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VeriFone is a global leader in payment processing, handling over two billion transactions annually across over 165 countries. If you manage a store, run an online shop, or do both, VeriFone’s adaptable solutions might be a good option. It enables you to accept various payment methods, create loyalty programs, and ensure a smooth online and in-person buying experience for your customers.

This review looks into VeriFone’s pricing, features, security, and support to help you decide if it aligns with your business needs and how it stacks up against the best mobile card readers.

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Best For

Businesses seeking secure, omnichannel payment solutions


Custom pricing based on business needs

Key Features
  • Accepts major credit/debit cards, digital wallets, cryptocurrency
  • Supports in-store and online payments
  • PCI DSS, PCI PIN, P2PE compliant
Customer Support

24/7 technical support via phone, email, and chat; online resources and developer tools

  • Secure, flexible solutions for various industries
  • Omnichannel integration
  • Custom pricing lacks transparency
  • Some features require technical implementation

How Much Does VeriFone Cost?

VeriFone offers custom pricing based on your business needs. Features that affect the pricing include the types of payment terminals you need, whether you’ll take online payments, and whether you need any specific software integrations. It means you’re only paying for the services you’ll use.

Top payment processors, like Zettle and Square, generally have transparent flat-rate pricing, so VeriFone’s custom pricing model makes it difficult to directly compare costs. As an example, Zettle charges 1.75% per card transaction, while Revolut offers an even lower 0.8% + 2p fee.

However, for businesses with specific needs, VeriFone’s tailored approach could potentially provide better value than the one-size-fits-all packages. It’s worth getting a custom quote from VeriFone and carefully weighing it against the flat-rate pricing and feature sets of competitors to determine the best fit and value for your particular business.

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VeriFone Features

VeriFone offers a robust set of features to make it easier to take payments and improve your customers’ experience. It seamlessly handles in-store, online, and mobile payments—essential for today’s shoppers, who might browse a website before buying in your shop.

VeriFone lets you accept all the usual payment methods—credit and debit cards, digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and other popular options. This flexibility can attract more customers and help you expand into new markets. VeriFone also prioritises security with features like tokenization and encryption to protect customer data.

Beyond taking payments, VeriFone helps you build better relationships with customers, offering a loyalty program system you can use to reward regulars. Plus, the VeriFone Central dashboard provides reports and analysis on sales, customer habits, and how well your marketing campaigns are working.

Taking Payments With VeriFone

VeriFone offers various payment methods to suit different situations. Like Zettle, it offers a robust set of tools for omnichannel selling, allowing businesses to seamlessly handle in-store, online, and mobile payments.

For in-person sales, you can use secure countertop card readers and mobile devices for taking payments on the go (useful for cafes or market stalls). These integrate with your existing point-of-sale (POS) system for smoother transactions.

For online sales, VeriFone provides a ready-made payment page to get you up and running quickly. If you have a web developer, they can use VeriFone’s API for a more customised checkout that matches your website’s look. VeriFone’s Pay-by-Link feature also lets you take payments easily through emails, invoices, or social media.

VeriFone stands out because it makes it simple for customers to shop how they want—online, in-person, or a mix of both. It could even help you offer options like ‘click and collect,’ where customers order online and pick up in your store. This flexibility is vital to keeping modern customers happy, and VeriFone has the experience to make it work seamlessly.

VeriFone Compliance

As a major player in payment processing, VeriFone must meet strict security standards—and it does. Its solutions are designed to protect customer card information per the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

It also complies with rules around PIN security (PCI PIN) and Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE). This means data is protected from the moment a customer uses their card, which helps reduce the chance of fraud. Plus, VeriFone respects global and European data privacy rules, safeguarding customer and employee information.

While VeriFone’s adherence to key industry security standards is commendable, it’s not the only provider prioritising compliance. SumUp, is equally as committed to data protection and fraud prevention. You can find out why in our SumUp review.

Stripe, another leading provider, also places a strong emphasis on security and compliance, although its focus is primarily on online businesses (read more in our Stripe review).

What sets VeriFone apart is its versatility – its secure payment solutions cater to a broader range of industries and sales channels than many of its competitors. This positions VeriFone as a reliable choice for businesses seeking a compliant payment partner adaptable to their unique needs.

VeriFone Customer Support

VeriFone’s 24/7 support via phone, email, and live chat is comparable to the customer service offered by Zettle and Square. You can contact it for anything urgent that’s stopping you from taking payments, to track orders, or for help with warranty claims.

VeriFone also has an extensive online library of guides and information. Its VeriFone.Cloud Documentation is where you’ll find help for setting up devices, fixing common problems, and using the software with other systems. If you have developers on your team, they can also access developer tools like APIs to customise how your payments work.

VeriFone Customer Score

On Trustpilot, VeriFone currently has an average rating of 2.3 out of 5 stars. In contrast, Zettle and SumUp fare better with scores of 4.8/5 and 4.2/5 respectively, with many users citing their ease of use and reliability.

However, it’s worth noting that VeriFone’s lower score is based on a limited number of reviews, so it may not fully reflect the experiences of its diverse customer base.

People who leave positive reviews often praise VeriFone for its up-to-date technology and how it helps them sell across different channels (online, in-store, etc.). This could be important if you want the latest payment features or a system that works smoothly for customers however they shop.

A common complaint, though, is that VeriFone’s customer support can be hard to reach when there’s a problem. They say live chat is often unavailable, and customers wait several days for email replies.

How We Reviewed VeriFone

Choosing a payment processor is a big decision for your business. That’s why our expert team has done the hard work for you by comparing VeriFone against the best providers used by UK businesses.

To make sure our recommendations are as helpful as possible, we prioritise the things that we believe matter the most to UK businesses. We score payment providers across six different areas, with no fewer than 36 factors considered. These include the range of available payment options, security measures, customer support, ease of use, features, and compliance. We also look at real customer feedback and consider the levels of customer support available.

Altogether, this allows us to compare VeriFone against the top 10 payment processors in the UK.


VeriFone is a reasonable option for UK businesses wanting a reputable payment processor with advanced features. It handles online and in-store payments well, making it ideal if you have a mix of customers. VeriFone’s security is up to date and always follows industry rules, essential for protecting customer data.

While some people mention having slow customer service responses from VeriFone, its custom pricing could save you money compared to ‘one size fits all’ providers.

VeriFone FAQs

Is VeriFone a manufacturer?
VeriFone is a leading manufacturer of payment devices and terminals. The company designs and produces a range of secure, EMV-compliant hardware solutions for in-store, mobile, and unattended payment environments.
Is VeriFone a payment processor?
VeriFone is a global payment processor, handling over two billion transactions annually across 165+ countries. Besides manufacturing payment devices, VeriFone provides end-to-end payment processing services for businesses of all sizes.
Does VeriFone accept Mastercard?
VeriFone’s payment solutions support all major credit and debit cards, including Mastercard. Merchants using VeriFone can confidently accept Mastercard payments, both in-store and online, while benefiting from advanced security features to protect cardholder data.
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