Wix Pricing: Costs and Hidden Fees 2023

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Wix has recently simplified its pricing structure, bringing down its number of plans from seven to five. You can now subscribe to Wix for £7.50-£119 per month (paying for a full year upfront).

You can score even lower prices if you're willing to pay for two or three years in advance.

Otherwise, you can pay for Wix month-to-month at a cost of £10.50 (Light), £17 (Core), £23 (Business) or £129 (Business Elite).

Tailored pricing is available for large enterprises, if you're ambitious about scaling up operations this year.

Choose an Option To Start a Free Trial What's Your Monthly Budget For a Wix Website?

As well as launching its AI writer tool this year, Wix has recently partnered with Forter to better protect sellers against payment fraud. Although its stock price has dropped drastically since 2021 peak, it remains a major website platform with strong long-term revenue growth.

But unlike most digital products right now, Wix‘s recent pricing changes have not been straight skyward. Although Wix has increased its prices between now and last year, the rebrand of pricing plans this year includes more storage space for no additional cost.

Pivoting sharply towards business users, Wix pricing plans are now almost entirely geared towards online sellers, with just one plan – Wix Lite – available without online payment features.

What About VAT?

Throughout this article, we've listed pricing as Wix publishes it. That means VAT is not included, and will be added at the checkout.

Wix Pricing: How much does Wix cost?

Browsing through Wix price plans was a bit mind-boggling last year, as you had eight separate plans to wade through. Now there are just four (plus the Enterprise option), and it's much easier to pick and choose the plan you need.

Click the arrows to scroll through the table and compare all the price plans.

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0 out of 0




Business Elite


Price (billed annually)
Price (billed annually)
Price (billed annually)
Price (billed annually)
Price (billed annually)


Best For

Basic small business website

Best For

A small online store

Best For

Expanding online sellers

Best For

Fast-moving online stores

Best For

Competitive large retailers

Key Features
  • No online store
  • 2GB storage
  • No Wix ads
  • Free domain (1 year)
  • Customer data forms
Key Features
  • 50GB storage
  • Free domain (1 year)
  • Sell products, video, music
  • 1 auto backup/month
  • Basic gift cards
Key Features
  • 100GB storage
  • Free domain (1 year)
  • Sales tax automation
  • Print shipping labels
  • Sell in 6 currencies
Key Features
  • Unlimited storage
  • Free domain (1 year)
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Priority customer support
  • Custom reports
Key Features
  • Account manager
  • Performance tracking and site optimisation
  • Enterprise-grade security

Like most website builder companies, Wix offers a free trial of 14 days plus a 14-day money back guarantee on all premium plans so you can test out a price plan to see whether it's the right fit.

All of Wix's plans have been replaced with different offerings. For instance, Wix has dropped its “Connect Domain” and “Combo” plans to replace them with “Light” and “Core.” We'll look in detail at each of these in the sections below.

Overall, Wix's pricing changes mean it now offers more storage space for the same price. This was sorely needed, as many of Wix's competitors offered a lot more storage for lower costs.

And you can still get unlimited storage with Squarespace from £12 per month (paying for one year upfront). You'll only get the equivalent from Wix at its £119-per-month tier (on an annual billing cycle).

For a detailed breakdown of features, check out our Wix review.

Let's take a closer look at Wix Light, next.

Wix AI Text Generator

A new Wix feature that we love is the AI text generator – watch the video above for a quick demonstration. You simply type in a few phrases for inspiration, select the type of text you need, then choose from three auto-generated options.

Wix Light

  • What: Create a basic website to promote services
  • Who: Small businesses or micro entrepreneurs
  • Why: Capture basic customer data with online forms
  • How much: £7.50 per month (paying for one year upfront) – discounts available for two or three years' prepayment

The Wix Light plan costs £7.50 per month if you pay for one year upfront, otherwise the month-to-month cost is £10.50. You'll get an easy-to-use website builder without any sales features.

This plan is only really suitable for basic business purposes – a place customers can find your email address and some photos when they Google your name. Therefore it's a decent option for local businesses with a smaller budget such as repair services, car dealerships, antique shops, and local services like tree surgery or dog walking.

six ecommerce website template thumbnails in a grid
Wix offers a range of design templates specific to various business types.

The now-retired “Combo” plan was £7.50 per month, and used to plaster your Wix website with branded adverts. That generally created a pretty amateurish look.

But the new “Light” plan gives your website a more professional look. Although the storage space remains the same at 2GB, there are no Wix branded adverts for the same price of £7.50 a month.

What happened to Wix Connect Domain?

Wix's Connect Domain plan (£4 per month) is now no longer available. The cheapest premium plan for Wix used to offer just 500MB of storage space with no free domain offer (the idea being you “connect your own domain”).

It had been the cheapest plan not to offer Wix ads. Now Wix's lowest price premium offer is Wix Light at £7.50 per month (paying for one year upfront).

