The 6 Best VoIP Providers with Prices 2022

Following extensive research, we've hand picked Ooma, Net2Phone Canada, GoTo, RingCentral, 8×8, and Callture as the best VoIP providers in Canada.

But which provider is best for your business? Informed by over a decade's experience in comparing and recommending business phone systems, the reviews on this page will help you decide. Each of these six top VoIP providers is incredibly well-suited to a specific kind of business – read on, and we'll make those distinctions clear.

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The 6 Best VoIP Providers in Canada

Following our extensive research, we can reveal that the best VoIP providers available to Canadian businesses are Ooma, Net2Phone Canada, GoTo, RingCentral, 8×8, and Callture.

Let’s take a closer look at these providers:

VoIP providerRatingBest forMonthly CostTop benefit
OomaStartups$19.95 – $24.95Cheap, flexible price plans with no contracts
Net2Phone CanadaSmall businesses$29.99 – $49.99Easy setup and excellent support
GoToRemote teams$31.20 – $50.70Excellent app and unified communications features
RingCentralMedium to large businesses$24.99 – $64.99Good value plans to accommodate big teams and lots of calls
8×8Contact and call centres$19 – $186Features designed to optimize contact centre performance
CalltureScaling businesses$26.50Affordable pricing that stays the same regardless of your team's size or needs

Ooma: Best for Startups

Why do we Recommend Ooma?

Running a startup comes with a great deal of uncertainty. When you’ve never installed a VoIP system before and you’ve no idea how long you’ll need it for, you need a supplier that’s flexible, with a system that’s easy to use and affordable. That’s Ooma.

The company's VoIP system, Ooma Office, costs just $24.95 per month – the smallest price tag on this list – but more importantly for dynamic new businesses, Ooma doesn’t tie users into lengthy contracts, instead working on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Ooma Office comes with 35 call management features, from a virtual receptionist to an app that enables remote business calls. Some features, such as video conferencing, are only available on Ooma Office Pro, but at $29.95 that plan shouldn’t break the bank either.

Our rating

How much does Ooma cost?

PlanPrice (in USD) (per user, per month)
Ooma Office$19.95
Ooma Office Pro$24.95

What do Ooma's customers say?

We scoured the internet for honest reviews from Ooma's business customers. Here's the most useful insight we found:

“Ooma Office is a solid and reliable service. The auto attendant works great. I have just a small business and work from home. The auto attendant takes the place of a receptionist.

“Here are a few things that I like about Ooma Office:

“1) Ease of operation. The control panel is simple and not complicated. It's easy to operate.

“2). Talk to text voicemail transcription. Ooma sends the text of the voice mail, along with the recorded message, to your email address. It's a time saver. The text transcription is about 95% accurate. It's accurate enough so that you usually don't have to listen to the entire message.”

“3). Technical support is good. I do not need to call technical support very often. However, when I have called the technical support person has been knowledgeable and helpful.

“4). Virtual facsimile service. Ooma Office includes a separate fax number. Incoming faxes are sent to your email address. We don't use the fax service much but it works well when it's needed.

“5). Affordability. Ooma Office is reasonably priced compared to other office phone services.

“I plan to continue using Ooma Office for my business phone service needs.”

  • Pete Norris, Trustpilot, June 2021


  • Free 30-day trial available
  • Comes with a mobile app, for making and taking business calls remotely
  • Contract-free flexible payments


  • Does not integrate with your existing business software, unlike other VoIP systems
  • Cheapest plan does not include video conferencing or call recording

Net2Phone Canada: Best for Small Businesses

Why do we Recommend Net2Phone Canada?

Ottawa-based Net2Phone (formerly Versature) is a small, well-liked VoIP provider – if its impressive count of industry award wins is anything to go by! In large part, Net2Phone’s popularity is a result of its user-focused approach – it has a dedicated ‘Customer Success’ team that exists solely to help businesses utilize the system to its full potential, a bilingual support team that’ll help you any time for no extra charge, and super easy setup – you’ll receive phones that are already set up and ready – just plug them in and go.

It’s these offerings – along with Net2Phone’s affordable prices – that can prove invaluable to small businesses, especially those new to the world of phone systems and VoIP.

Besides that, you’ll find that Net2Phone offers pretty much every phone system feature you could need to make and take calls efficiently, though you may need to pay extra for one or two add-on functions.

