Verisure Alarm System Review: Is it Right for Your Business?

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Safeguard your office against burglars, vandals, and… COVID-19? Find out how Verisure’s smart security system can help your business do it all

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  • Supported by a 24/7 control centre
  • Innovative security products, from vision-blocking fog to light and shock detectors
  • Rolling contracts, with periods as short as three months available
  • Rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot
  • Friendly, efficient customer support


  • Some products aren’t included with Verisure’s basic package
  • Its mobile app isn’t the most intuitive
  • Several customers have had issues when it comes to cancelling contracts
  • Many reviewers report lengthy call wait times
At a glance: Ideal for large businesses that require a security system that offers a bit extra, Verisure’s mix of forward-thinking alarm technology – combined with a focus on getting the basics right – makes it one of the best security setups money can buy.

In fact, we’re very sure you’ll like it!

Verisure calls its security camera a “brave new world” – and, considering the radically-altered terrain businesses have ahead of them, we think that’s fitting.

For the pandemic’s continuance into the new year has brought with it a range of logistical headaches for business owners – and security is chief among them. 

Locked down at home until March at least, just how do you secure your business’s premises from opportunistic thieves and vandals, and keep an eye on what’s going on at your office? Well, that’s where Verisure comes in.

Because, even though free movement isn’t guaranteed right now, peace of mind should be. In the Verisure review below, we’ll assess whether Verisure is the right alarm system provider to help you rest easy and keep your workplace safe, or whether your business is better suited to a different supplier.

And we should know. We’ve spent hours researching Verisure’s products, services, and customer reviews, and – as a brand – have over a decade’s worth of experience matching businesses with the right technology for them.

So, what can Verisure do for you?

What is Verisure?

Verisure provides a range of smart burglar alarm systems for both the home and the workplace.

Founded in 1988 as part of Swedish security giant Securitas AB, Verisure eventually became an independent company. It’s no small ‘Mom and Pop’ type vessel, though – with over 16,000 employees and close to three million customers at the time of writing, Verisure is a big, big player.

Verisure’s range of alarm devices, coupled with its 24/7 staff support and guard response, has fuelled the company’s expansion into Europe and South America.

Its client base has helped, too. Verisure’s alarm packages are tailored towards larger businesses that are looking for a bespoke security solution – or, at the very least, something that goes beyond a basic two-camera setup.

Sound like you? Read on – we’ve summarised Verisure’s key features, benefits, and pricing information below. There’s even a section on its top competitors, to help you choose which security system provider is best for your business.

Watch: Expert Market reviews Verisure

Want to learn more about Verisure’s eye-catching array of smart security products? Keep scrolling for a full breakdown of the savviest products in Verisure’s catalogue, or watch this video to see its finest features in action.

From ZeroVision to Photo Detectors: Verisure’s smart security catalogue provides plenty to admire

What services does Verisure’s alarm system offer?

3G Control Panel

Verisure 3G Control PanelSo it may not boast the same eye-catching appeal as Verisure’s fog-releasing ZeroVision, or the innovation of its shock and photo sensors. But as both the brain and the beating heart of this alarm system, the 3G Control Panel is a crucial component of your Versiure security setup.

Fully portable and always linked to Verisure’s 24/7 alarm receiving centre, the 3G Control Panel’s built-in speaker and panic button mean you’ll always have a direct line to Verisure’s support team – no matter where you take it. From office to home and back again, the hub of Verisure’s alarm system is peace of mind in a panel.

Did You Know?

Verisure’s 3G Control Panel is the only portable security system control panel on the market.

ZeroVision Fog Barrier

Verisure ZeroVisionPut yourself in the mind of a would-be burglar for a second. You sidle up to the entrance of your chosen target, pick the lock, and jimmy the door with a crowbar. You’re inside.

You make your way over to the first valuable in sight. You spare a passing thought, perhaps, for how easy it all is – but you certainly don’t pay any attention to a small, white, cylindrical-shaped object high up on the far wall.

Then, Verisure’s ZeroVision Fog Barrier kicks in.

Suddenly, the room is filling up with a thick, vision-inhibiting fog. You can’t see! Not the furniture, not your own hands – certainly not any valuables. In fact, you’ll be lucky to find the door you came in by. You’d better hope you can, though – because a Verisure security guard (followed soon by the police) is already on their way.

See how effective the ZeroVision canister is?

Watch the video above to see it in action.

High-Power Siren

Verisure High-Power SirenDon’t be fooled. Though it could easily pass for a smart speaker (it bears a particularly close resemblance to the Google Nest, for instance), this device is actually a battery-powered siren – and it is loud.

Functioning independently of the aforementioned 3G Control Panel makes this siren harder for burglars to detect – and to disable. Plus, if they do manage to bring the alarm down (that is, if they haven’t already run for the hills at the first screechings of it), there won’t be time to do much stealing – Verisure’s staff will have already been alerted to the danger.

