What Size is a Floor Standing Copier?

Breaking down the dimensions of the most popular floor standing photocopiers for UK businesses – so you don’t have to

A floor standing photocopier – also known as an all in one printer, or multi-functional printer (MFP) – is an essential tool for all small businesses.

As well as making high-quality copies either in black and white or colour, these devices also scan, copy, and even fax. But as well as looking at what these magnificent machines can do, there’s another big question you’ll need to ask before you buy…

How much space will it take up?

Yep – photocopiers generally aren’t known for being small – or particularly subtle – devices. Space in your office is a valuable commodity, and you’ll need to know exactly how much you’ll be giving up when your floor standing copier arrives.

That’s where we come in. We’ve trudged through pages of product specifications to get all the sizing info you need to choose the right photocopier for your business. Read on for the exact sizes of some of the most popular floor standing copiers in for UK businesses.

Photocopy machine size

BrandPrinterWidth (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)
CanonimageRUNNER 2545565689907
CanonC9070 PRO11209321400
RicohAficio C2030587655845

What type of copies do you need?

Canon photocopiers

Canon designs a range of copiers, but one of the most compact is the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 2545, which measures 565mm x 689mm x 907mm.

Their larger models include machines such as the C9070 PRO which is designed for commercial print environments. It offers a range of media options and finishing options, but also sizes up at a space-hogging 1120mm x 932 x 1400mm.

Sharp photocopiers

Sharp photocopiers are available in a selection of sizes. One of the smallest complete models with A3 capability is the Sharp MX-M453N mono multifunction copier, which measures 645mm in width, 695mm in depth and 953mm in height. In the same range, there’s also the slightly larger MX-M623U – this savvy machine measures up at just 728mm x 683mm x 1213mm.

If you’re looking for a smaller model, opt for an AR-M316 measuring at 623mm x 615mm x 665mm. You can then add base units to fit your requirements which will increase the height of the copier. This model also offers the possibility of adding finishers such as a job separator tray. While this is a useful feature for the right business, it will increase the width of your machine.

Larger Sharp models include the MX range, which – depending on the features included – can reach up to two metres in length.

Ricoh photocopiers

Ricoh produces a range of modular photocopiers that let you create a floor standing copier to your own space and specifications. For example, the Ricoh Aficio range includes a base copier unit, which can then be customised to fit your needs. To this base unit you then add paper trays, creating a floor standing model.

Of this range, we recommend the C2030 – at 587mm x 655mm x 845mm, because it won’t take up too much valuable real estate in your office. And elsewhere, the futuristic-sounding MP C3004exSP sizes up at a 587mm x 685mm x 913mm – but if you want to add a document feeder, make sure to account for an extra 50mm of height.

Next steps

Now you’ve got a sense of how much space your floor standing photocopier will take up, why not have a look at how much it will cost?

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