Star rating

How much does Net2Phone Canada cost?

Alongside a one-time activation fee of $60 per seat and a few add-ons, Net2Phone charges the following:

Starter Kit (for 1-5 users)$134.99 per month
Business Lite$29.99 per user, per month
Business Select$39.99 per user, per month
Business Premier$49.99 per user, per month

Net2Phone can also offer personalized pricing plans designed specifically for your business – you’ll need to get in touch with the company to find out what those might look like.

What do Net2Phone Canada's customers say?

We've been reading honest reviews from around the web to bring you experiences from business users. Here's a helpful insight from a Net2Phone Canada customer:

“Our company has been using Net2Phone Canada for years, so when it was time to renew our contract, it was an easy choice! I had a few questions regarding our account, and Sam from the Customer Success team was very patient and helpful in confirming our plan and features. He was readily available to answer my questions via email and phone and my questions were always answered with professionalism in a timely manner.

“Net2Phone is an easy system to use, which is helpful when making/accepting calls and also transferring calls or calling extensions internally. The voicemail option to be forwarded to my email is my personal favorite feature. With so many companies having employees working from phone nowadays, Net2Phone offers easy log in access from any WiFi connection with the option of an App or SONAR Phone, allowing employees to maintain their same reachable number and extension, from the comfort of their own home.

“If a company was looking to change up their phone plan, Net2Phone Canada should be the first one to consider, and I highly recommend it!”

  • Larissa A., Trustpilot, January 2021


  • Offers free desk phone rental when you sign up to a three or five-year contract
  • Unlimited calls to Canada, the US, and 40+ other countries
  • Integrations with Slack, Salesforce, Zendesk and Klipfolio make operations smoother


  • Call recording costs $10 to $20 extra per seat, per month
  • If you want more than one phone number, you’ll need to pay $5 per additional number, per month

GoTo: Best for Remote Teams

Why do we Recommend GoTo?

GoTo's VoIP phone system, GoToConnect, has a lot to recommend it. And with excellent unified communications features and a focus on helping your team to work from anywhere, it has to be our top pick for teams that work remotely.

Using GoToConnect's web, desktop, Android, and iOS apps, your team will be able to access and use the system from any device, in any location. The system also comes with audio conferencing, video conferencing, and team messaging, offering a number of ways for remote coworkers to easily keep in touch with clients, and each other.

GoToConnect's cheapest plan is a little limited, allowing capacity for just four video meeting participants. But upgrading to the Standard plan will let you video chat with up to 150 people, and work from an unlimited number of different sites.

How much does GoToConnect cost?

GoToConnect comes in three different price plans for Canadian customers:

PlanStarting price (per user, per month)

What do GoTo's customers say?

We've researched into what business users have to say about GoToConnect. Here's one manager's experience:

“GoTo Connect was easy for our remote team to all download on their computers and use at home. Due to COVID-19 we went mobile with very little notice. This program was easy for our team to learn to use to make calls, create voicemails, manage call backs, etc. It was also easy for our leads and supervisors to monitor activity and follow up on our team's performance. We could control turning lines on and off easily.”

  • Shanna K., Capterra, March 2021


  • Comes with more than 100 different features
  • Enables free calls to over 50 different countries
  • Has an easy to use, color-coded, drag-and-drop call flow editor


  • Video conferencing can only show up to 25 HD video streams at a time
  • More expensive than some of the others on this list

RingCentral: Best for Medium to Large Businesses

Why do we Recommend RingCentral?

RingCentral is a big name in the world of business VoIP, and for good reason. It offers packages designed to suit businesses of all sizes, but we believe its packages for larger companies will give you the most bang for your buck.

Its ‘Ultimate’ plan enables video conferencing for up to 200 participants, unlimited storage for documents, invoices, recordings, and more, and 10,000 toll-free minutes. And if you use up those minutes, the following rate of 3.9 cents per minute is still pretty competitive.

Of course, that’s not to say that its cheaper plans aren’t worth checking out if you’re a small business – while they are more basic, they could well suit a company with limited needs.

Our rating

How much does RingCentral cost?

Prices are per user, per month:

PlanPrice for 1 userPrice for 2-20 usersPrice for 21-99 usersPrice for 100+ users
Essentials$34.99$24.99Plan not availablePlan not available

What do RingCentral's customers say?