Photo Detector

Verisure Photo DetectorThe Photo Detector is another smart piece of Verisure innovation we could wax lyrical about all day – but there are still three other detectors to get through, so we’ll keep it brief.

Put simply, the Photo Detector utilises PIR (passive infrared) technology to sense when there’s movement in a dark room. This triggers the device to take a series of photos, which are transmitted instantly to Verisure’s 24/7 control centre support team.

They’ll analyse the footage in real time. If it looks like a threat, there’ll be someone there – in a flash.

Watch the video above to see it in action.

Shock Sensor Detector

Verisure Shock Sensor DetectorIdeal for protecting your business’s entry points, Verisure’s Shock Sensor Detector picks up on anyone opening or closing the windows or doors at your premises. The device’s intelligent vibration detection means that an alarm is triggered if any thief tries to force their way into your property.

Should this happen, you can rest assured that Verisure’s team will already be on it – assessing the threat, and taking action if needed.

Cloud Cam Pro

Verisure Cloud Cam ProWhat would a hi-tech security alarm setup be without a surveillance camera?

Verisure’s Cloud Cam Pro is one of the best security cameras for small businesses, and your first lines of defence against thieves, vandals, and intruders. Plug it in, and you’ll get HD video – useful for when it comes to proving insurance cases, and prosecuting offenders – streamed live to your smart device.

There are options for both continuous and manual recording, as well as event-based triggers – allowing your camera to operate on a low-maintenance basis, by recording only when suspicious activity is picked up.

The Cloud Cam Pro also boasts an impressive 5 metres of night vision, as well as remote playback – so you can rewind and tune in from your tablet, laptop, or smartphone, in your own time, from wherever you are in the world.

Did You Know?

Verisure’s Cloud Cam Pro tops our list of the 10 best security cameras in the UK. Check it out!

Perimeter Detector

Verisure Perimeter DetectorIf the ZeroVision, Shock Sensor Detector, and Photo Detector products are all designed to work best inside your premises, the Perimeter Detector’s job is the opposite.

Built to protect the gardens, car parks, and communal areas around your building, the Perimeter Detector puts you a step ahead of the intruder (or, if you have a large outside area, several steps ahead).

Between infrared and microwave (no, not that type of microwave) technology – which enables the device to distinguish human threats from harmless animal movements – Verisure’s Perimeter Detector ensures the alarm will be raised well before the burglar gets within grabbing range.

Smoke Detector

Verisure Smoke DetectorWe’ve come through fog-releasing canisters, sirens disguised as speakers, and devices that detect – and then take pictures of movement in the dark. In comparison, a simple smoke detector seems relatively boring!

Remember, though, this is Verisure – and its smoke detector is neither simple, nor boring. It works like a regular smoke alarm, only with an added hook. As soon as any kind of fire hazard is detected, Verisure’s round-the-clock support team is notified – before the alarm has even gone off!

Verisure’s team will evaluate the threat, and alert emergency services if necessary. They’ll also call you to keep you in the loop, and discuss potential solutions.

What are Verisure’s features and benefits?

Staff that mean business

Verisure’s products are innovative – there’s no doubt about that. But this particular security system is about more than the technology alone. Like most things, it’s about the people.

That’s because you’re backed by Verisure’s 24/7 control centre team at all hours.

Whether that support is silent (knowing your business is protected by shock, smoke, light, and perimeter detectors, for instance), or more vocal – like communicating with Verisure’s team directly, through the 3G Control Panel – you’re in safe hands either way.

Fully certified service

Verisure’s Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) comes with all the bells and whistles of full NSI (National Security Inspectorate) certification.

While this may not make a huge difference to your business on a day-to-day basis, it’s still hugely important. The NSI is the UK’s leading certification body for the security sector, and Verisure is gold-approved.

What we’re trying to say is that Verisure’s ARC is about as good as it can be – and, when your business’s premises is in a pickle, you’ll want to know you’re getting the fastest, finest response that money can buy.

Don’t panic

Verisure Panic ButtonAmong the add-on features of Verisure’s highly rated alarm system is a panic button.

This has nothing to do with a panic room – or the patchy 2002 film that shares its name – although you might want to press it if you find Jodie Foster on your business’s premises one dark night.

As you’d expect from any self-respecting SOS signal, Verisure’s panic button is bright red. Pressing it alerts Verisure’s staff to the emergency, and they’ll activate the system’s ‘silent listening mode’, allowing them to get a feel for the situation and react accordingly.

The panic button works best when the Cloud Cam Pro is also involved, as Verisure staff will also have security footage at their disposal, with which to assess the situation.

We’d particularly recommend the panic button for retail businesses, or on premises where a crime could involve potential harm to your staff. As a way of raising the alarm without letting the intruder know, it’s extremely effective.

