Best Social Media Marketing Agencies for Small Businesses

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The best social media agency for small businesses is Spin Brands. Specialising in social media marketing only, Spin Brands has a wealth of social media experience that can help grow your small business unlike other agencies that spread their resources across a variety of digital marketing services. But that’s just one of five reputable agencies.

We’ve picked these agencies based on the range of services they provide, their customer service, and quality of client reviews. But there are still thousands of companies offering social media marketing services for small businesses in the UK, and researching them all yourself can feel like an insurmountable task, particularly when most agencies hide their fees online.

That’s where our free cost comparison tool can help. This handy tool was designed by our social media experts and can help you pick the perfect agency for your specific needs. Simply answer a few questions, and we’ll send you a selection of free, no-obligation quotes in minutes. It’s quick, easy, and free to get started.

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Spin Brands

One Umbrella

Macedo Marketing

Atomic Digital


Best For

Managing all your social media

Best For

Quick results and friendly services

Best For


Best For

Affordable services

Best For

Increasing website traffic

Key Features
  • In-house photoshoots
  • Google Ads specialists
  • Hone your brand’s consistency
  • Better for small or medium ecommerce businesses
Key Features
  • Specialising in Facebook, Instagram and Google
  • Structured workflows
  • Efficient communication
  • Better for solo, small and medium sized businesses
Key Features
  • High level of accuracy in ad creation
  • Graphic designer and videographer
  • Provide regular updates
  • Better for B2C startups or scale-ups
Key Features
  • Facebook Marketing partner
  • Specialist in TikTok
  • Cost-effective plans
  • 100+ global clients
Key Features
  • Very well established brand
  • Own business directory
  • Combines a range of paid, remarketing and tracking techniques
  • Suitable for any business size

1. Spin Brands: Best for managing all your social media needs

Spin Brands logo
Spin Brands
Quick overview

Spin Brands is unique in that it offers only social media marketing services. While other agencies on our list offer social as part of a package, Spin Brands' sole focus is helping your small business grow through social media. Spin Brands also boasts 4.8/5 from 40 client reviews on, which is why it takes top spot.

From paid ad campaigns that can bring more traffic to your website, to organic content designed to boost followers and increase engagement, your social media marketing strategy from Spin Brands covers all bases.

We also like Spin Brands' focus on freshness. This agency refreshes its content strategies to ensure you, the client, are always marketing via social media in a way that's current and on-trend.


Multi-channel advertising to help you grow across different platforms

Impressive creative team to help produce eye-catching assets and videos

High-profile clients including Asus, Lovehoney, Candy Kittens, and Moët & Chandon


Unsuitable if you want an all-round digital marketing package

Not ideal for B2B clients

Ideal clients: B2C brands that want eye-catching content that cuts through the noise, specifically retail brands and high-end labels.

Spin Brands examples
Spin Brands offers impressive creative services to help your brand standout

2. One Umbrella: Best for quick results and friendly services

One Umbrella logo
One Umbrella
Quick overview

One Umbrella offers guaranteed results in 60 days or less from its paid social campaigns, thanks to its unique optimisation formula. This makes it the best social media agency for small businesses looking for quick returns on investment.

One Umbrella also gets excellent customer reviews, including a 5/5 rating from 23 client reviews on Clutch, owing to its quick and effective communication with clients. With such impressive social media offerings and customer services, you don't need to save One Umbrella for just the rainy days.


Free 45-minute consultation to help determine your goals

Focus on conversion optimisation helps you gain a higher return on investment than other agencies

Superb customer service and long-term partnerships


Its sales focus makes it unsuitable if you want to focus on brand awareness

Doesn't offer branding and creative production, unlike Spin Brands

Ideal clients: Small businesses in digital services that want quick returns on advert investment, specifically in the Saas and ecommerce sectors.

One Umbrella example client results
One Umbrella helped a clothing store return over $20,000 from Facebook and Instagram ads

Find the best social media management company for your small business with our free comparison tool

3. Macedo Marketing: Best for startups

Macedo Marketing
Quick overview

Macedo Marketing specialises in Facebook and Instagram ads, boasting an impressive 2-6x ROAS (return on ad spend) on average for its clients. Meanwhile, 75% of its clients double their revenue within their first three months. In short, Macedo Marketing can get your startup or small business up and running quickly.

From eye-catching content and copywriting, to precisely-targeted Facebook and Instagram ads, Macedo Marketing has the Blueprint accredited knowledge and experience to create a bespoke strategy to help your business grow.

While Macedo Marketing scores 5/5 on Clutch, it's from only five reviews, which is why this agency is only third on our list.


Higher ROAS (return on ad spend) than most other agencies

Impressive experience in Facebook and Instagram ads

Provides regular updates to keep you informed about performance


Not as established as One Umbrella or Spin Brands

Focusses on ecommerce clients, so it's not ideal for B2B clients

Ideal clients: Startup or scale-up ecommerce retailers looking for a quick ROAS (return on ad spend), ranging from fashion retailers to online course sellers.

