The 6 Best VoIP Providers in Canada for 2024

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With so many options to choose from, we know that switching VoIP providers (or finding one in the first place) can be challenging. You need a system with reliable connectivity, and useful integrations, that doesn’t cost the earth.

According to the results of our 2024 VoIP product research series, the best VoIP provider in Canada is 8×8. We assessed a range of leading providers using a framework that consists of 78 separate areas of investigation, and if you’re in search of a highly scalable system with core features like voicemail, call recording, and a host of integrations, 8×8 is a great choice.

It is a little pricey though, so it might not suit all small businesses. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top six VoIP providers, based on in-house research and product testing. Short on time? You can also use our quick quote comparison tool to get free, bespoke quotes from the best VoIP providers for your business.

What are the Top 6 VoIP Providers?

According to our testing, these are the best VoIP providers in Canada:

  1. 8×8 – Best overall VoIP provider in Canada
  2. RingCentral – Best VoIP system for scalability
  3. Ooma – Great value
  4. GoTo – Best VoIP brand for international calls
  5. Net2Phone Canada – Best VoIP system for customer satisfaction
  6. Dialpad – Best VoIP system for conversational AI

Click on the providers above and fill in our short form to get plans and prices suitable for your business. To learn more about how we researched and rated VoIP providers, scroll down to our methodology section.

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C$30 – C$195


C$30 – C$45


C$24.95 – C$34.95


C$42 – C$56


C$29.99 – C$49.99


C$20 – Bespoke

Domestic Calls


Domestic Calls

Unlimited calls within US and CA

Domestic Calls


Domestic Calls


Domestic Calls


Domestic Calls


International Calls

Unlimited inbound and outbound minutes to 48 countries

International Calls


International Calls

Unlimited to 70+ countries

International Calls

Free international calling to 50+ countries

International Calls

Unlimited to 40 countries

International Calls


  • CRM*
  • Helpdesk*
  • Web conferencing*
  • External and internal live chat*
  • Email*


  • 90+ CRM platforms*
  • Helpdesk*
  • Analytics*
  • External live chat*
  • Email
  • Workspace
  • Helpdesk
  • Web conferencing
  • Internal live chat
  • CRM
  • Helpdesk
  • Web conferencing
  • Email
  • CRM
  • Helpdesk
  • Web conferencing
  • Analytics
  • API
  • Internal live chat
  • Workspace
  • CRM*
  • Helpdesk*
  • API*


Why Can You Trust Expert Market for VoIP System Recommendations?

At Expert Market, we are dedicated to helping our readers make informed purchases to make their businesses thrive. Our rankings and recommendations are all based on the results from the unbiased, user-led testing and research processes we use to evaluate the software and services we write about. It’s the only way to ensure we know we’re making the right recommendations for you.

1. 8×8: Best Overall VoIP Provider in Canada

8×8 is the best overall VoIP provider in Canada. It’s great for businesses looking to scale, has a large range of integrations, and unlimited domestic and international calls to 48+ countries. However, its on the expensive side. More affordable providers include GoToConnect, DialPad, or Net2Phone Canada.

8x8 logo
Pricing $30-$195

Excellent integrations (helpdesk, web conferencing, email, CRM and more)

The X6, X7, and X8 plans provide excellent features for contact centres (SMS, chat, email, messaging; post-call surveys etc.)

The cheapest plan includes unlimited calls to 14 countries


Can't call mobile numbers in certain countries, including Japan, Italy, Poland, on X2 and X4 plans

More expensive price plans may not be suitable for fledgling contact centre teams

No spam-call prevention

PlanPrice (per user, per month billed annually) 8x8 no longer publicly displays its pricing, so these prices may not be accurate
X2 $30
X4 $55
X6 $125
X7 $150
X8 $195

8×8 is no longer public with its pricing, so the above prices may not be accurate. You’ll need to contact the provider directly for a quote. 

We particularly liked 8×8 because it ticks all the right boxes when it comes to connecting you with your clients. Its unlimited inbound and outbound minutes are not just limited to domestic calling, but extend to 48 countries on the X4 plan (14 on X2). This makes it a great choice for businesses with international client bases.

