Photocopiers are an essential part of the modern office, helping you handle everyday tasks with ease. On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about buying or renting the perfect photocopier for your company’s needs.

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What is a Photocopier?

Modern photocopiers  are the cheapest and most time-effective way of making paper copies of texts, documents, and images. Depending on your company’s printing requirements, you have two options in terms of photocopier size.

First, you can choose a desktop photocopier – suitable for 500 to 1,000 copies per month – or a multi-functional photocopier (MFP), which are designed to help large businesses print, scan, and copy thousands of items per month.

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How Much Does Photocopier Rental Cost?

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How much do photocopiers cost?

The cost of your photocopier depends on a number of factors. The cost to purchase can vary from £200 to upwards of £10,000, depending on your required output, printing speed, and paper capacity, amongst other specifications.

Should I rent or buy a photocopier?

Due to the significant initial investment, many companies lease photocopiers instead. These leases can often include the option to upgrade the machine if required, giving your business more flexibility if needed.

The predictable monthly expenses will give your business the ability to budget more effectively. Usually, there is no down payment required. You can get the latest photocopier for your business without making a major purchase.

Why do I need a photocopier?

The modern photocopier is still the cheapest and most effective way of making paper copies of texts, documents and images. With the price of UK photocopiers being more competitive than ever, and the options to lease or buy a photocopier giving flexibility to business owners, it's now cheaper and easier than ever to equip your office.