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By Aimee Bradshaw | Writer and researcher

The Polycom name has become synonymous with high-quality conferencing, from its SoundStation and SoundPoint phones to its videoconferencing tools.

The company has achieved massive growth over the years partly through its acquisition of a multitude of innovative companies. Most recently, the company expanded its collaboration tools by acquiring ViVu, a video collaboration software company.

Polycom Phone Systems Review
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Reviewed by Expert Market:12/10/2019

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Products and Services

Polycom is a full-service solution, allowing businesses to set up a communication and collaboration environment based on their specific needs.

The company was founded before the Windows desktop era and has achieved longevity because it has continued to evolve as technology has changed over the decades.

Businesses have been able to add to an existing Polycom infrastructure, going from simple audio conferencing devices to collaborative videoconferencing solutions as their needs change.

Businesses across the globe use Polycom to connect with employees, clients, and colleagues located around the world. Here are a few of the most popular uses for Polycom products in business today:

  • Video conference presentations using Polycom’s RealPresence software.
  • Training videos can be created and shared with employees across the world.
  • Videos can be stored for later reference or provided online for access from anywhere.
  • Video chats for advanced customer support issues.
  • RealPresence Mobile allows access to video conferences using any device.
  • Polycom Immersive Telepresence Solutions creates a life-size teleconferencing environment in a company’s conference room.

Business Applications

Companies across the globe, in a variety of industries and sizes, use Polycom for their conferencing needs. The solutions are priced on an individual basis, so each business has the opportunity to choose hardware and software that meets its individual budget and needs.

Immersive Telepresence is especially popular with larger companies that work with a global client base.

Heineken UK Limited estimated it was able to save around $400,000 in travel costs in just its first year of using the solution.

The solution allows members of the UK team to communicate with team members in Edinburgh and elsewhere in the UK throughout the day, speeding up the decision-making process and improving corporate operations.

Healthcare organization Silver Chain Group uses Polycom solutions to provide training to nurses and volunteers across Western Australia without leaving its head office.

The company reports that the technology has revolutionized its training processes, giving remote workers the support they need without trainers having to travel to each location on a regular basis.

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The Best Polycom Phones

Here are some of the best Polycom phone systems on offer:

Polycom SoundStation Duo

Polycom SoundStation Duo

Polycom’s SoundStation phone line offers the latest technology in VoIP telephony. Here are two of the most popular SoundStation phones Polycom offers:

  • SoundStation Duo Conference VoIP Phone – Retailing for $500-$600, the Duo can operate in both analog and VoIP environments. The Duo offers the widest compatibility of the SoundStation products, operating on a sizeable range Cof SIP call platforms. A web-configuration tool makes the Duo simple and affordable to set up and deploy.
  • SoundStation IP 7000 – Priced in the $600-$700 range, the IP 7000 is designed for midsize rooms, offering superior HD call quality. Polycom calls it the most advanced and expandable conferencing phone ever made.

Polycom IP 335 PoE

Polycom IP 335 PoE

Additionally, Polycom helps businesses with their IP deskset needs. These individual user-designed phones feature top-notch sound quality and advanced features. Here are two of the most popular Polycom IP desksets:

  • Polycom IP 335 PoE – With a MSRP of $199, the Polycom IP 335 PoE uses wideband audio to provide exceptional call quality to every conversation. In addition to standard features like 3-way calling and call hold, the IP 335 PoE has a built-in XML micro-browser and shared call/bridged line appearance.
  • Polycom IP 550 PoE – The $355 MSRP makes the IP 550 one of Polycom’s pricier handsets, but it provides a large number of advanced features, including buddy lists, text messaging, and presence.

Expert Verdict

Businesses of all sizes can find the solutions they need among Polycom’s many options. Whether a business needs advanced features or basic VoIP handsets, Polycom has the perfect solution.

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