8×8 wins the top position because it has an ample range of integrations. From CRM to Helpdesk, to web conferencing, and more, you can easily merge 8×8 with your pre-existing software infrastructure. Popular software 8×8 integrates with includes Salesforce, Google Workspace and Microsoft Teams, and FreshDesk (but this is by no means an exhaustive list).

It’s also compatible with various third-party desktop phones, including Polycom, Cisco, Panasonic, and Yealink. This makes it a robust and scalable tool, that can support your business through growth and downsizing. You can also mix and match plans if you’re on a UC or CC license, making 8×8 easily customizable.

How Does 8×8 Compare With Other VoIP Providers?

8×8 is only really matched by RingCentral when it comes to scalability. Both providers have an array of plans with increasing features and price points, and have customizable plans (mix and match option with 8×8 and feature add-ons with RingCentral). So, if you’re expecting your staff team to grow significantly in the next year or two, keep 8×8 in mind.

However, 8×8 stumbles significantly when compared with the other providers in price. It costs more on average than most competitors, so we’d recommend looking at GoToConnect, Dialpad, or Net2Phone Canada if you’re searching for a more affordable VoIP solution.

8×8 also doesn’t have any spam prevention features, while competitors RingCentral, GoTo, and Net2Phone Canada do. Frequent spam calls can eat up your employees’ time, so if you’re a regular spam-call target, we’d recommend going with a provider that offers protection against them.

Other than that, 8×8 is a reliable brand with impressive features to help you hit the ground running, ensuring minimal downtime when switching.

screenshot of voicemail greeting recording feature on 8x8 VoIP
We were able to record customised voicemails in 8x8 in just a few clicks. Source: Expert Market

What do 8×8’s customers say?

We’ve scoured the web for insight from 8×8’s business users. Here’s what one office lead had to say:

Customer Review

“We use 8×8 for employees to have the capability of receiving and placing work calls from wherever. This allows employees to work from home and stay connected to the office.”

Verified User, TrustRadius
Human Ressources - May 2024
What's new for 8x8?

8×8 has launched  Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams, which allows for Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) calling directly in Microsoft Teams. For now, it’s only available as a preview via 8×8’s Early Access Program.

2. RingCentral: Best VoIP System for Scalability

RingCentral is a good choice for scalability, thanks to its range of paid plans that suit businesses of different sizes. It’s got great call management features, and now offers AI assisted video transcripts. But like 8×8, isn’t the most affordable provider.

RingCentral logo
Pricing $30 - $45

Free 15-day trial available

Businesses with more than 100 users on the system will be offered discounted prices

Integrates with a range of CRM, communication, and productivity software


The cheapest plan (‘Essentials’) only includes 100 toll-free minutes, fewer than competitors

No CRM integrations on the cheapest plan

Some users report that integrations drag down the quality of the system

PlanPrice (per user, per month) Prices displayed are for annual billing, which is 33% cheaper than monthly billing
Core $30
Advanced $35
Ultra $45

With an Advanced or Ultra subscription, you can integrate RingCentral with 330+ software solutions and apps, including CRM solutions like Salesforce, and industry-specific  like Canvas. All plans also integrate with communication software, such as Microsoft teams, Slack, and Google Teams.

This can help your call agents stay on track with your valued customers and provide seamless service. Integrating CRM systems allows agents to access and store customer information, including notes, order history, and ticket history, enhancing customer service delivery.

RingCentral also now offers AI-powered tools on its platform. All plans have RingSense AI for Video, a tool that can produce live transcriptions, video note-taking, and captions for the hearing-impaired.

How Does RingCentral Compare With Other VoIP Providers?

If you’re looking to switch to a VoIP provider that’ll grow alongside your thriving business, then RingCentral is one of the strongest competitors on the market, only matched by 8×8.

It’s also cheaper overall than 8×8, despite still offering great calling features, like customizable greetings, voicemail and virtual receptionist on all plans, making it one of the best VoIP system for small businesses.

Its top tiers offer call management features that allow supervisors to analyze their team’s call performance, through call transcripts and monitoring, features not offered by Net2Phone Canada, or on all but one GoTo plan.

The downside is that you need to sign up for either of RingCentral’s most lucrative subscriptions (Advanced or Ultra) to access CRM integrations, and comprehensive analytics. If you’re looking to tighten your belt, we’d recommend considering GoToConnect or Net2Phone Canada.

