How to Hire or Lease an A3 Laser Printer

Congratulations! You’ve discovered the best kept secret in the world of printing: you can lease or rent an A3 printer, rather than buy one outright.

Most businesses and individuals don’t realise this. They fork out for a pricey machine even if their printing needs are low, or they only need one for a certain period of time.

There are a huge number of benefits to renting or leasing an A3 printer. We’ll talk you through them later on.

‘But surely renting works out to be more expensive?’, we hear you cry.

‘Not so!’, is our reply.

You can rent an A3 printer from as little as £25 per month including toner and maintenance costs. Fill in this short form now to get quotes tailored to you, or read on to find out more.

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Benefits of hiring an A3 laser printer

There are many benefits to renting an A3 laser printer rather than buying one. These include:

1. Cost savings

When you buy an A3 printer upfront, it’s a significant up-front cost. You’re then also responsible for any maintenance and resource costs, whereas the supplier will take care of these if you rent. Renting can work out cheaper over time for businesses with both high and low volume needs.

2. Hassle-free, all-inclusive contracts

Having all your toner, resource and maintenance costs included won’t just save you money, it will also make your life easier. As you’ll only be leasing the equipment, it is the supplier’s responsibility to ensure toner doesn’t run out and that annual maintenance is looked after.

Don’t forget to check for additional costs that aren’t included in your contract, such as delivery charges, paper costs and accidental damages.

3. Upgrade as you grow

Rental contracts for A3 laser printers generally allow you to upgrade your machine as you need to, although it’s always worth checking this with your supplier before you sign up.

Not only does this help you stay up to date with the latest printer-copiers, but also means you can upgrade as you grow.

Work for a small start-up? No worries, just rent a smaller machine. When business is booming you’ll be able to upgrade to an A3 laser printer that can cope with your increased demands.

4. Flexibility

One of the best benefits about hiring or leasing an A3 laser printer is you can enjoy flexible hire contracts. These contracts let you rent a machine for as long as you need it, whether it is for a busy weekend or for several years.

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Cost of hiring an A3 laser printer

Cost of hiring an A3 laser printer
Cost for one week or less£30£40
Monthly cost for longer contracts£25£35

The cost of hiring an A3 laser printer will depend on the specifications you’ve selected and the length of time you need to rent it for.

Hiring a monochrome A3 laser printer for a period of less than a week can cost around £30 upwards, whereas a colour laser A3 printer can will be more like £40+.

Similarly, a monochrome A3 printer hired for a year or more will be around£25 per month inclusive of a number of free copies, and a colour A3 copier will start at around £35 pounds per month.

Needless to say, the more advanced the A3 printer, the more you can expect to pay.

Features to consider when hiring an A3 laser printer

When it comes to hiring an A3 laser printer, there are so many options available it can be hard to know where to start. At the end of the day, the best A3 laser printer for you depends on your specific requirements.

You should also ensure you know how the A3 printer-copier you hire actually works, as different manufacturers design their A3 colour laser printers in different ways.

1. Do you need colour or mono printing?

Let’s start with an easy decision: do you need to print in colour, black and white (monochrome) or both?

Monochrome A3 printers will be cheaper than those that can print in colour, but the difference is often negligible That said, it’s worth noting that colour toner is more expensive than black and white toner.

2. Will print speed affect you?

This is one of the key determining factors for businesses when choosing an A3 laser printer. Speeds vary by manufacturer and model, but the general rule of thumb is print speeds of 20ppm (pages per minute) or below are more suited to smaller offices with lower print volumes.

Anything higher will be better suited to medium-sized or growing offices. The very high-end machines can print in excess of 100 copies per minute and are ideal for large businesses or offices with high print volume demands.

3. What paper size will you need to print?

Okay, so we assume you’ll want to print on A3. But what about A4? A5…? You get the picture. Make sure the machine you choose has you covered.

If you need to print or copy at even larger sizes, you’ll need to consider an even larger printer-copier at A2 size or larger.

4. What connectivity will be best for you?

Most printers these days will be able to connect to WiFi, allowing your team to work and print remotely. It’s worth double-checking, though. If your printer can’t work on WiFi, you’ll have to use an ethernet cable. This will affect where in the office you can put the printer.

Some machines also offer USB connectivity, so you and your team can upload or save documents and images directly from the printer-copier to the USB disk.

5. How much room can you spare for a printer?

Last but definitely not least – check your printer can actually fit in your office! High-volume machines tend to be much larger and are generally floor-standing printers. Low-volume machines are often small enough to fit on a desktop table.

