The Best Photocopiers for Schools in the UK

Copy documents quicker and easier – and add a touch of class to your classroom

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CanonimageRUNNER ADVANCE c7580iFast print speedCanon review
SharpMX-3070Ease of useSharp review
RicohIM C200ReliabilityRicoh review
RISOComColor 5230Energy efficiencyRiso review

Schools need photocopiers. Whether it’s for printing worksheets in the classroom or copying student documents in the office, good photocopiers are essential.

But good photocopiers for schools can also be expensive – especially if you’re making hundreds of copies a day. And there’s so many on the market that choosing the best can be a task more daunting than teaching Algebra class on a Friday afternoon.

That’s why we’ve put together our top four photocopiers for schools. These mighty machines are all from industry-leading brands. They’ll copy, print, fold, staple and scan – and you won’t need a degree to use them!

What type of copies do you need?

The top 4 photocopiers for schools

We went back to school, hitting the books to review the best photocopiers on the market for… schools! Whether it’s in the classroom, the office, or the library, these printers are ideal for copy and print jobs of all sizes.

We looked at the speed, reliability, value, and ease of use of a range of printers. Our top picks include models from Canon, Sharp, Ricoh, and RISO. Let’s explore.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE c7580i

Best for fast print speed

The Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE c7580i may have a name that takes a while to say – but it prints like lightning. It can churn out up to 80 pages per minute, making it one of the quickest photocopiers for schools on the market. It’s also stylish, with a display more reminiscent of an iPhone than a school photocopier. Better still, its capacity of almost 10,000 sheets means you’ll never have to worry about running out of paper before your afternoon English lesson. All in all? A worthy addition to the Canon.


  • One of the most energy-efficient photocopiers for schools on the market
  • Also offers professional quality A3 and colour printing
  • Lets you scan and send documents with ease


  • It’ll take up a lot of space in your classroom or office
  • It’s expensive

Sharp MX-3070

Best for ease of use

While the Sharp MX-3070 does seem a tad turtle-like in comparison to the Canon, it’s actually still a super speedy solution for schools. It warms up in just 10 seconds, and whizzes out your first page in less than five. And in terms of the quality of your documents, the name says it all – Sharp! The MX-3070 also boasts a customisable LCD screen and A3 printing. And to top it all off, it has a walk-up motion sensor – so it’s already raring to start copying before you’ve even reached it. The future, huh?


  • Print straight from USB for convenience
  • Accommodates a wide variety of paper, for creating more dynamic documents
  • Slim design looks good in your classroom or library


  • Print speed isn’t as fast as some of the other photocopiers on this list

Ricoh MP 6055SP

Best for reliability

The Ricoh MP 6055SP is one of the quickest, most reliable photocopiers on the market. What we love is the Ricoh’s simplicity and durability. It’s easy to set up, easy to use – and doesn’t look too bad in your classroom, either. Send documents to be printed or copied from your smartphone, and have them ready in the time it takes to cross the room. Plus, it offers a range of eco-friendly (and safety-conscious) features perfect for schools, small businesses, and charities. What’s not to like?


  • Impressive 4,700 sheet capacity
  • Vibrant, easy to use display
  • Multiple finishing options add a touch of class and flexibility to your print and copy jobs


  • Warmup time is longer than most other photocopiers for schools

RISO ComColor 5230

Best for energy efficiency

Speaking of eco-friendliness, the RISO ComColor 5230 tops our list for energy efficiency. It’s low power consumption and paper waste-reducing features won it an Energy Star Award. It’s also one of the coolest photocopiers on the market. Why? Well, not only does it look slick (as much as a school photocopier can), but it has no cooling off period. Put simply, it never gets too hot to have to stop copying. This ‘chilled out’ approach helps prevent annoying paper curling, and reduces wait times between jobs. Meaning more copies, in less time – and with less frustration.


  • Intuitive and simple interface
  • Prints up to speeds of two pages a second
  • Blank page detection feature makes scanning a breeze


  • One of the pricier photocopiers out there

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Should my school rent or buy a photocopier?

To buy or not to buy – that is the question. The answer really depends on the kind of budget you have to work with – and the level of technical expertise you have at your school.

Renting a photocopier gives you more flexibility. Rather than shelling out thousands of pounds in one go for your device, you’ll just pay monthly instalments. You get the freedom to choose how long you need your printer for, and to change models

Plus, renting a photocopier usually includes the costs of installation and ongoing maintenance. So if none of your faculty are too flash at fixing anything more complicated than a paper jam, you might want to consider renting.

Set on buying, but don’t want to fork out all that cash for a brand new device? Cut costs by investing in a used photocopier for your school.

What costs will be involved with my photocopier?

Apart from the upfront cost of actually buying your photocopier, there are a few other charges you’ll incur. You’ll need full toner cartridge and staple replacements annually, and a new drum cartridge every two to three years. A license to scan to your PC also usually incurs a monthly fee.

If you buy your school’s photocopier outright, ad hoc maintenance and repair is another cost you’ll have to think about. The price here will depend on both the printer, and the severity of the issue.

What type of copies do you need?

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