Press image of laptop with RingCentral VoIP phone call
Here's what making a call from a Windows computer looks like using RingCentral. Source: RingCentral

What do RingCentral’s customers say?

To get an insight into a real user’s experience, we’ve taken a look at RingCentral’s honest online reviews. Here’s what an associate from a large business had to say:

Customer Review

“Pros: It is easy to answer calls and transfer to mobile phone. It has a screen share feature like Zoom that I used to use and it was great. I really have liked it. When I have had to call service they were awesome.

“Cons: Now that we have HubSpot the system is pretty bad. Cannot transfer calls or join a third party to calls. It sometimes delays calls so I miss them.” (sic)

Ryan, Capterra
Financial Services Software - April 2024
What's new for RingCentral?

RingCentral is starting to integrate AI into its platform. All users no able to access RingSense AI for Video (for transcripts and note-taking), and select customers can get access to RingSense AI for Phone and Messaging, which comes with features like AI message writing and translation.

3. Ooma: Great Value

Ooma offers great value for money, starting at, $24.95 per month, per user, cheaper than 8×8 and RingCentral. It also provides deskphones, making setting up a breezes. However, its lacking in terms of security features and integrations.

Ooma logo
Pricing C$24.95 - C$34.95

Roster of features specifically tailored toward small businesses that work remotely or from the office

Not tied to a contract – can use the system for as long as needed and can be easily canceled on demand

Competitive pricing that won’t break the bank


Limited integrations on Essentials and Pro plans

Fewer call features that competitors (no call transcription, monitoring, call lists...)

Limited security features (no multifactor authentication or user permissions)

PlanPrice (per user, per month)
Essentials C$24.95
Pro C$29.95
Pro Plus C$34.95

Offering one of the cheapest price points of all the providers we look at here, we think Ooma Office Pro is the best VoIP provider for its price. Although it’s quite limited when it comes to integrations (it only offers +10), it’s a good option if you’re simply not in a position to invest a bunch of cash in a VoIP system.

We liked that Ooma is an incredibly easy system to set up. Ooma can supply dedicated desk phones that work out of the box, and they can be configured in less than 15 minutes. The price and the easy setup make it a great option for startups, and will minimize the disruption to your customer communications while switching to a new telephone system.

It’s a little limited when it comes to call features, with even the Pro Plus plan lacking advanced features like call barging, monitoring, and call transcripts. But if you’re running a small business and not a call center, this won’t be an issue.

How Does Ooma Compare With Other VoIP Providers?

The main reason Ooma is one of our favourite VoIP providers in Canada is because of its value for money. For as little as $24.95 per user, per month, you have access to numerous inbound communication (including ring groups and a virtual receptionist), and customer support features.

By contrast, 8×8 and GoTo’s pricing starts at over $30.

However, keep in mind that for a cheaper price, you do compromise on security and integrations. Ooma lacks multi-factor authentication, password rules, and user permissions. Google Voice, which at $10 is cheaper than Ooma, has better security features, but its call features aren’t up to the same standard. For slightly better call features than Google Voice, at an affordable starting price of $13.30 per month, Zoom Voice is the next cheapest option, and offers the best overall value for money.

If you do take out a subscription for Ooma Office Essentials or Ooma Office Pro, you’re also very limited when it comes to software integrations, and this could pose a few potential operational hiccups. If you want a system that can integrate with tons of systems and is secure, we’d recommend looking at 8×8.

What do Ooma’s customers say?

We scoured the internet for honest reviews from Ooma’s business customers. Here’s the most useful insight we found:

Customer Review

“My business has been with Ooma for the last 9 years. We’ve had minimal issues (there was a problem with forwarding at one point that was resolved pretty quickly), and the crucial find me/follow me service we rely on has been solid. The app works well for outbound calling on our cellphones, and I use an analogue adapter so I can also keep my trusty old rotary phone in service for the fun of it. and the price is far lower than we paid for our old VoIP provider (Speakeasy).” (sic)

JH Turiel, Trustpilot
- March 2023
Ooma Desk phone DP1 in black
Ooma has some hardware available, including the Ooma Desk Phone DP1. Source: Ooma

4. GoTo: Best VoIP Brand for International Calls

GoToConnect is great for international calls, offering free calling to over 50 countries. However, it has less software integrations than 8×8 or RingCentral, which is an issue if your business already uses a lot of software applications.