Wix Core

What: An affordable online store with solid sales features
Who: Smaller retailers starting a small store
Why: Customers can create an account to store payment and delivery details
How much: £14 per month (paying for one year upfront) – discount available for two or three years' prepayment

For £6.50 more per month (or roughly two iced coffees), you can buy Wix Core, and open up a whole range of retail opportunities compared with Wix Light. While Wix Light provides little more than a nice place to host images and collect customer emails, Wix Core allows you to set up a fully fledged online store.

You can sell a wide range of product types, including digital artwork, video, and audio. You can sell subscriptions affordably on the Wix Core plan, unlike Squarespace, which requires an upgrade to its $49 per month Commerce Advanced plan.

four images of recipe books with pricing underneath each one
Replace prices with "Out of stock" notices, and mark items as "Best Seller"

Wix Core doesn't neatly replace any of its previous plans, but its 50GB storage space for £14 per month (paying for one year in advance) is more generous than the (now unavailable) Wix VIP, which cost £21 per month (on an annual billing cycle) and offered just 35GB of storage.

Another change is the introduction of a new webchat feature to interact with your site's customers. That's particularly useful for businesses in retail, as it provides a convenient customer service channel in case any questions are holding back a purchase decision.

It's the lowest Wix pricing tier to offer site analytics as well, providing you with tips on how to improve traffic (the flow of visitors) to your website.

Looking for an easy-to-use online shop maker?

However, there are lots of limitations, making it unsuitable for more ambitious online merchants. For instance, you can't collect product reviews, nor can you sell in multiple currencies. You don't get access to shipping features like the ability to print shipping labels and manage fulfilment.

So you'll need to arrange your own delivery processes and keep a handle on orders without much automation from Wix's side.

Wix Business

What: Organise and automate your sales process
Who: Online sellers looking to scale up
Why: Order fulfilment tools such as shipping label printing
How much: £20 per month (paying for one year upfront) – discount available for two or three years' upfront payment

Wix still has a £20 per month tier (formerly “Business Unlimited”, with 35GB storage) which has been replaced by “Business” with 100GB storage. Other aspects of this plan have stayed the same: you can print shipping labels, connect shipping apps, and enjoy automated tax calculation for 100 orders per month.

That means this is the plan for small business leaders who are truly looking to scale up, and expand their product offerings. On the other hand, smaller local businesses or micro entrepreneurs selling handmade trinkets or offering one-to-one services at very low volumes would do just fine with Wix Core, instead.

Wix Business costs £23 if you'd rather pay on a monthly billing cycle.

Shop Til You Stop

Wix allows you to sell a maximum of 50,000 products across any of its price plans. So if you want to scale up beyond that, we recommend you check out our Shopify pricing review instead.

One of the few limitations of this plan are that you can't implement a loyalty program (with points, coupons, rewards, etc.). But other than that, it's a genuinely great value option for online selling. You'll be able to collect up to 1,000 customer reviews, which are vital for helping users to trust your site.

We recommend Wix Business for merchants with their sights set on overseas sales in particular, because of the following features:

  • Sell in six currencies
  • Build multiple websites
  • Manage five locations from one account
  • 10 staff accounts with custom roles for each

These features gives you extra control over website permissions, meaning you can set up your staff to collaborate effectively on various websites.

Wix Business Elite

  • What: Expand an established online store
  • Who: Fast-moving SMB retailers with some experience under their belt
  • Why: Priority customer support
  • How much: £119 per month (paying for one year upfront) – discounts available for two or three years' prepayment

If your online sales are steady, your brand is gaining popularity, and you're looking to expand Wix Business Elite is a decent option for expansion support. At £119 per month (paying for one year upfront), it's certainly more affordable than Shopify Advanced at £344 per month (annual billing cycle).

“Business Elite” is a new higher-priced subscription tier from the brand. Formerly, Wix's most expensive plans (before the Enterprise level) were £21 and £27 per month (on an annual billing cycle). So this new plan represents a ten times price increase for upgrades including unlimited storage space (the maximum used to be 50GB with Business VIP).

Wix SEO setup checklist screenshot
Wix premium plans come with a handy SEO setup checklist, so you'll remember to make the technical tweaks your website needs to be seen by search engine users.

You'll get priority customer support with Business Elite. This is the biggest price increase in any Wix service – formerly, you could get priority customer support for £27 per month (annual billing) with Business VIP.

We'd recommend Wix Business Elite for retailers in industries where speedy problem solving is vital to successful operations. If you're selling pricier items (perhaps with customisation), your clientele are going to expect better customer service than a smalltime seller on eBay.

You're more likely to be able to provide rapid issue resolution with the phone support from Wix that you get at this tier. We have to say it's a bit cheeky to charge so much for access to phone support, given IONOS offers this at all levels.

Square Online offers 9-5 phone support on working days across all of its price plans – including its free one. Suffice to say it's not hard to find competitors with more affordable customer support on the blower than Wix.