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Top 4: best A3 colour laser printers to rent

We’ve reviewed the best A3 laser printers on the market today. Here’s our top pick:

Canon imageRUNNER Advance C7500 II

The Canon imageRUNNER Advance C7500 II is a hi-spec, award-winning printer and copier that can work with a huge variety of paper sizes. It’s fast, energy efficient and has advanced security capabilities and easy cloud integration.

Overall Rating :
Print Speed70ppm
Paper Capacity9,300 sheets
ConnectivityUSB, Wired Network
Size (w x h x d)689mm x 1,220mm x 941mm

Kyocera Mita TASKalfa 7551ci

The Kyocera Mita TASKalfa 7551ci is a fast-printing, heavy duty workhorse of an A3 laser printer. Capable of printing in both mono and colour, the 7551ci lets users connect and print remotely for optimum office efficiency.

Overall Rating :
Print Speed75ppm
Paper Capacity7,650 sheets
Colour/Mono?Colour & Mono
FunctionalityPrint/Copy/Scan/Optional Fax
ConnectivityUSB & Wired Network
Size (w x h x d)685mm x 1053mm x 801mm

Lexmark MX912DE

Lexmark’s MX912DE printer-copier is an economical machine, ideal for businesses looking to combine efficiency with maximum productivity. Print speeds are rapid and a large touch screen makes operation easy.

Overall Rating :
Print Speed65ppm
Paper Capacity6,650 sheets
ConnectivityUSB & Wired Network
Size (w x h x d)762mm x 1194mm x 838mm

Xerox C75

The Xerox Versant 180 Press is a heavy-duty laser production printer. It’s perfect for design-focused industries thanks to the ultra high-definition finish it provides – four times more pixels than standard, to be precise.

Overall Rating :
Print Speed80ppm
Paper Capacity1,900 sheets
Colour/Mono?Colour & Mono
ConnectivityWired Network
Size (w x h x d)1786mm x 1327mm x 777mm

Top 4: cheapest A3 laser printers to lease

If price is your top priority, look no further than our cheapest A3 laser printer reviews:

Kyocera Mita TASKalfa 1800

The TASKalfa 1800 is a desktop A3 laser printer that is best suited to small businesses or home offices. Print speeds aren’t the fastest, but for low volume jobs they’ll be more than quick enough. Document finishing is crisp and clear, and duplex printing is available to help cut costs.

Overall Rating :
Print Speed18ppm
Paper Capacity1,300 sheets
Size (w x h x d)594mm x 683mm x 738mm

Canon imageRUNNER 2520

The imageRUNNER 2520 is designed for small businesses or medium-sized offices. Decent print speeds combine with economical toner use to offer cost-effective monochrome printing. The imageRUNNER 2520 also meets Energy Star criteria, which means it is extremely energy efficient.

Overall Rating :
Print Speed20ppm
Paper Capacity550 sheets
FunctionalityPrint/Copy/Scan/Optional Fax
ConnectivityWired Network
Size (w x h x d)565mm x 771mm x 689mm

Samsung CLX-9201NA

Aimed at smaller workspaces, the CLX-9201NA is a high-performing multifunction printer that can print 20 pages per minute. A range of finishing options and duplex printing makes this machine a great option for busy offices.

Overall Rating :
Print Speed20ppm
Paper Capacity1,040 sheets
Colour/Mono?Colour & Mono
FunctionalityPrint/Copy/Scan/Optional Fax
ConnectivityUSB, Wired Network
Size (w x h x d)560mm x 844mm x 600mm

Utax 206ci

The Utax 206ci multifunction A3 laser printer is an easy-to-use device perfect for small businesses. It’s very economical and quiet. Print speeds are respectable, while special HyPAS technology helps users to customise how the machine runs.

Overall Rating :
Print Speed20ppm
Paper Capacity600 sheets
Colour/Mono?Colour & Mono
FunctionalityPrint/Copy/Scan/Optional Fax
Size (w x h x d)590mm x 748mm x 590mm

Next steps: get your A3 laser printer

If you’re looking to hire an A3 laser printer, there are three main factors that can affect how much you’ll pay:

  • Your location
  • Your printing volumes
  • Your feature requirements

Whatever your situation, one thing is for sure: you’ll get a better deal if you compare quotes from multiple providers.

And no, we don’t mean spending hours trawling supplier websites and making calls.

Expert Market is here to help. Simply fill in this short form, and one of our team will get in touch to confirm your details and collect your tailored quotes from trusted suppliers. You can then choose the right one for you, although there’s no obligation. Easy!

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