GoTo logo
Pricing $35-$42

Enables free calls to over 50 different countries

Has an easy to use, color-coded, drag-and-drop call flow editor

Great video conferencing features (up to 250 participants on all plans)


More expensive than some of the others on this list

Missing a call transcript feature (but has call recording)

Limited integrations (around 30)

Pricing GoTo no longer displays its pricing publicly, so prices may not be accurate
Around $35-$42. GoTo has four VoIP plans: Phone System, Customer Engagement, Complete CX, and Contact Center

GoTo is no longer public with its pricing, so the above prices may not be accurate. You’ll need to contact the provider directly for a quote. 

We like GoToConnect because it offers free international calling to over 50 countries on all four of its plans, making it a great option for businesses with an international customer base.

It also has a great admin portal, which allows supervisors to easily configure call flows and comb through call analytics to identify which team, or agent, needs improvement.

GoToConnect is also a very secure option with nearly all the VoIP security features you need to be reassured that your operation is safe from unwanted attention. This includes end-to-end video encryption, user permissions, and multi-factor authentication.

What we don’t like about GoToConnect is the pricing, namely, the absence of transparent fees. When GoTo used to publish its pricing, it was on the expensive side, at $35-$42 per month, and we don’t have any indications that this has gone down.

How Does GoToConnect Compare With Other VoIP Providers?

When it comes to international calling, GoToConnect is unrivalled in the VoIP-verse. GoToConnect allows you to make calls to over 50+ countries, which is greater than Net2Phone’s 40+ countries and 8×8’s 48+ countries. This makes GoToConnect a fantastic option for businesses that are looking to cater to –or maintain– an international clientele.

However, GoToConnect’s list of integrations is a little lackluster. For CRM, for example, you can only integrate with Salesforce or Zoho. It does have a few industry-specific integrations, such as VetPawer for appointments scheduling, and CurveDental, CRM designed for dentists. But, if you want a system that is compatible with many more software integrations, we’d recommend opting for RingCentral or 8×8.

Looking for the best VoIP phone system for your specific industry? Check our guide to the best VoIP for hospitals.

What do GoTo’s customers say?

We’ve researched what business users say about GoToConnect. Here’s one manager’s experience:

Customer Review

“Excellent. Started with a online demo, was then offered physical devices and the chance to setup and use the system before making a commitment.[…] The switch over and porting went smoothly and the switch over happened without fuss, which was huge for us as the last time we made a change to our phone system it involved me and another IT employee staying at work until after midnight attempting to get things running.

Pros: Feature rich phone system that provides everything our business needs and more to allow our employees to make and receive calls. The auto attendant has allowed us to free up our document control personnel’s time for more important matters than answering phone calls. Hard phones and soft phones work together seamlessly and offer our employees options on how they would like to receive calls. (sic)

Cons: The only negative I’ve experienced is that the SMS feature of the soft phones is unreliable. I’ve notice there is only about a 50% chance that any text message sent will be received. Particularly text verification (MFA) services don’t seem to be received with the reliability that they would require.”

Alex, Capterra
Construction - January 2024
What's new for GoToConnect?

  • GoToConnect added an AI chatbot to its admin interface. Users can ask questions to quickly find the pages they’re looking for
  • Better integration with Microsoft Teams. Users can access SMS, call recording, and customizable dashboards directly within Teams

5. Net2Phone Canada: Best VoIP System for Customer Satisfaction

Net2Phone is the best VoIP provider for customer satisfaction, with glowing reviews across a range of third-party review sites. However, an area it doesn’t do as well in is software integration, with almost none offered on the cheapest plan.

