The Best Ricoh Photocopiers

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Ricoh has been rocking the photocopier world since 1955, producing powerful machines that deliver high-quality prints. In recent years, Ricoh printers have become even greener, making them a sound investment for almost any modern business.

However, with so many options out there, pinpointing the right Ricoh photocopy machine price, model, or even series for your business can be tricky. That’s why we’ve done our research and selected the very best of Ricoh’s bunch.

In this article, we’ll discuss three series of Ricoh printers – the IM Series, MP Series, and SP Series – with detailed information on pricing, features, and benefits. By the end, you’ll know exactly which one to choose for your business.

Ricoh IM Series

The IM, or ‘Intelligent Multifunction’, Series does exactly what it says on the tin – serve different photocopying functions to suit busy working environments.

Known as MFDs (multifunction devices), these Ricoh printers have been designed with what the company describes as scalable intelligence, security, sustainability, and simplicity in mind. In short, the IM Series is a solid choice for almost any business.

Models within the IM Series typically cost between £1,000 and £4,500, depending on their size, PPM (prints per minute), and multifunction capabilities. Below, we examine the three best Ricoh IM Series photocopiers: the IM C4500, the IM C2000, and the 430F.

Ricoh IM C4500

Cost:  Around £4,195

PPM: 45

Colour printing? Yes

The A3-compatible C4500 model can handle even the highest of printing volumes, making it a useful addition to medium and large businesses, particularly with its 10.1” smart touch screen.

You can connect the copier up to your mobile to control its multiple functions remotely, which include double sided printing, folding, stapling, scanning, and advanced finishing settings – including ‘finger-friendly’, which crimps the paper’s sides to reduce the risk of dreaded paper cuts.

Ricoh IM C2000

Cost: Around £2,195

PPM: 20

Colour printing? Yes

The C2000 is another powerful A3 colour photocopier featuring a 10.1” touch screen, suitable for busy businesses looking to print full colour brochures and banners with ease.

While it can’t match the C4500 for printing speed, it does offer equally impressive features such as eco-friendly staple-less finishing, and double-sided printing and scanning.

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Ricoh IM 430F

Cost: Around £1,695

PPM: 43

Colour printing? No

Smaller in size but delivering a higher volume of PPM than the C2000 (43 compared to 20), the 430F is a compact multifunction photocopier that ticks most boxes

This model can print, scan, fax, and produce a single print in just six seconds. On top of that, it automatically switches between paper trays, meaning it doesn’t ever need to run out of paper.

It’s slightly cheaper than the other two IM Ricoh models, given that it only prints in black and white, but it’s a great choice if you need a quick, reliable, high-quality photocopier.

As far as Ricoh photocopy machine prices go, this one’s a steal.

Ricoh MP Series

High-speed printing with A3 capabilities, the MP series is one of Ricoh’s finest. These models are ideal for busy working environments that need fast and regular printing, scanning, copying, and faxing options.

This considered, the MP series models come at a higher cost on average than the IM series models, with prices ranging from £1,200 to £9,000.

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Ricoh MP 6055SP

Cost: Around £6,495

PPM: 60

Colour printing? No

This model is everything a multifunction Ricoh printer should be – easy to use, with a high paper capacity (4,700 sheets to be exact), and a quick PPM.

It doesn’t sacrifice printing clarity, either, with an impressive 1200 x 1200 dpi max print resolution, even on A3 prints.

In typical Ricoh style, the MP 6055SP comes with various eco-friendly features such as a low-power sleep mode and a staple-less printing option.

Ricoh MP 9003SP

Cost: Around £8,850

PPM: 90

Colour printing? No

The MP 9003SP is one speedy character, with an almighty 90 PPM. However, with Ricoh photocopiers, it’s not all about pace. It’s about paper.

This machine can hold 4,300 sheets and includes a 2,000-sheet booklet maker, and a 100-sheet bypass tray for thicker paper types.

Our favourite feature? Of course, it’s the Human Detection Sensor which warms up the printer as you approach, helping to reduce your office’s environmental impact.

Ricoh MP C307SPF

Cost: Around £1,365

PPM: 30

Colour printing? Yes

Cost-effective and capable of colour printing, the C307SPF makes an excellent addition to any small to medium-sized business.

This compact, green machine has a low consumption energy rate, while enabling you to efficiently send documents directly from your smartphone, and share files with address book contacts from its 10.1” touchscreen.

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Ricoh SP Series

At the more affordable end of the Ricoh scale is the SP Series, with costs typically ranging from £300 to £500. These models print A4, fax, scan, and copy at reasonable prices. While it can’t match the MP or IM Series for printing speed, the SP Series offers reliable options for small businesses that require low volume printing.

Ricoh SP C261SFNw

Cost: Around £370

PPM: 20

Colour printing? Yes

Small and sturdy, the SP C261SFNw can fit inside the smallest offices while producing big and beautiful A4 prints.

Its standout feature is the two-sided Single Pass Document Feeder which allows you to scan both sides of your document in a single pass, speeding up your copying, faxing and scanning duties.

It also comes with a 4.3” touchscreen and a colour output of 2,400 x 600 dpi. This is the most affordable Ricoh photocopy machine price you’re likely to find, so we highly recommend this model for businesses on a tight budget.

Ricoh SP 330SFN

Cost: Around £433

PPM: 32

Colour printing? No

This no-frills model requires low maintenance, but delivers high-quality prints – with a 1,200 x 1,200 black and white dpi and a 35-sheet automatic reverse document feeder, which enables multi-page faxing, copying and scanning.

We also like the optional 5GHz Wi-Fi, which means less congestion on your broadband and a sturdier wireless connection, helping the SP 330SFN run smoothly.

Ricoh SP 3710SF

Cost: Around £387

PPM: 32

Colour printing? No

Tired of repurchasing ink cartridges? The SP 3710SF comes with an Ultra High Yield Toner which enables you to print for up to a year (if you’re printing around 500 pages per month).

It also comes with a 35-sheet automatic reverse document feeder that allows quick, multi-page faxing, copying, and scanning.

Overall, this model would suit small offices with low-volume printing requirements.

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Expert verdict

We’ve shown you the best Ricoh printers from three of its most popular ranges. The IM Series is the most recent, boasting environmentally-friendly and cost-cutting features, the MP Series has the fastest models, while the SP Series represents the most affordable option for small businesses.

We love each of these multifunction printers, but balancing the right Ricoh photocopy machine price with suitable photocopy functions and speeds can prove tricky, especially with so many different models out there. That’s where our service can help.

Simply tell us what you need from your next photocopier on our short webform, and we’ll match you up with trusted suppliers that best cater to your printing needs. They’ll then be in touch with more information and no-obligation quotes for you to compare. Best of all, it’s free to get started.

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