Ooma Review and Pricing: Best for Low-Cost 24/7 Support

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Ooma is an internet-based business phone system service provider that’s easy to use and enables you to take work calls wherever you are. Based on our extensive research, Ooma’s monthly rate of $24.95 is really low. Aside from that, you don’t have to worry about getting tied to a long term contract which makes it the best business phone system provider for low-cost, 24/7 support.

When choosing a phone system for your startup, the first things to consider are its inbound and outbound communication features, pricing, integrability and scalability and customer support.

Fortunately, these are the key factors that we’ll dive into in this Ooma review. In addition to that, we also compared its standout features, strengths and weaknesses with the top 11 business phone system providers so you have a better scope of which provider fits your needs.

We breathe, think and speak phone services and have been writing and researching  in-depth reviews on it for over a decade.  This is why this review will be the ultimate guide to measure if Ooma is perfect for your business.

However, there are other business phone systems on the market and, to be paired up with a provider that is right for your business, you can click here to compare obligation-free quotes from our trusted providers.

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Low-Cost 24/7 Support


$19.95 – $29.95 per user, per month

Ooma’s Pros and Cons


  • Offers dependable customer support 24/7
  • Tons of call features
  • Rave reviews from users


  • Limited collaboration features
  • Weak security and authentication service

Pro: Offers Dependable Customer Support 24/7

Ooma offers a wide array of customer support services, such as a user forum, a knowledge base, live chat, phone support, and, more importantly, it offers 24/7 live support for a very low cost. This feature earned it an average score of 4.5/5 in the customer support category and a spot in our best virtual phone number apps ranking. When you upgrade to Ooma Pro or Ooma Pro Plus, you also gain access to onboarding support.

Pro: Tons of Call Features

Based on our in-depth research, Ooma scores 4.1/5 for features because it offers over 50 standard features that can help catapult your business to the top. You can choose from numerous call management features to tailor your system, including virtual faxing, ring groups, or a company directory – and this is only looking at its most basic plan.

It’s straightforward, easy to set up and so easy to use that your customers and your staff won’t have any problems navigating through the system. Another plus is that this means there will be fewer dropped calls.

8×8, on the other hand, has a myriad of inbound and outbound communication features you can choose from which gives businesses more advanced options to tailor in their system. For this, they get a score of 4.8/5 in the features category.

Pro: Rave Reviews From Users

Ooma earns an overall score of 4.4/5 in the customer score category across customer review sites, such as Capterra, Trustpilot, and G2. The majority of its customers only had positive feedback about their Ooma experience, mainly because of its affordability and the fact that it offers 24/7 live support.

Con: Limited Collaboration Features

While Ooma gets a decent score of 4.1/5 for features, task management under the collaboration features isn’t available on all of its plans.  However, the video conferencing feature will only be available when you purchase the Ooma Pro and Ooma Pro Plus Plans.

Meanwhile, 8×8 offers all of these tools in the collaboration features, thus, getting a 4.8/5 features score.

Con: Weak Security and Authentication Feature

To ensure your data, and that of your customers, remains safe from possible cyber attacks, the implementation of data privacy and digital security has been an important first step for everyone and is strictly recommended. Ooma only scores 1/5 for security.

Its reason for this low score is because Ooma doesn’t display any certification compliance online, and its Terms & Conditions specifically state that it is not HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) compliant. Aside from this, multi-factor authentication, user-permissions and password rules aren’t enforced.

However, it does provide Transport Layer Security (TLS) and the Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) data encryption security.

How Much Does Ooma Cost?

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Ooma Essentials

Ooma Pro

Ooma Pro Plus







Key Features

50+ standard features

Virtual receptionist

Ring groups

Music on hold

One toll-free number

Digital fax

Mobile app

Email audio attachments

Key Features

Everything in Essentials

Desktop app

Video conferencing

Call recording

Dynamic caller ID

Google and Office 365 integrations

Call analytics

Key Features

Everything in Pro

Call queuing

Salesforce integration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration

Advanced call flows

Video conferencing recording

Hot desking

Each of these plans offer over 50 features that are beneficial for any type of business.

We have compared the prices from eleven different phone system providers and we have concluded that Ooma is best for low-cost, 24/7 support.

However, Ooma earns a score of 3.5/5 for pricing because some features, such as spam prevention or voicemail to text, are only available when you upgrade to Ooma Pro and Ooma Pro Plus Plans.

Meanwhile, Zoom Phone scores 5/5 in the same category because it offers all these services in all of its plans, and its cheapest plan starts at only $13.30 per user, per month.

If you are not sure if Ooma is the right fit for you and your business, compare phone system prices by using our quick free quote-finding tool.

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Virtual Receptionist

Any business will win when they have an exceptional, comprehensive secretary. With a virtual receptionist you won’t have to worry about missing any business opportunities. Looking at our in-depth research, this gives Ooma a score of 4.1/5  in the features category.

This feature isn’t just for large corporations anymore. It is now available to any sized business and a feature you can get in any phone system provider.

Ooma has the virtual receptionist as a standard feature on all of its plans. It makes sure that no call is left unanswered, helps you connect with your customers by allowing users to get transferred to the right department, choose a language, or even navigate through the phone menu with an automated guide.

Mobile App

Most of the phone system providers have the mobile app feature because in an age of hybrid working, it has become essential for companies, big or small, to become accessible and turn over deliverables, whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the road.

