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One of the first online businesses to offer web building services, Web.com supplies professionally customised website designs that can easily be paired with monthly marketing tools to assist in the promotion of your online store. With the choice of over 2,000 templates, clients can choose between utilising their expert design team or opting for a Do-it-Yourself build.

Easily achieved for free in 3 easy steps, their packages are ideal for anyone wishing to build a new site, drive traffic to their existing one, or strengthen their service through social media.

To date Web.com has helped over 3 million users to successfully launch modern, stylish websites whilst providing the following services: local customer leads, Facebook boosts (including a company Facebook page built for free), free domain name and resources, hosting packages and the facilities to create a fully functional ecommerce store.

Products and services

With over 20 years of experience in the field, Web.com offers an assortment of packages to assist their clients:

  • Ecommerce Express – at $34.95 per month, clients can showcase 20 products, utilise Web.com’s site builder and benefit from unlimited web storage, business email addresses and a low 2.5% transaction fee.
  • Ecommerce Standard – at $59.95 per month, clients can advertise 500 products, install email auto-responders, submit their products to Google and benefit from business email addresses and a reduced 1.5% transaction fee.
  • Ecommerce Pro – at $99.95 per month, clients can promote unlimited products (including selling digital products), utilise the affiliate management program, gain an SSL Certificate and benefit from a super-low transaction fee of 1.0%.

Whilst their Build-it-Yourself packages and domain names are free, compared to other website builders they are not the cheapest, so if you are on a budget you may not be able to take full advantage of their service offerings.

The fact that many of their prices escalate after the first month may be a deterrent for some.

Their hosting similarly comes at a set price with users being able to choose from:

  • Essential Hosting – at $5.95 per month, this basic hosting package is perfect for small business owners, it comes with 300GB disk space, unlimited data transfer, 25 FTP accounts, 100 multi user email boxes and 1 free domain.
  • Professional Hosting – at $7.95 per month, this offer is ideal for small to medium sized businesses, they can access 500GB disk space, unlimited data transfer, 50 FTP accounts, 500 multi-user email boxes and 1 free domain.
  • Premium Hosting – at $9.95 per month, this package is recommended for those managing large, high traffic websites, this package comes with unlimited disk space, data transfer and FTP accounts, 1000 multi-user email boxes and 1 free domain.

For businesses considering building their own website, Web.com also offers SEO and marketing packages as well as access to a library of over 1000 royalty free images.

Promotionally, Web.com can take the weight off your shoulders by ensuring your business is found on hundreds of places online. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and the Yellow pages (to name a few), Web.com web builder can even create a company profile page for your Facebook account to ensure you are always found.

web.com logo

With thousands of free customisable templates to choose from that are easily modified with their Click and Point editor feature, users will certainly be spoilt for choice when designing their own site. Whilst each template projects a professional feel that is guaranteed to add site credibility, there is a simplicity to some designs that might not suit larger businesses.

For smaller companies simply looking to launch themselves, their marketing packages and straight forward designs are the perfect platform for practicing and experimenting. The fact that they are free alleviates the pressure and allows businesses to explore before committing to a design. Should your own creativity not pan out, then their own design team can help.

In terms of their own site, navigating Web.com and locating their services is easily accomplished. Their offerings are clearly identifiable and explained, so even the most novice of users will be able to find what they need.

Overall the site is modern, easy to use and comes with a vast array of offerings that makes it possible for businesses to launch a website without having to hire a UK Web Design agency. If design is not your forte, then their own design team can handle everything for you, including setting up credible marketing solutions and broadening audience awareness.

Ease of use

Web.com’s best feature is their Point-and-Click Editing interface. In 3 easy steps, businesses can choose a professional, no frills website design, customise it (using their thousands of royalty free images) and publish their completed design straight to the internet. In less than 24 hours, small businesses can have their own bespoke website through which they can showcase their products and stay connected with their clients.

