A3 Colour Photocopier Prices

A3 colour photocopiers are used by businesses who need to make copies in a larger size, for instance when producing booklets or large technical diagrams. They are popular with businesses who need the option to print in this size, but don’t need the full wide format photocopier.

Having the capability to produce A3 photocopies is generally linked to more expensive photocopying machines. There is a wide range of A3 photocopier prices, which can affected by machine brand, features and spec.

Before comparing photocopier costs, you will need to decide what features you require in your colour photocopier:

  • Do you need a network capability?
  • What type of paper will you use?
  • Do you require scanning?
  • Will you need to print on both sides of the paper, duplex enabled?
  • Do you require an automatic document feeder?
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A3 photocopier purchase costs

A basic desktop A3 photocopier, which is suitable for office use, will typically cost a few hundred poundsCheaper models are available, however these are generally only suitable for home office use. Higher spec models typically cost between £1,000 and £6,000.

Costlier A3 photocopiers tend to have more features, if you only need basic photocopying to be done then you might be better off with a smaller machine, such as an A4 size. For businesses with specific photocopying requirements such as designers, planners, and engineers, to name a few, an A3 photocopier is a great fit.

The cheaper A3 models tend to have slower print speeds and smaller paper capacity. Knowing how many A3 colour photocopies your business produces each month will help you decide which model is best suited to meeting these needs.

A3 colour photocopier machine rental

The purchase price for an A3 photocopiers for colour can be a significant outlay for a business and, for this reason, many business choose to lease their photocopiers.

There are numerous business benefits to leasing, including the flexibility to upgrade their photocopiers as required and the inclusion of maintenance and toner costs in the monthly rental fee.

To lease a copier costing a thousand pounds would generally cost around £20 to £30 a month for a five year lease and up to around £50 a month on a three year lease.

There are comparison websites available online to help you compare lease and purchase costs for photocopiers to help you get an idea of costs.

Second hand A3 photocopiers & other copier costs

One way of reducing the cost of an A3 photocopier with colour is to consider purchasing a second hand model. Choosing a pre-owned photocopier can result in savings of between 50-75% on the retail price of a brand new A3 copier.

However when purchasing a second hand A3 colour photocopier, you will need to consider the possible reduction in quality, reliability and increased maintenance costs that come with the package. A used photocopier can be a good short-term fix but is probably not ideal for a dynamic and growing business

Other costs to factor in when choosing an A3 photocopier are the cost of cartridges, toner and replacement parts – all of which can rack up quickly in less reliable, out-dated machines. Also, it is important to consider what types of maintenance contracts are available?

If your photocopier is key to your business you will need a contract that guarantees a prompt response to minimise downtime.

Next steps

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