The mobile app feature is a versatile tool that allows you to stay productive, communicate with customers, or even start a quick meeting with the office team – wherever you are. This feature is essential because everyone is on their mobile phone most of the time.

However, Ooma’s mobile app feature has options designed specifically for professional use, such as swapping between two callers on your line, call transfer them, or send to voicemail. Aside from that, the mobile app also lets you do what they call an attended transfer where the need to announce or explain a particular call can be done first before transferring to the right department.

Desktop App

Working remotely or being mobile is one of the best things to happen to the corporate world.

The desktop app is a versatile feature that allows your whole office to update everything you would on a desktop to your business phone system – which can be setup on your laptop.

This way, you can still be a part of conferences, listen to voicemails, return missed calls, or communicate with your team easily through your company directory from your laptop.

It is worth noting that this feature is only available when you upgrade to Ooma Pro which only costs $29.95 per user, per month that’s still cheaper compared to other phone system providers.

Hot Desking

If you are not able to use or log in to your work station, hot desking will allow you to inhabit any workspace. This will ensure you won’t miss a looming deadline.

While this feature isn’t entirely new, not all the top phone service providers have this feature. Luckily, Ooma offers this useful tool, but only when you upgrade to the Ooma Pro Plus.

What Kind of Business is Ooma Best For?

Ooma provides a simple solution at a cost effective price. This is why our researchers have found that they are best for low-cost 24/7 support, placing Ooma in second place – behind 8×8 and RingCentral in joint first – with a score of 4.5/5 in the customer support sector.

Most of the businesses that will benefit from Ooma phone system are the low-investment, no-inventory, service-based businesses.

How Does Ooma Compare With Other Phone Systems?

When choosing a phone system for your startup, the first thing to consider is its inbound and outbound communication features, pricing, integrability, scalability, and its customer support channels.

Below you will see how Ooma compares with other phone service providers that our researchers looked at.




Ring Central

Goto Connect



Google Voice


Inbound & Outbound Communications Features


















External Connections


















Customer Support









Ooma’s Inbound and Outbound Communication Features

Ooma scores a solid 4.1/5 for communication features because it offers a lot of services in the inbound communication tools such as voicemail, ring groups and customizable hold music. However, the call queue service is not available in Ooma’s Essential and Pro Plans, an important feature for businesses which will only be available when you purchase the Ooma Pro Plus Plan. Despite lacking some outbound communication features such as custom call lists or predictive dialing, it offers an important service which is SMS/Chat.

Compared to Google Voice, which doesn’t offer these features just mentioned in the outbound communication sector thus earning only a 2.6/5 average in this sector.

Ooma’s Integrability and Scalability

Ooma’s external connections features allow you to choose between the best software programs any business will need for optimal performance. You get to choose from a variety of in-demand software applications including Salesforce, MS Dynamics, HubSpot to integrate in your system when you upgrade to the Ooma Pro or Ooma Pro Plus.

RingCentral, on the other hand, offers a lot of popular and high-demand interaction networks that you can integrate with your system, such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Apple Business Chat, and Google Business Messages. Meanwhile, GoTo Connect offers some of these software programs, too, like Salesforce or Outlook, but it doesn’t offer any software programs for external live chat integrations, unlike RingCentral.

Ooma’s external connection features make it easy to scale alongside your business, which is why Ooma scores 4.1/5 in the scalability category.

Ooma’s Customer Support Channel

Even though Ooma offers numerous support options, the reason it scores 4.5/5 for customer support in our research, it lacks email support. This option doesn’t become available when you upgrade to its advanced plans.

This is why RingCentral and 8×8 both score 5/5 in the same category because they both carry all the customer support tools you will need, including email support service.

Does Ooma Have Good Customer Reviews?

To back up our own research, we looked at reviews from real world customers on G2, Capterra, and TrustPilot.

The average score Ooma receives on business software review sites is 4.4/5. This is what a few of the users had to say:

Ooma is Surprisingly Great

What do you like best?

Setup was fantastically easy. Porting our old numbers to Ooma was a breeze.

What do you dislike?

Can’t keep our old extensions because Ooma needs to use 4 digit extensions, and we used 3.

What problems is the product solving and how is that benefiting you?

Got rid of our PBX system. Enabled us to move to a completely virtual office environment. Easy to update the attendant answering. (sic)


Mickey J., CEO
- November 27,2022, Source: G2
Ooma Office is a Fantastic Business VoIP System

Ooma Office is a fantastic VoIP Phone system. Saves thousands in long distance fees and costs associated with administration. No need to call someone for support and be charged extra fees. Support is 24/7. (sic)


Lloyd H,
- September 01, 2022, Source: TrustPilot
Extra Charges

Every so often there is an extra charge on my credit card bill from Ooma and I have to call them to reverse the unauthorized charge. In addition I’ve been having phone line problems for the longest time. I have spoken to so many different people there and the problems keep resurfacing. (sic)


Joel (Mississauga, ON),
- April 25, 2022, Source: Gonevoip
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Our research shows that Ooma gets an average of 4.5/5 in the customer support category and 3.5/5 in the pricing sector. So, Ooma’s no-frills communications solutions and affordability is best for low-cost businesses who need 24/7 support. We recommend Ooma for those who need a simple, inexpensive phone system set-up.

If you are still undecided, try our free quote-finding tool and we will link you to our trusted providers who will be in touch with obligation-free quotes.

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