Web.com offers a wide-ranging package that is ideal for less experienced marketers. With no prior experience of your own, with Web.com you can benefit from:

  • Quick-start web design – starter content which is easily modified to suit your business offerings.
  • 2,500 templates – organised into 30 different categories, these can be searched for by keyword or colour. Template choices can also be easily switched. If you don’t like your original choice, you can change and all your existing information will be migrated into your new design.
  • Targeted marketing modules – these are designed to improve your conversion rates; drive more traffic to your site and increase your sales through easy to use cart software solutions.
  • Marketing tools – search engine optimisation and advice from SEO web experts; affiliate marketing; top of the line email marketing platforms; PPC (one-on-one consultations with our experts who will provide qualified leads to drive potential clients as well as create ongoing campaigns) and social media.
  • Anytime support – free, no obligation consultations with professional consultants 24/7.
  • Digital guides – online walk through videos (accessible when you sign up for a paid account).
  • Store management tools – this control panel allows you to manage your products (both physical and digital), orders and customers, and sell services through your store.
  • In-depth analytics – Google Analytics and reporting to measure your visitors and track your sales.
  • Promote in major directories – Google, Yahoo, Bing, listings in GPS devices, mobile sites, Facebook Places and Yellow pages.
  • Build a business page on Facebook – increase your business visibility, following and likes by engaging with your target audience. Web.com will create a professional company page all about you whilst providing frequent updates and content.

Admittedly, Web.com doesn’t have the cleanest interface due to bugs that can interfere with the platform and delay the progression of your design. These bugs can prove occasionally frustrating, especially as there is no free demo to guide you through the creation process. However, you can fully test drive the platform and receive tutorial videos with a modestly priced paid account.

Advantages and disadvantages

Web.com comes with many advantages for businesses looking to launch a new site, increase their social media presence or modernise their existing one:

  • Great resources – thousands of free customisable templates with access to starter content and royalty free images.
  • Experienced team – access to an accomplished design and marketing team who can handle all aspects of your website build, design, content, SEO, PPC and promotions.
  • Easy editing – point and click editing removes the need for a digital agency and allows you to manage the site yourself.
  • Reliable support – 24/7 customer support available either by phone, email or forums.
  • Free, no obligation consultations with their design, SEO and PPC experts – Web.com also employs Website Coaches who are committed to advising you on the best designs for your company. Additionally, they will give you a guided tour through the interface; walk you through image selection and editing, and will review your sites optimisation on search engines.

Whilst Web.com comes with many advantages, there are some drawbacks to this web designer that you should bear in mind:

  • No free demos – the intuitive design system makes things easy, but if you need video tutorials on how to create a website, these are only accessible once you register for a paid account.
  • Limited unpaid options – free domains are only available once you sign up for a paid package.
  • Cost – Web.com packages come with all the tools you need to successfully launch your site, promote it and ensure you are recognised on Google, but their monthly pricing for hosting and eCommerce deals make them a slightly more expensive option for those on a tighter budget.

Expert verdict

As one of the longest standing web builder providers, Web.com has acquired a strong reputation amongst businesses for being supportive, proactive and for supplying an intuitive platform that removes the need for prior tech experience. No matter your design background Web.com can help you to create a fully functional ecommerce site that is sleek and modern.

Despite these bonuses, we suggest opting for their ‘Do It For Me’ package. Whilst this is not free their designers can overcome the obstacles created by the bugs within their interface. In turn, to receive full access to their services (marketing, tutorials, hosting etc.) you have to sign up for a paid package, so paying is unavoidable with this web builder.

Overall, Web.com is an insightful web building platform that seeks to save you time by providing you with all the necessary tools to launch or revitalise an existing site. With the option to switch between designs and utilise the expertise of their SEO and PPC consultants, you can walk away with more than a new site, but with credible marketing solutions.

We recommend Web.com for businesses with a good sized budget that are seeking a no frills website where they can create content, insert images, publish and promote their products.

Alternatively, you can get a quick quote from Web.com and compare it against top web design firms by using our free quote-finding tool.

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