Net2Phone Canada logo
Pricing $29.99-$59.99

Offers free desk phone rental when you sign up to a three or five-year contract

Unlimited calls to Canada, the US, and 40+ other countries

Integrations with Slack, Salesforce, Zendesk, and Klipfolio make operations smoother


Call recording costs $10 to $20 extra per seat, per month

If you want more than one phone number, you'll need to pay $5 per additional number

No integrations on the cheapest plan

PlanPrice (per user, per month)
Business Lite $29.99
Business Select $39.99
Business Premier $49.99
Call Centre $59.99

When it comes to customer satisfaction, there’s no other VoIP provider in Canada that does a better job than Net2Phone Canada. Taking home the average customer score (4.7/5) on review sites like Capterra and G2, Net2Phone users have left a myriad of positive reviews. Therefore, if you’re looking for a reassuring customer experience, Net2Phone is definitely the one to look out for.

Net2Phone’s is also a great option for remote working. With the Net2Phone SONAR mobile app, you can allow your mobile to act as as effectively as your desk phone, while keeping work and personal calls separate. You can stay connected with your customers on the go, which especially suits sole entrepreneurs or smaller startups without a designated team of call agents.

The main downside to Net2Phone is that call recording and transcription both cost extra on virtually all plans (call recording is free on Call Centre), and you have to pay extra for additional numbers.

How Does Net2Phone Compare With Other VoIP Providers?

Net2Phone isn’t great when it comes to integrations. Virtually no tools integrate with the Business Lite subscription, and a very limited number of eligible platforms in the other subscriptions. RingCentral and 8×8 are better options for their capacities for third-party integration.

Call center features like call barging and call whisper are also, maybe unsurprisingly, only available on the Call Center plan. However, at $59.99 per month, Net2Phone’s Call Centre plan gives you access to these features for a lower price than 8×8, whose prices start at $83 for call center features.

What do Net2Phone Canada’s customers say?

We’ve been reading honest reviews from around the web to bring you experiences from business users. Here’s a helpful insight from a Net2Phone Canada customer:

Customer Review

“net2phone Canada has been a great low-cost option for our small business. We switched a few years back from our local phone company which was charging us several hundred dollars each month; we now pay less than $50/month. We are a busy office with many handsets and multiple phone lines, yet it was easy to set up the directory and auto-attendant with their guidance. I feel it could be just as useful in a larger business setting.

I deducted one star because I noticed the (albeit typical) VOIP warbly sound to some phone calls as well as the odd dropped call, and I find the online attendant interface to be a little confusing to navigate myself, but a phone call to customer service can help with that… otherwise, we have no complaints at all!” (sic)

Tara, Trustpilot
- August 2023
Did You Know?

Businesses using VoIP are more likely to grow. In fact, small-to-medium-sized businesses will likely grow more than 15% in the VoIP market by 2025.

6. Dialpad: Best For Conversational AI

Dialpad provides great AI-powered features, which include call transcriptions and summaries. It also promises 100% uptime, the only provider on this list that does. However, it’s unable to seamlessly integrate with a vast software infrastructure.

Pricing $20 - Custom

Great customer support, including a user forum, knowledge base, and live chat

Built-in AI for easy transcriptions

Great security features (spam-call blocker, user permissions...)


Not very easy to scale, because of limited number of plans

Limited number of eligible platforms for integrations

PlanPrice (per user, per month)
Standard $20
Pro $30
Enterprise Custom

With one foot in the present and another in the future, Dialpad is known for its innovative use of conversational artificial intelligence (AI).

Known as Dialpad AI, this function accurately transcribes your phone calls in real-time, and flags whether or not the conversation features happy or frustrated customers. It also automates post-call summaries and enables you to create notes with tips and advice that appear on the screen when certain keywords or phrases are said during a call.

The AI features allow your call agents to constantly improve their call performance, ultimately strengthening your business’s customer relationships over time. You can also choose to turn off this feature for confidential conversations.

The other great thing about Dialpad is its robust customer support. It gives you access to a user forum, a knowledge base, live chat, phoneline, 24/7 live support, and a 100% uptime guarantee.

How Does Dialpad Compare With Other VoIP Providers?

Thanks to its futuristic conversational AI feature, as well as its robust suite of call features (from call switching and forwarding to call queues), DialPad is almost on par with 8×8 when it comes to features. It loses out ultimately because of its lack of dialing options, like power dialing and autodialing (available on all but two 8×8 plans).

Dialpad, however, makes a name for itself thanks to its unbeaten 100% uptime on its Enterprise plan. The best competitors can do is 99.99%.

