Vonage Telephones: Review and Pricing

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Is Vonage any good? You’ll have to read our expert review to find out…

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  • Feature-heavy phone system
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Supports wide range of integrations to help customize your phone system


  • Online reviews report poor customer service
  • Cancellation fees imposed

Vonage is one of the most prominent names in the telephone industry, offering a feature-laden UCaaS (unified communications as a service) system that helps you communicate with customers and colleagues, all from one interface.

In this Vonage telephone review, we unpack its UCaaS system and explain how it could streamline your workplace communications. We discuss its features, pricing, and latest user reviews, but we also highlight its shortcomings to give you a balanced view of Vonage.

Is Vonage good on all fronts? Not entirely, but we were impressed with its forward-thinking features during our research. Either way – by the end of this review, you’ll know whether Vonage is right for your business.

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What Are Vonage’s Features and Benefits?

Vonage offers 50+ features to help you collaborate with team members and contact customers. We’d love to discuss them all, but we appreciate you’re tight on time. So instead, we’ve selected some of our favorite Vonage features and explained them below…

Mobile App

Available on both Android devices and iPhones, the Vonage Business Cloud mobile app gives you access to all of Vonage’s 50+ features via your smartphone. This means you can easily make calls, collaborate with other staff, and get in contact with customers while you’re on the go or working from home.

Work From Anywhere

Ideal for remote workers, Vonage’s ‘Work From Anywhere’ feature lets you take your desk phone home and use it anywhere with a high-speed internet connection. Once you’ve plugged your phone in, you can then access the Vonage system and transfer calls to your cell phone, or set up your extension to ring multiple devices at once.

While the mobile app is designed to support smartphone users on the go, Work From Anywhere is tailored more towards building a robust, remote workforce.

Call Flip

Easily one of our favorite features, Call Flip is for flexible workers. It allows you to seamlessly switch between your desktop or softphone to your smartphone – and vice versa – which is done by typing in a code that directs the call to your chosen device. So, if you want to walk and talk, you can move your desk call to your cell phone without any interruptions.

Visual Voicemail

Don’t let the name mislead you, this isn’t a video recording of your message – it’s simply a method that displays your voicemails in a listview with brief summaries. Instead of listening to each one individually in a queue like you would normally, with Visual Voicemail, you see each message’s ID information, time of receipt, and date – meaning you can pick and choose which voicemails to listen to first. Essentially, Visual Voicemail makes it easy to hear the most important voicemails first.

Wide Range of Integrations

While Vonage has a lot to offer, you’ll likely need help from third-party integrations to help streamline your workflows even further. Thankfully, Vonage supports an impressive range of integrations with popular software including Microsoft Teams, G Suite, Slack, and a selection of CRM systems like Salesforce, Zoho, and Zendesk.

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How Much Does Vonage Cost?

This is arguably the most important section in our Vonage telephone review: it’s time to talk costs. Like many other business phone companies, Vonage has three price plans to choose from:

Prices are billed annually in USD

PlanMonthly costWhat you’ll get



Unlimited calls

Unlimited SMS

Vonage App Center

Unlimited Team Messaging



Everything in Mobile, plus:

Unlimited meetings for up to 100 users

Multi-level auto attendant

CRM integration

IP desk phone capability



Everything in Premium, plus:

Call recording (15 hours)

Call group

Visual voicemail

Is Vonage good value? Sure, we’d say so. You get some cool features on its most basic plan, such as unlimited Team Messaging, and it costs less than GoToConnect’s entry-level plan (CAD $31.20), and the same as RingCentral’s most basic plan.

Vonage’s Premium plan is the most popular option, opening up your business to its desktop and mobile apps, while the Advanced plan is more suited to growing businesses that need premium calling features such as Call Recording and Visual Voicemail.

Is Vonage Right for My Business?

In this section, we’ve laid out some common questions and scenarios to help you decide whether Vonage is a good fit for your business. Think of it like an FAQ section designed just for you.

Is Vonage good for small businesses?

Yes. In fact, Vonage’s services are tailored towards small and medium-sized businesses. It has affordable price plans starting from $19.99 per user per month, offering unlimited calls and Team Messaging, and it’s really easy to add more users to your system when your small business starts growing.

My team needs impeccable customer service

As you’ll hear from most other Vonage telephone reviewers, we were very disappointed with its customer service. While it does offer 24/7 support, it takes a long while to get a response, and some online reviews complain that Vonage’s staff could be more helpful in general. However, Vonage’s system is easy to use and you shouldn’t find yourself needing help very often at all.

This, along with its tendency to drop calls if you’re using poor internet, is one of the reasons why Vonage didn’t quite make our list of the best VoIP companies in Canada.

My business wants to adopt a remote-working approach

Vonage is virtually all about flexible working, making it the ideal choice for remotely-based teams. Its UCaaS system can be accessed from anywhere that has a strong internet connection, meaning your different teams can still collaborate even if one team is in the office and the other is located elsewhere. Don’t forget about the mobile app, too, which can sync Vonage’s desktop features to your smartphone.

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What Do Vonage Customer Reviews Say?

We searched online for the latest Vonage telephone reviews to gain a better understanding of what business owners like yourself actually think about the company. It’s a mixed bag, with some positive comments clouded by negative reviews concerning Vonage’s customer service:

“It’s an easy way to communicate with people from your desktop or phone (cell or landline) from any location in the world. It also has internal messaging features for people to communicate with coworkers, which is great because you don’t need to use many apps to reach out to people.”

  • Project Manager, Vonage client

“We were bounced around to different Vonage representatives and each one said they would be ‘our’ representative, only to leave a week later. We probably had to interact with at least five or six people.”

  • Architect, Vonage client

“I like that we’re able to access the phone line on multiple phones and computers. This allowed us, as team members, to choose which messages were most relevant for us to respond to individually. It can also show other team members which messages have been addressed and which ones still warrant a response.”

  • Clinician, Vonage client

Expert Verdict

In this Vonage telephone review, we walked you through its top features and explained how they can help you build a flexible working environment for your teams, without sacrificing your customer service.

Is Vonage good at everything, then? Definitely not. Its customer service leaves a lot to be desired, and you risk dropping your call when using a poor internet connection.

However, not all is lost. The Vonage system itself is intuitive and easy to use, so you (hopefully) shouldn’t have any need to contact the support team. And as long as you’ve got a strong internet connection, you shouldn’t drop any calls, either.

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