Macedo marketing onboarding process
Macedo Marketing can help your startup increase its ROI (return on investment) through a personalised service

4. Atomic Digital: Best for affordable social media services

Atomic Digital
Quick overview

Atomic Digital won Clutch's Digital Marketing Agency of the Year 2021, specialising in pay-per-click advertising across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. Best of all for small businesses, Atomic Digital is one of the cheapest agencies around, with many case studies mentioning the agency's cost-effectiveness. We were also impressed by Atomic Digital's 5/5 rating on Clutch, from 35 reviews.

Atomic Digital also provides impressive social media reporting, giving you insight on key metrics, social post analysis, and hashtag performance analysis. These reports make it easy for you to monitor performance and make informed decisions for your small business.



One of the most affordable agencies in the UK

Facebook marketing partner and specislist in TikTok advertising

Demonstrated success across 100+ global clients


Video creation isn't as impressive as Spin Brands'

Not ideal if you don't need help with PPC (pay-per-click) social ads

Ideal clients: Startups or small businesses in B2C and B2B industries, across retail, ecommerce, or technology industries.

Atomic Digital stats
Atomic Digital has the stats to back up its impressive services for small businesses

5. Yell: Best for increasing website traffic

Quick overview

Yell Digital Marketing is the modern-day version of the Yellow Pages, helping small businesses get new customers and increase sales through social media marketing. Yell combines paid search with social audience targeting, designed to increase traffic to your website.

Meanwhile, Yell is an official Meta Business Partner (the parent company of Facebook and Instagram), which means it has the experience and expertise to help your small business grow online. Overall, it has impressive features, but could have better customer reviews online.


Well-established brand with its own business directory

Has partnerships with Meta, Google, and Microsoft

Offers transparent pricing packages


Customer review scores are relatively low

Ideal clients: Small businesses or local brands across a variety of industries, including educational groups and NGOs.

Yell social media advertising screenshot
Yell’s social media experts will create a bespoke campaign for your business to help you reach new customers, while you focus on other areas of your business

How to choose a social media marketing company for a small business

The best social media management agency for you is one that meets your specific needs and goals. For today’s list, we made our decision based on the agency’s:

  • range of services
  • quality of customer services
  • and client review scores

These are the most important things to consider when choosing an agency.

Whether you want immediate results via paid social ads, or a long-term increase in brand awareness through visual content (or you want both), you need to ensure your chosen agency has the right experience. You also need to understand what platforms your customers are using – it’s no good hiring a TikTok specialist agency if your audience is B2B clients that only uses LinkedIn.

In short, there are lots of factors to consider.

However, the easiest way to find the right social media agency for your small business by using our free comparison tool. All you need to do is answer a few questions about your business, and we’ll match you with trusted social media experts who’ll then offer free, no-obligation quotes. It couldn’t be easier.


The best social media marketing agency for small businesses is Spin Brands. They specialise in social media management only, offering multiple tactics designed to help your small business grow. For instance, they provide impressive creative services – ideal for Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok – an ad optimisation framework that can help you get more customers and website traffic, and a team of dedicated account managers to guide you through the strategy.

But Spin Brands and our runner up, One Umbrella, are just two agencies among thousands in the UK, offering varying services, packages, and pricing. That makes finding the right one for your specific difficult. But we can help.

The easiest way to pick the right agency is by using our free cost comparison tool. You simply answer a few questions, then you’ll receive direct quotes from the UK’s top social media agencies, saving you time and money. Our tool is quick, easy, and free to use.

Find the best social media management company for your small business with our free comparison tool


What social media is best for a small business?
It depends on your business. However, the most important platforms to advertise on are Facebook and Instagram – they have the largest audiences and offer lots of growth opportunities. If you have a relatively young audience, you want to consider advertising on TikTok, which is the world’s most popular short-form video platform. If your small business has a B2B audience, then you should be on LinkedIn, too.
What is a social media marketing agency?
Social media marketing agencies are companies that create and run social media marketing strategies and campaigns for you, helping you build brand awareness, get new customers, and increase traffic to your website while you focus on other areas of your business.
What can social media do for a small business?
Advertising on social media can grow your small business. By exposing your brand, products, and services to the billions of worldwide social media users, you can gain new customers, build brand awareness, and drive traffic to your website. These days, you can’t afford to go without social media marketing if you want to grow.
How do I choose a social media marketing agency?
When researching the best social media marketing agencies for small businesses, we looked at each agency’s range of social media services, their customer service, and quality of client reviews. These criteria should give you the clearest idea of whether they’re right for your business. For instance, do they offer the right marketing expertise to engage your specific audience? Do they communicate clearly with clients? Do they provide helpful support? These are the most important questions for small businesses to ask.

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