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DotGO is a UK-based web design agency, offering affordable design packages specifically for small businesses. It has brilliant customer support and, according to Trustpilot, it’s the UK’s most trusted web design agency. But is it right for your business? This DotGO review will tell all.

Keep reading for our detailed review of DotGO’s pricing, features, and unique 5-step design process.

Let’s DotGO…

How much does DotGO cost?

DotGO is unique when it comes to pricing. Most web design agencies offer bespoke pricing, while DotGO offers set price plans – plus relatively low monthly subscription costs, which includes web hosting and maintenance. This pricing model is useful, because it gives you full transparency on where your money’s going.

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DotGO Lite Website

DotGO Pro Website

DotGo Complete Package

DotGO Online Shop


£199 + £37 per month


£499 + £37 per month


£999 + £37 per month


£699 + £53 per month


4-page website
Google SEO


4 pages +10 service-specific pages
Blog writing


Full branding design
Social media accounts
2 professionally written blogs
Custom colour palette


Sell online
Set custom delivery bands
Run promotions

With our industry experience and research into the costs of web design, we know that DotGO is one of the best-value agencies in the UK. For example, Yell Business, while an excellent web design agency, has price plans starting from £399 compared to DotGO’s £199 starter plan.

Then, for an upfront payment of £999 and then £37 per month, DotGO can build a large website for your growing business, which is far cheaper than most other agencies, typically charging thousands of pounds, plus ongoing maintenance fees, for a business website.

Don’t forget – the quickest and easiest way to get a clear price is by using our free cost-comparison tool. Simply answer a few questions about your business, and we’ll match you with shortlisted agencies who’ll contact you directly with no-obligation quotes in a matter of minutes.

The pros and cons of DotGO


  • Cheap price plans and quality websites
  • 'Most trusted' UK web design agency on Trustpilot
  • Provides training to help you customise your site


  • Not suitable for enterprise-level businesses

Pro: Cheap price plans and quality websites

DotGO’s team of designers and copywriters will create a bespoke website for you from just £199, plus £37 per month in web hosting and maintenance fees. From our research, we know this is far cheaper than the industry average, with most UK agencies charging thousands of pounds plus fees for a small business website.

We also like how DotGO uses its own technology, not templates, to create truly unique websites for its clients.

Pro: ‘Most Trusted’ UK web design agency on Trustpilot

DotGO has over 520 5-star ratings on Trustpilot, making it the ‘most trustworthy’ web design agency in the UK on that review site. The reviews speak for themselves – DotGO is an affordable and trustworthy web design agency, which, when searching for a web design agency, are vital attributes for small businesses looking to get ahead of the competition.

Pro: Provides training to help you customise your site

DotGO offers a 5-step design process, providing you with your own designer, writer, and dedicated account manager. Also, if you’d like to update the website yourself, the DotGO team will train you up on how to make tweaks.

You can also contact DotGO’s customer support team to help with any issues. Overall, DotGO combines the affordability and creative freedom of website builders with expert-level products found only with professional designers, which is impressive.

Con: Not suitable for large businesses

Large businesses will find DotGO’s design packages too restrictive. Medium-to-large corporations will likely need full control over APIs, and larger servers to handle high-volumes of traffic. DotGO is designed for small businesses only.

DotGO’s key features explained

Let’s explore some of DotGO’s top features:

Hosted, managed and supported websites

DotGO will host and manage your website on its enterprise-level servers, ensuring your website runs smoothly and keeps traffic flowing in. From £37 per month, DotGO will handle all bug fixes and site upgrades for you, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

Custom-built websites

DotGO uses its own software, which comes with free upgrades, to create custom-built websites. It doesn’t use templates or software like WordPress, which means you’ll get a unique website that won’t cost the earth. For small businesses, owning a unique and professional website is vital for building a respectable brand image.