So that you can get an insight into a real user's experience, we've taken a look at RingCentral's honest online reviews. Here's what an associate from a large business had to say:

“With Ring Central, we now have the insight and ease of use. Our users can now use either a softphone or hard-wired desk phone. Click to call has been a game-changer for all of our users.

“Pros: The ease of use with this platform far outperforms the competitors such as Vonage/8×8/etc. With over 500 employees we always look for platforms that are easy to use, concise, and simply. Ring Central check all of those boxes immediately. Another great feature is the integration with Salesforce. We utilize Salesforce heavily and the ease of use RingCentral provides with SF is wonderful. Highly Recommend the product if you are looking for a new VoIP provider.

“Cons: We are only 6 months into our rollout and there is not much were are finding at fault. If we could change one thing it would be to allow us to provision licenses at a needed basis. We do still need to reach out to a sales rep to acquire additional licenses.”

  • Chad C., Capterra, September 2019


  • Free 15-day trial available
  • Businesses with more than 100 users on the system will be offered discounted prices
  • Integrates with a range of CRM and productivity software


  • The cheapest plan (‘Essentials’) only includes 100 toll-free minutes - fewer than competitors
  • The Essentials plan is only available to businesses with fewer than 21 system users

8×8: Best for Contact and Call Centres

Why do we Recommend 8×8?

If you’ve done a lot of research into telephony, you’ve probably come across 8×8 before now. X Series, 8×8’s cloud communications software, provides an all-in-one solution for VoIP calls, meetings, and team collaboration.

Your global ambitions should be well covered by the X4 plan’s unlimited UC calling to 47 countries. However, it’s on the (admittedly expensive, but fantastic) X6, X7, and X8 plans that contact and call centres will really benefit, with 4,000 minutes across 47 countries included, plus call quality management, speech analytics, real-time agent feedback, and more features designed specifically for these dynamic, bustling environments.

Our rating

How much does 8×8 cost?

PlanPrice (per user, per month)

What do 8×8's customers say?

We've scoured the web for insight from 8×8's business users. Here's what one office lead had to say:

“Very pleased with the overall experience. 8×8 is an amazing tool for contact centre and call-driven interactions, keep in mind you will still need a softphone software to sync it with. I would gladly recommend 8×8 to other users.

“Pros: This an optimal tool for many platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, and many other softphone platforms, it allows multi-way calls and also comes with its own monitoring/storing platform which is suitable for quality assurance and overall interaction tracking.

“Cons: It can come a little pricey, and its UI is a little too mechanical compared to other platforms in the market. nonetheless, its capabilities overcompensate for such details.”

  • Cinthya G., Capterra, November 2019


  • Larger businesses are eligible for cheaper price plans
  • The X6, X7, and X8 plans provide excellent features specifically designed for contact centre optimization
  • The cheapest plan includes unlimited calls to 14 countries


  • More expensive price plans may not be suitable for fledgling contact centre teams
  • You won’t be able to call mobile numbers in certain countries, including Japan, Italy, Poland, and more

Callture: Best for Scaling Businesses

Why do we Recommend Callture?

Callture's business VoIP system comes with a variety of features. These include the call features you need to keep your business communicating professionally, alongside video conferencing, team chats, CRM system integration, and an app so you can use the system on the go.

But what's unique about Callture is its simple, transparent pricing structure. Unlike other providers, Callture charges just one fee – $26.50 per user, per month, for all users. Every plan comes with unlimited outgoing and incoming calls, while toll-free minutes increase depending on the size of your team: teams of two to four users get 100 toll-free minutes, five to 20 users get 300, and so on. And that's really the only differentiating factor between Callture's plans. Other than that, they all enable the same features, for the same price.

That's why we think Callture is such a good option for rapidly growing businesses. You'll continue to pay the same charge per user as more users are added, making budgeting super easy, and you won't be faced with the hassle of upgrading to more advanced plans when needed.

How much does Callture cost?

As we've said, Callture charges the same price per user, per month, no matter how big your team is. The number of toll-free minutes you get depends on how many users you have in your team:

PlanStarting price (per user, per month)
1 user$26.50
2-4 users$26.50
5-20 users$26.50
21+ users$26.50

What do Callture's customers say?

For an insight into how Callture's business customers find the its system, here's what one reviewer had to say:

“Pros: Have been using this product for the last six months without any issues, I'm able to stay connected with clients, whether I'm in the office or traveling. One of the features I most enjoy is the emailed voice mail from clients. This allows me to get back to my calls with answers, rather than questions, which could delay the processes moving forward.