However, when it comes to external connections and integrations, you might want to look beyond Dialpad, as GoToConnect and Net2Phone, its options are a little limited. In this category, you’re better off with 8×8 or RingCentral, if you want to switch to a VoIP provider that enables you to seamlessly integrate your software infrastructure with your VoIP system.

screenshot of Dialpad meeting AI recap feature
Here's an example of what one of Dialpad's AI call recaps looks like. All key information is summarised, and an action is suggested. Source: Dialpad

What do Dialpad’s customers say?

For an insight into how Dialpad’s business customers find its system, here’s what one reviewer had to say:

Customer Review

“I think I can speak for both myself and my team when I say Dialpad was an excellent addition to our tools we use every day to be productive and successful.

Pros: Dialpad makes my dialing and communicating with clients so much easier! The AI technology paired with the user-friendly design and functions make my life so much easier. (sic)

Cons: I wish you could email clients out through Dialpad!” (sic)

Karly, Capterra
Transportation/Trucking/Railroad - April 2024
What's new for Dialpad?

  • You can now create calendar events in the Dialpad app, and join meetings from the app
  • Dialpad now integrated with Zoho CRM, a handy expansion to a so far slightly limited integration suite

How To Find the Right VoIP System for Your Business

To find the right VoIP system for your business, you might start by asking yourself these questions:

  • Scalability: Can the VoIP system grow with your business as it expands or downsizes?
  • Features: Look out for important features, such as call forwarding, voicemail, video conferencing, virtual attendants, call analytics, and integration with other business tools.
  • Reliability: Check the supplier’s track record for reliable service and minimal downtime.
  • Call quality: Ensure the supplier offers high call quality and low latency to ensure clear and smooth communication.
  • Cost: Compare pricing plans and packages to find a VoIP system that fits your budget without compromising on essential features.
  • Integration: Ensure that the VoIP system can integrate seamlessly with your existing business applications like CRM software or email clients.
  • Support and training: Assess the level of customer support and training the company offers, which can encourage a smooth transition and optimal system usage.
  • Security: Verify that the VoIP system employs robust security measures to protect your communication from potential threats.

Don’t forget that we’ve already researched the best VoIP suppliers in Canada for you, thoroughly testing eight of the leading brands to help you make the best decision for your specific needs.

Our free supplier-matching service can also help you to zero in on the best VoIP phone systems for you, and compare free, tailored quotes directly from them.

How Does VoIP Work?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that allows users to make and receive phone calls over the internet rather than traditional phone lines. With VoIP, your voice is converted into digital data packets that are transmitted over the internet to the person you are calling.

It enables flexible, low-cost phone service that can integrate with other web-based tools and provide advanced call-handling features. With a VoIP provider, phone service is no longer tied to a specific location, which makes it ideal for remote teams.

Our guide to VoIP explains everything you need to know about this popular technology.

How Secure is VoIP?

VoIP is generally considered to be more secure than a traditional phone network. However, as with any data transmitted over the internet, there is a risk that it could be mishandled or intercepted. But the bottom line is this: You’ll be just as secure with most big-name VoIP providers as you would with any of the other software platforms you’re using at work.

That being said, when selecting a VoIP system provider, it is crucial to verify how they’ll protect your data. Most providers are careful about safeguarding their clients with robust security measures. For instance, many systems automatically encrypt all call data, making it unintelligible even if the call is intercepted.

Nevertheless, it’s important to check:

  • Whether the provider has security accreditations
  • How frequently do they train their personnel to protect data
  • Their response to any previous security breaches or risks
  • How data is encrypted at rest and in transit

If your company deals with highly sensitive data about customers, clients, patients, staff or others, choosing a secure provider is paramount. Whatever VoIP system you end up choosing, make sure it includes:

  • Compliance Certifications
  • Password Rules
  • Permissions
  • Multi-factor authentications

Why is Everyone Switching to VoIP?

The main reasons people are switching to a VoIP provider are:

  • Increased scalability: As your business grows, new VoIP ports can be easily bought and installed with zero interruption to your business’ operations
  • Cost savings: VoIP is cheaper than landlines. It uses the existing internet connection, so you don’t need to have a whole new system installed or expensive hardware ordered, and VoIP providers typically charge lower call charges than landline service providers
  • Easier long-distance calling: If you run a business with multiple sites or home workers who are frequently on the phone, VoIP will ensure easy communication as long as there is a Wi-Fi connection

Does VoIP Have Any Disadvantages?