The DotGO Way 5-step design process

Perhaps DotGO’s most unique feature is its DotGO Way 5-step design process:

Discover – DotGO asks about your business goals and purpose
Preparation – DotGO shares stock image and Google keyword ideas with you
Content writing – get professionally written, SEO-optimised content
Design – DotGO designs your website
Finalisation – DotGO makes final tweaks and provides training for you

In our experience, some agencies keep you in the dark about the whole design process, then invoicing you with eye-watering figures. DotGO keeps things relatively transparent.

UK-based team

DotGO’s technology, designers, and engineers are all based in the UK, which is ideal for UK businesses that need easy access to the software or customer support team. It’s not uncommon for web design agencies to outsource their servers or customer support internationally, which could cause issues or delays.

What kind of business is DotGO best for?

DotGO is best for small businesses that want a professionally-designed website without breaking the bank:

Small businesses across all sectors

DotGO is perfect for small businesses, offering affordable and transparent price plans, efficient customer support, and eye-catching web designs. When looking for a web design agency, these are all important factors for small businesses to consider.

The agency also has experience creating websites for all sectors, from art and photography sites to hotel and travel brochure pages.

Online stores

DotGO’s ‘Online Shop’ design package is specifically for ecommerce websites, making it the ideal option for small online store owners. With this package, after the site’s been created, you can create bulk items easily, set custom delivery bands, track orders, and run promotions from the DotGO dashboard.

How does DotGO compare to its competitors?

Here’s how DotGO differs from the competition:


Because most web design agencies offer bespoke pricing, it’s difficult to compare price plans. But from our research, we know that DotGO’s price plans are considerably lower than what you can expect to pay for many UK web design agencies, who typically charge over £1,000 plus maintenance fees for a small business website.

Yell’s web design agency also offers set price plans, with its lowest web design package starting at £399 plus £30 per month service fee. This is slightly more expensive than DotGO’s entry-level plan, but still offers good value for money.


Like Yell, DotGO’s best feature is that it offers a one-off design fee, plus relatively low monthly management fees. Both agencies offer design packages, giving you transparency on how your money’s being spent.

Also like Yell, DotGO offers professionally written, Google-optimised content to help drive traffic from Google to your site. However, unlike Yell, DotGO doesn’t connect your website to the Yell directory, which can help expose your website to even more customers.

Does DotGO have good customer reviews?

DotGO has almost faultless reviews online, boasting a 5-star rating from over 520 reviews on Trustpilot. Most reviews describe DotGO’s friendly and professional service:

Customer review

We loved working with DotGO, they were so different from every other company we’d talked to and worked with. Most companies had previously given us the tools but no support. DotGO were brilliant, they held our hands all the way through the process, offered advice and then gave us the training and tools to manage the site ourselves.

I’d highly recommend them; they listened to our brief and nailed it!

The Hamper Store UK,
- Trustpilot, November 2022
Customer review

This is the 2nd website DotGo has designed for me. My designer Jessica has been fantastic and built a great site, talked me through everything and has a great sense of humour. Andrew wrote my content after we spoke on the phone and again was really pleased with the end result. I can not recommend this company enough, responsive and good at what they do. Thank you to everyone Jackie

- Trustpilot, November 2022
Customer review

DotGO has been fantastic every step of the way and Jessica produced a brilliant website for my business. The whole process is made simple and easy, merely have a vision for your website and they will do the rest. I couldn’t recommend them enough!

- Trustpilot, October 2022
Expert verdict

DotGO’s friendly and professional web design services have made it one of the most popular UK web design agencies on Trustpilot, scoring 5/5 from over 520 reviews. Clients also love DotGo’s bespoke websites and quick turnaround, making it easy for small business owners to get an online presence that stands out.

DotGO isn’t suitable for large businesses, who are better off finding web design agencies with more scope for creating enterprise sites, but it’s an excellent choice for budget-conscious SMEs.

That said, it’s always a good idea to compare your options before making a decision. To get free quotes from trusted web design agencies, use our quick, easy, free comparison tool. Simply answer a few questions, and suitable agencies will contact you with no-obligation quotes in a few minutes. It couldn’t be easier.

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