed to offer a great package to both small and large fleets with all the usual add-ons that make it worthwhile. The cards they offer can be used in some 2,000 stations over the UK and are designed to cut down on administration and fuel cost which makes them an attractive proposition for many businesses that operate a fleet of vehicles. Probably more than most suppliers, Texaco has geared a good deal of its provision to the smaller business end of the market.

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Texaco Fuel Cards Review
Sign-Up FeesNone
Annual FeesNone
Fleet Support
Fuel Card Management OptionsIndividual driver or vehicle
Online account management tools for small and big businesses
Expenditure control
Weekly or monthly invoicing
27/4 support

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Texaco fuel card prices

The Texaco Fuel Cards can be obtained for no annual fee in contrast to some other brands. The company make their money from sales on fuel rather than through any additional means. Because they supply to their retailers and purchase from the bulk fuel market, with additional affiliations to chains such as Morrisons and Somerfield, they believe they can provide the cards and also offer some of the most competitive deals on the market for any size business.

Texaco offer two types of fuel card: The Business Card and The FastFuel Card, both of which give access to a large number of service stations across the UK and in Europe. They present the cards as multi-branded and boast some 2,000 sites across the UK where they can be used. The cards are designed to help businesses manage the transportation costs of their fleets with the minimum of fuss and there are options which are suitable for small business right up to large, HGV and coach fleets.

When they opt for a Texaco Fuel Card, UK businesses can now do away with cash floats and paper receipts, something which can help them to streamline all their processes and make them more efficient, cutting costs dramatically and reducing the possibility of in house fraud. Texaco also offer a 24/7 support line that can help with any problems that occur from cancelling cards to making the most of their fuel management software.

Texaco The Business Card

texaco the business card
Texaco The Business Card
Quick overview

With no joining fees and no minimum usage rule, The Business Card from Texaco is highly attractive to smaller businesses that have just a few cars, vans or HGVs. They also offer favourable credit terms for those who need it (subject, of course, to status) and reward points on all transactions.

Top features

  • Can be used in 2,000 service stations located across the UK and accepted at 1,200 BP service stations
  • Single VAT approved invoice
  • Can be used for more than one user if needed and gives businesses greater control.
  • Users have access to online fuel management technology with Texaco’s Velocity tool.
  • Businesses get monthly invoices that help reduce administration costs and simplifies transportation processes.

Texaco FastFuel Card

texaco fastfuel fuel card
Texaco FastFuel Card
Quick overview

The Texaco FastFuel Card is ideal for any size business and gives access to a broad network of service outlets whether a business runs cars, vans or LGVs irrespective of the size of the fleet. This Texaco petrol card offers all the versatility of the Business Card including.

Top features

  • Access to over 2,900 service stations
  • Fixed weekly pricing structures that operate across the whole network and are some of the most competitive on the market.
  • A robust online fuel management and reporting system along with 24 hour support.
  • E-billing

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Our Methodology: How Did We Do Our Research?

Five researchers carried out in-depth research into UK fuel cards according to a comparison framework designed by our research team leader. For each card we’ve asked these questions:

  • How convenient is it to use?
  • How helpful is it for managing fuel expenses?
  • What can it do to ensure your company’s funds are secure?
  • What extra benefits do you receive from using it?

We’ve also broken down each card by fee structure, fuel type, network coverage and more to offer you the easiest choice.


Texaco present two fuel cards that do what they say on their tins, ideal for small businesses and larger concerns who run multiple vehicles and transportation fleets. It offers the largest network of retailers in the market and is the only company that offers its customers clear fixed retail pricing that can help manage transportation costs.

There is a very small surcharge of 0.01 pence per litre when the card is used at BP stations but this is nominal even for very large fleets. If companies are concerned about their green credentials Texaco also offer carbon offsetting for just 80 pence per card in use with their Ecopoint option. Whilst the Texaco Fuel Cards cater mainly for small to medium size vehicles and not necessarily to the HGV or coach market, they present value for money and much needed help in reducing costs and streamlining fleet costs.

Texaco is just one of the companies that offer fuel cards for businesses in the UK. There are a number of major brand names as well as bona fide resellers and finding the best overall deal can often be complicated for many business owners and managers. You can use our quick and free comparison tool just by entering your details and get a comprehensive comparison geared to your needs right now.

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