AMS Vehicle Tracking Review: Is It Right For You?

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AMS vehicle tracking is one of the UK's leading brands, offering a variety of products to help your fleet save money and boost efficiency. But is it the right option for you? This review will explain everything you need to know about AMS tracking, outlining its features, benefits and latest customer reviews.

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For everyone else, let's dive into our AMS vehicle tracking review…

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AMS Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Asset Monitoring Solutions Group (UK) Ltd (AMS) was formed in 2009. Its products include vehicle tracking, job management and personal tracking devices. They trade in the UK and throughout mainland Europe.

AMS vehicle tracking technology provides businesses with real-time data on vehicle and asset location. Their customers include the British Red Cross and Northern Water, and small to medium sized businesses.

Which AMS Tracking Products and Features do I Need?

AMS offer a range of vehicle tracking products from simple tracking solutions through to complete fleet tracking packages. The full product range includes Fleet Manager, Fleet Manager Lite, Site Manager, Site Manager Plus, Trailer Track, and Tracking Locator.

Known forModelsFeaturesPrices
AMS Asset
tracking solutions
Fleet Manager OBD IISimple tracking unit
AMS Fleet ManagerFully featured fleet management solution
Fleet Manager LiteLow cost slim line version of Fleet manager
Trailer TrackSimple polling or full tracking of movable assets such as trailers
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Fleet Manager OBD II

AMS fleet manager OBD II

Fleet Manager OBD II is a simple tracking unit that uses quad band/GPRS/GPS. It provides asset monitoring and real time vehicle data. You can install it as a stand-alone unit or as a professional driver aid that provides performance data to the driver. The driver aid supports RFID driver tags.

AMS Fleet Manager

The AMS Fleet Manager is the company’s most advanced device. It provides a wide range of functions including:

  • Vehicle immobilisation
  • Driver Identification
  • Temperature monitoring

It can be integrated with Garmin sat nav and vehicle proprietary systems. It is ideally suited for larger fleets of 30 or more vehicles. Additional features include:

  • Reduction of unnecessary idle time to reduce fuel bill and emissions
  • Improved routing and fleet utilisation
  • In cab driver performance feedback
  • Private mileage monitoring compliant with HMRC requirements

Fleet Manager Lite

Fleet Manager Lite is a scaled down version Fleet Manager. While providing the same tracking functionality, unnecessary interfacing options aren’t included. The result is a powerful tracking solution but at a lower cost.

Did You Know?

In the UK, one car is stolen every nine minutes.

Trailer Track

Trailer Track is designed to provide a cost effective solution for tracking trailers and valuable assets. It uses the same technology as the more sophisticated tracking solutions. The small, discreet device can be externally or internally powered. It can be configured for simple daily polling for monitoring fleet distribution or can be used for full live tracking.

Does AMS Vehicle Tracking have good customer reviews?

AMS has very few online reviews, but we found that customers are happy with the product itself but are wary of the rolling contract…

Customer review

First of all daily digests, my every working day starts with a daily digest, where I can get all important information about trucks, trailers, and drivers. For me, it is important to allocate tasks among fleet managers, with the app I don't even have to ask anything, I can go into details and see all necessary information. I can track costs, expiration of documents, service check-ups, and the history of each asset which helps us to make a decision whether we want to keep that asset or sell it.

Matt, Transportation employee
- June 2022
Customer review

Beware the mysterious rolling contract which automatically renews without my approval or permission.

- Feb 2021

AMS fleet management and asset tracking solutions provides a simple yet effective solution for small to medium sized fleets. The products range from low cost basic implementations through to fully featured solutions. However, according to our research, Verizon and Samsara are the ultimate vehicle tracking products.

For a fleet manager seeking a solution tailored to their requirements only, this system is worth looking at. AMS claim that the scaled-down Fleet Manager Lite system can pay for itself within a year. Trailer Track is also an attractive solution for monitoring your valuable mobile assets.

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