Even though VoIP can help your business save money and boost efficiency, there are some small downsides to consider:

  • You need a high-quality internet connection to use VoIP
  • You need a continuous power supply (for the internet)
  • Most VoIP systems don’t support emergency calls

If the internet goes down, some VoIP providers will automatically reroute your calls to a phone number. This is an extremely useful service, so we recommend you check which providers offer it.

What’s the Future of VoIP?

We predict the future for VoIP to be bright, primarily due to two significant trends in the business world: the rise of businesses using mobile-only communication and the widespread adoption of hybrid work models.

Reliance on mobile-only communication

With the increasing reliance on mobile devices and the ongoing advancements in mobile technology, many businesses are shifting towards mobile-only communication. VoIP plays a crucial role in enabling seamless voice communication over the internet on smartphones and tablets, and as mobile networks continue to improve (and 5G becomes more prevalent), VoIP will become even more reliable and efficient, further solidifying its position as a preferred communication solution.

Increase in hybrid work environments

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote and hybrid work models. Many businesses are now embracing a more flexible approach to work, allowing employees to work from both office and remote locations. VoIP is ideally suited for this environment, as it facilitates communication regardless of the user’s location, enabling real-time collaboration and teamwork.

Need an in-office solution? Check out our guide for the best office phone systems in Canada.

Also, VoIP continues to evolve with the emergence of new technologies and features, such as enhanced video conferencing, AI-powered virtual assistants, and improved call analytics. That’s why we predict that these advancements should further improve the user experience and contribute to the continued growth of VoIP in the business world.

Easily switch VoIP providers with tailored quotes from the best VoIP providers

How We Test VoIP Phone Systems and Services for Businesses

We tested 10 market-leading VoIP products and services to evaluate them in terms of functionality, usability, cost, security options, and more so we can make the most useful recommendations to Canadian businesses.

Our rigorous testing process means these products have been scored and rated in seven main categories of investigation and 16 subcategories – in fact, we covered 78 areas of investigation in total. We then gave each category score a ‘relevance weighting’ to ensure the product’s final score perfectly reflects the needs and requirements of Expert Market readers – and that’s our product testing algorithm in a nutshell!

Our main testing categories for VoIP products and services are:

Customer Score: external customer opinion; the feedback and ratings given by customers who have used a particular VoIP product – the market position and reputation a VoIP software holds.

Cost: the pricing structure associated with the VoIP service, such as monthly subscription fees, call rates, setup fees, hardware costs, and any additional charges for add-on features or services.

Features: the functionalities and capabilities offered by the VoIP service, including basic features such as call forwarding and voicemail, as well as advanced features like auto-attendant and conference calling.

External Connections/Integrations: the VoIP service’s ability to connect and integrate with external systems or devices, such as compatibility with existing phone systems or integration with mobile devices.

Customer Support: the assistance and resources provided by the VoIP service provider to customers, including technical support, online resources, and access to customer support representatives.

Security Options: the measures and features implemented by the VoIP service to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and protection of voice communications and data.

Scalability: the ability of the VoIP service to accommodate the growth and changing needs of an organization, e.g. capacity to handle a growing number of users or support multiple locations.

Expert Verdict

There you have it! Our favorite VoIP provider from our last round of research is 8×8. It ticks all of the right boxes in the ultimate business communication checklist thanks to its wealth of features and scalability.

However, it is pricier than the other providers, so if you’re looking for more budget-friendly options, we suggest Ooma or Dialpad. If integrations are your top priority, we’d recommend considering RingCentral, since it has great features and an impressive menu of eligible software you can sync your communication operation with.

Of course, businesses come with unique needs and goals, so finding the right VoIP system can be a challenge. Fortunately, we can go one step further and match you with the best VoIP provider for your business.

You can use our quick and free quotes comparison tool to find the VoIP providers that will best suit the communication needs of your business. All you need to do is give us a few details about your company for us to connect you with providers that will share obligation-free quotes.

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