Does Wix charge transaction fees?

Wix's major value advantage is not charging any transaction fees (unlike Shopify, for instance).

However, you'll need to pay for processing fees to third-party payment gateways, as is usual throughout retail. Wix will invoice you for these at the end of the month. Here are the rates:

  • Credit or debit card with Wix Payments: 2.1% + 20p
  • Apply Pay: 2.1% + 20p
  • Chargeback fee: £15

It's worth noting that Shopify's chargeback fee is only £10, compared with Wix's £15.

We go through competitors and their differences more thoroughly in our complete guide to the best online sales platforms for small businesses. Click over there now to find out if Shopify or Wix took the trophy, overall.

Does Wix have a free plan?

Yes, Wix has a free plan, so you can design and publish your own website at no cost. Here are the limitations of the Wix free plan:

  • URL contains “youraccountname.wixsite.com”
  • Wix ads on every page
  • 500MB of storage space
  • Can't take online payments
  • No Google analytics

Wix also has a 14-day free trial so you can test its premium web builder free of charge. There's a money-back guarantee for the first two weeks of any paid subscription as well.

Wix fees and costs: Billing cycles, ongoing costs and hidden fees

Wix billing cycles

You can choose to pay one of four ways: monthly, annually, once per two years or once every three years. Of these, the discounts are bigger if you pick the latter.

Be aware that subscriptions are on auto-renew, so you should set a reminder for when your billing period is coming to an end. Annual and biannual plans are renewed 14 days prior to the plan's expiry date.

Additional Wix website costs:

The following additional charges may appear on your invoice from Wix:

  • Custom domain name: approx £8-£48 a year
  • Business email with Google: cost depends on price plan
  • Paid apps (integrations)
  • Third-party payment processing fees
  • Mandatory taxes – including VAT

Bear in mind that if you bought a subscription while it was discounted, it will renew at the regular (higher) rate.

How to get it cheaper: Wix deals and discounts

Wix frequently offers 50% off deals, which is a great chance to save on outgoings. However, if there isn't one and you're looking to buy then here's a discount code: GET10! for 10% off a subscription.

The second way to save is to opt for longer subscription plans. Paying month-to-month is the most expensive way to use Wix, so you'll save money in the long-run if you spend more upfront.

Wix pricing versus competitors' pricing

If you're looking to sell cheaply online, you're probably wondering whether or not to choose Wix. To help solve this riddle, we've put together a comparison chart of Wix and its competitors' lowest price plans for selling online without platform ads.

You can directly compare their features by clicking the left and right arrows:

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0 out of 0





Wix Core

Basic Shopify



Price per month
Paying for 12 months up front


Price per month
Paying for 12 months up front


Price per month
Paying for 12 months up front


Price per month
Paying for 12 months up front


Transaction fees


Transaction fees


Transaction fees


Transaction fees


Unlimited products
Unlimited products
Unlimited products
Unlimited products
Abandoned Cart Recovery
Abandoned Cart Recovery
Abandoned Cart Recovery
Abandoned Cart Recovery
Sell on Facebook and Instagram
Sell on Facebook and Instagram
Sell on Facebook and Instagram
Sell on Facebook and Instagram
Sell on marketplaces
Sell on marketplaces
Sell on marketplaces
Sell on marketplaces
Print Shipping Labels
Print Shipping Labels
Print Shipping Labels
Print Shipping Labels
Sell in local currencies
Sell in local currencies

With Shopify Payments

Sell in local currencies
Sell in local currencies

As you can see from the above, the cheapest Wix plan does not offer all the features you'd need for a global sales set-up. For instance, Wix Core doesn't allow you to sell in multiple currencies. You'd need to upgrade to Wix Business for that capability.

Yet if you're purely looking at the cheapest way to sell online without adverts, Wix Core is a better deal than Squarespace Business, because the latter costs £3 more per month in subscription fees and charges 3% transaction fees on top of payment processing costs.

Expert verdict

Wix offers a healthy balance between attractive design options, time-saving AI tools, and reliable online selling options. We recommend small businesses looking to sell products and services sign up for a Wix free trial to try out its premium features.

There are a lot of great things to say about Wix, including that it offers the most affordable website builder price plans on the market today. Yet, there are limitations you get with Wix that you don't with its competitors. These are:

  • Limited storage space
  • Limited product listing (max 50,000)
  • Limited customer reviews
  • Can't print shipping labels on Wix Core plan

Still, Wix has a free plan you can use to publicise your local business or commercial project. However, this will come with Wix-branded adverts and you won't be able to take payments from customers at this level.


How can I save money on Wix?
You can use discount code: GET10! at the checkout for 10% off the price off Wix subscriptions. Otherwise, you can save if you buy longer subscription plans (such as two or three years) compared with the regular month-to-month price. You will have to pay that total price upfront, however.
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