“Cons: It takes a little time to get used to the interface, but once it's set up correctly, it just works….. Just dive right in and you will be fine.”

  • Bruce S., Capterra, November 2019


  • All features included on all plans, even for just one user
  • Promises to beat competitors' prices by at least 10%
  • No extra charges for things like installation, maintenance, or usage


  • If you operate on your own, you won't get any toll-free minutes
  • Video conferencing capabilities, such as participant limits, aren't clear

Expert Verdict

The providers we've reviewed here offer the best VoIP systems available to Canadian businesses, with our extensive research rating them highly for affordability, reliability, features, customer service, and more.

If you're just starting out and need a VoIP system to kickstart your business comms, Ooma is a great choice. If you're a little more established and have started to scale, you can't go wrong with Net2Phone Canada. Teams that are working remotely would benefit from GoToConnect‘s app and features. If you'd describe your business as medium-sized or large, we'd suggest taking a look at RingCentral, while businesses that need a VoIP system for a contact centre should investigate 8×8. A business that is rapidly scaling would find budgeting and diversifying easier with Callture.

Of course, businesses come in all shapes and sizes, with varying needs and goals – which is why finding the right VoIP system can be such a challenge. Fortunately, we can go one step further and match you up directly with the best VoIP provider for your business' unique requirements.

All you have to do is answer a few questions about your company, and what it needs from a VoIP system (it only takes a minute). Behind the scenes, we'll use your answers to match you up with Canadian VoIP providers that can meet your needs with aplomb.

They'll then be in touch directly, with tailored no-obligation quotes and answers to any of your questions, so you can sit back and have the best options come to you. It's free, and a super fast and easy way to find your VoIP system.

Answer a few questions about your business' needs to receive tailored quotes from the best VoIP providers for you


What is VoIP and how does it work?

Good question! VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Essentially, it's a technology that enables you to make and take phone calls over the internet, using a variety of devices – from desk phones to desktop.

Our guide to VoIP explains everything you need to know about this popular technology, while this video explains how it works in just two minutes:

Is VoIP cheaper than landline?

Yes! VoIP uses the existing internet connection, so you don’t need to have a whole new system installed or expensive hardware ordered – making it a much more affordable option to set up. There's also the fact that VoIP providers typically charge lower call charges than landline service providers, and often give you free international calls; something you'll benefit from continuously!

Which is the best VoIP provider for small businesses in Canada?

Following our extensive research into the VoIP phone systems on the Canadian market, we believe Ooma to be an excellent choice for startups, while Net2Phone Canada provides a great service to small businesses. But there are plenty more options to explore: check out our list of the best phone systems for small businesses in Canada to see more.

How do I choose the right VoIP provider?

Choosing the right VoIP provider is simply a case of defining your priorities and needs, and then seeking out the provider whose system can best cater to those needs. Start by asking yourself a handful of questions:

  • Is your team office-based, remote, or a mixture of both?
  • Would you like your team to work with dedicated desk phones, or will an app on their smartphones or computers do the trick?
  • What does your phone system need to be able to do to help your team communicate efficiently and professionally with customers or clients?
  • What are the methods your team prefers to use to communicate and collaborate with one another?
  • Do you have a sales or contact/call centre team that would benefit from more advanced features, like call monitoring and analytics?
  • What’s your budget?

Our free supplier-matching service can also help you to zero in on the best VoIP phone systems for you, and compare free, tailored quotes directly from them. All you need to do is answer a few questions about what you want, and we’ll match you up with the right system providers behind the scenes.

How secure is VoIP?

Overall, VoIP is more secure than the traditional phone network. But, as with any data that is shared over the internet, the potential for hacking is there.

To keep your business protected, the first thing you must do is speak to your VoIP system supplier to see how it manages cyber security. The majority of suppliers are vigilant about protecting their customers with airtight security, taking that worry off your shoulders. For example, most systems automatically encrypt all of your call data, so even if a phone call is hacked, it cannot be understood. But you should confirm whether the supplier has security accreditation, how often it trains staff in protecting data, and how it responds to breaches and risks.

You can also make your system more secure by setting it up over a VPN, which creates your own private network, and enabling a network address translation (NAT) on your routers, which gives your devices their own private IP addresses instead of public ones.

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