GoToConnect (formerly Jive) Review and Cost

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GoToConnect (formerly Jive) is one of the most popular VoIP systems, but should your business go for it?

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  • Customizable and feature-heavy phone system
  • Compatible with 180+ desk phone models
  • Affordable pricing plans


  • Mobile app could be improved
  • Main interface is relatively difficult to navigate

Formerly known as Jive, GoToConnect is a cloud-based unified communications as a service (UCaaS) system. It combines all your company’s communication technology into one single platform, giving you greater control and more flexibility than you’d get from using a regular landline.

The question is: should your business go for GoToConnect? Or, rather, go to another company? This review will help you decide.

Using our extensive research and years of experience in the VoIP field, we’ve reviewed GoToConnect’s upsides and downsides, along with its pricing and top features. Once you’re done reading, you’ll be ready to make the right call for your business.

What are GoToConnect’s Features and Benefits?

During our research, certain features from GoToConnect really stood out. In fact, that’s why we rate GoToConnect as one of the best VoIP providers in Canada.

Below, we’ve chosen our favourite features and explained how they can benefit your business.

Unified Communications

GoToConnect unifies your video conferencing, phone calling, and instant messaging into one singular software, making it even easier for your team to stay connected to customers and each other. With so many businesses adopting a remote-working approach nowadays, unified communications is becoming an invaluable solution.

Reliable Uptime

GoToConnect, just like Jive before it, offers an impressive VoIP uptime of 99.99%. This means you’ll almost never need to worry about losing data or getting dropped mid-call. Reliable uptime is particularly important for businesses that handle lots of client or customer data, or that make large volumes of VoIP calls and need a reliable connection 24/7.

Scalable System

GoToConnect offers a handy management portal that displays how effectively your team is communicating. It also provides detailed analytics that can help you decide when you need to add or remove phone systems. For businesses looking to grow quickly, this will definitely make the transition much easier.

Impressive Integrations

We’re seeing more and more UCaaS companies offering integrations with other popular software and apps. In GoToConnect’s case, you can integrate your system with the likes of Outlook, Salesforce, Slack, and Zendesk. Installing third party software is a great way to bolster your team’s communication efforts, but watch out for those extra costs on top of your GoToConnect fee.

Find Me/Follow Me Remote Call Forwarding

This is GoToConnect’s version of remote call forwarding. The Find Me/Follow Me feature rings all your connected devices one after the other – so it might ring your desk phone first, get no answer, then ring your smartphone, and so on. This means no matter where you are or what device you’re using, a customer’s call will reach you.

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How Much Does GoToConnect Cost?

GoTo (formerly Jive) offers five different products with accompanying pricing plans. However, we’ll only be discussing the two most relevant products for this review: GoToConnect – its unified phones, meetings, and chat platform – and GoToMeeting, its video conferencing platform. Prices are in CAD.

GoToConnect Pricing

PlanSummaryMonthly costWhat you’ll get
BasicSimplified business phone system with basic meeting features$31.20/user

Call forwarding

Unlimited extensions

Team messaging

Find Me/Follow Me

1 ring group

1 call queue

1 visual dialplan

40 minute meetings

4 meeting participants

StandardFully-featured phone, chat, and video conferencing system$37.70/user

Everything on Basic, plus:

Unlimited ring groups

Unlimited visual dial plans

Hot desking


Call recording

Real-time analytics

Unlimited meeting minutes

Unlimited call queues

150 meeting participants

PremiumAll the capabilities of the standard plan, plus a support center and exclusive features$50.70/user

Everything on Standard, plus:

250 meeting participants

Call analytics

Supervisor real-time view

Real-time summaries

Agent effectiveness reporting

GoToMeeting Pricing

While GoToConnect comes with video conferencing, GoToMeeting is designed for teams that communicate via video really regularly and would benefit from these additional features:

PlanMonthly costWhat you’ll get

150 participants

HD video

Unlimited meetings

Unlimited meeting time

Voice commands with Siri

Commuter mode

Workflow integrations

Security compliance features

Account management features


Everything on Professional, plus:

250 participants

Unlimited Cloud recording


Note taking

Keyboard and mouse sharing

Meeting lock

Drawing tools

EnterpriseCustom pricing

Everything on Business, plus:

3,000 participants

Dedicated customer success manager

On-boarding and training materials

Volume discounts

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Is GoToConnect Right for my Business?

We’ve pulled together some common questions (along with accurate answers) and scenarios in relation to GoToConnect. This will help you understand whether it’s the right product for your own organization.

“I run a small business”

We recommend GoToConnect for small businesses because it offers an easy-to-use solution with affordable price plans starting from $31.20 per month, per user. You’ll also have access to 24/7 customer support to help your small business avoid any potential growing pains.

“I want to use a smartphone app along with the main interface”

While GoToConnect does offer a smartphone app, there are some online customer reviews describing it as clunky or laggy. With that in mind, you might find the GoToConnect app frustrating to use at times, and there are probably other companies out there offering better apps. That said, we’re still sure you’ll find GoToConnect’s service painless to use.

“My business is planning to scale quickly”

GoToConnect’s UCaaS system can easily scale with your business and make it very easy to add more users to your subscription. Don’t forget that there’s also a management portal on the main interface, which shows you how well your team is communicating via detailed reports – meaning you’ll likely know exactly when to add or remove users.

What do GoToConnect Customer Reviews say?

What do business owners or decision-makers like yourself think of GoToConnect? We scoured the internet for genuine customer reviews to give you a clear idea of how well (or poorly) the company performs in real life. The reviews are mostly very positive, with just a few complaints about the glitchy smartphone app:

“We use GoToConnect (formerly Jive) for our entire company’s phone system. Although we are a smaller company, we have employees spread across the country and using a VoIP service instead of a traditional landline service is incredibly valuable to us, particularly because of the central administration abilities of the Jive/GoToConnect system.”

– Post Hill Press, GoToConnect client

“I have been using Jive (now GoToConnect) for about 3 months. It provides online phone services, and I like the price, the number of tools, and customer service. I do not like how the app disconnects from the internet and I can’t hear the call (I am using only my cell phone at this point).”

– Sylvan Learning, GoToConnect client

“Our company uses GoToConnect (formerly Jive) across all departments: office, production, marketing, etc. GoToConnect has given us the ability to communicate with our customersand each other efficiently.”

– Construction Company, GoToConnect client

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Expert Verdict

Now that we’ve unpacked GoToConnect, revealing its strengths and weaknesses, you should be confident in making a decision for your business. To jog our memories, we’ll recap what we discussed…

GoToConnect is a popular VoIP provider, offering a feature-rich UCaaS system to help your teams stay connected with customers and colleagues. The mobile app could be improved, but the company as whole provides a strong service.

Lastly, don’t forget we can put you in touch with VoIP providers that best suit your company’s ambitions. To get started, simply use our free comparison tool and tell us what you’re looking for.

We’ll then use your answers to match you up with trusted VoIP companies who’ll contact you with more information and no-obligation quotes for you to compare. Our service is quick, easy, and totally free.

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