Did You Know?

Verisure Remote ControlAs well as the panic button, Verisure also has SOS services built into its other security devices. Namely, these are the 3G Control Panel, as well as Verisure’s remote control key fob (pictured), which also functions to arm and disarm the system remotely.

This means you won’t have to memorise a bunch of different codes, or risk getting locked out of your own business’s security system!

Accessible access control

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your staff and property, there are few things more important than the ability to control who’s entering your business’s building – and when.

By allowing you to assign a smart key to each of your employees, Verisure’s alarm system will quickly become an intuitive, effective access control tool.

Not only will you be able to easily control your building’s flow of staff – handy for negotiating the transition back to office work, now that the vaccine is being rolled out – you’ll also be able to easily check and manage staff schedules, and plan accordingly.

App-ealing mobile app

The MyVerisure app boasts excellent reviews on both Google Play (4/5) and Apple Store (4.6/5) with customers describing it as clear and simple to use.

When it comes to an iOS and Android compatible solution for activating your alarm, and monitoring who’s entered or left your business’s premises, it’s a pretty handy thing to have at your fingertips.

Verisure’s app is regularly upgraded, and all software updates are provided free of charge.

How much does Verisure cost?

Verisure isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill security system. Let’s face it – we’re not talking a couple of wall-mounted webcams here, or even anything resembling a conventional burglar alarm.

Verisure’s security system is a complex, interconnected setup, with myriad moving parts – and because of that, it won’t come cheap.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you exactly how much you can expect to pay. That figure will depend on the size of your business’s premises, as well as the level of products and features you’ll require.

What we do know is that Verisure’s fees are monthly. This is essentially a subscription, not only to lease the software that powers Verisure’s cloud tech, but to pay the wages of its ARC staff.

This monthly fee also includes maintenance, in its entirety. That’s every repair, replacement, and assistance you might need, when you need it. It’s all covered, as part of the “Verisure Guarantee”.

Some of Verisure’s devices come included as part of the core security system package. These include:

  • 3G Control Panel
  • Shock Sensor Detector
  • Photo Detector
  • Smart Key Reader
  • High-Power Siren
  • Deterrent signs

What won’t be included with your basic kit (if you can call it ‘basic’ at all, that is!) is:

  • ZeroVision
  • Remote Control
  • Smoke Detector
  • Perimeter Detector
  • Panic Button
  • Cloud Cam Pro

Allowing you to mix and match the security technology that’s right for your business is one of the key ways Verisure makes your life easier. However, this doesn’t necessarily make things any easier when it comes to understanding your bill at the end of the month.

But that’s where we come in. Through us, you can request tailored quotes and advice from Verisure, as well as other leading security and alarm system providers. All you have to do is provide us with a few details about your business’s requirements to get the ball rolling.

It takes 30 seconds, and once you’ve told us a bit about which alarm features you’re looking for – along with your ideal installation deadline – we’ll try to match you with companies that fit those needs. If we’re successful, they’ll be in touch directly, to offer personalised security system quotes and advice.

It’s easy, and completely free to boot. Just answer the first question below to get started.

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Is Verisure right for my business?

The right alarm system for your business depends on the size of your premises, and the level of security you require. The questions below are ones we receive often from UK businesses. Here, we’ve answered a few to help you understand whether Verisure might be right for you.

“I need a basic security camera for my small shop. Can Verisure help?”

As you’ve seen above, the breadth of Verisure’s alarm products and services – not to mention their high-tech, almost futuristic specifications – mean it’s a security system that’s better-suited to scaling businesses.

Again, the strength of Verisure’s products is in the system, how all the moving parts work together. If your security needs are more modest – such as a single camera setup, say, or a basic burglar alarm – you’re better off purchasing this elsewhere as a one-off, and saving some money in the process!

“I need a way of monitoring my employees. Is Verisure it?”

Verisure’s Cloud Cam Pro is as good a security camera as any. If you want to keep an eye on your staff to help ensure safety, there are few seriously better options out there. Just ensure to remain compliant with GDPR law, and ensure your staff are fully aware they’re being surveilled.

If your reason for keeping tabs on your employees is to track attendance – and streamline your admin, payroll, and HR workload accordingly – you’re almost certainly better off with a time and attendance system.

Comprising both clocking-in devices and a software component, these systems help you manage absences, holidays, and sick pay with ease – without the need for surveillance.

“I want the highest level of security possible.”

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Short of laser beams, robot hounds, or Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson living permanently on your business’s premises, using Verisure’s system is about as secure as you can get.

Remember, Verisure’s monitored alarm transmits signals to the company’s ARC base in real time. If an incident occurs, not only will you know about it straight away, but Verisure’s team will, too. They can choose to send out a guard, or – if necessary – call the police, all while keeping you informed throughout.

Who needs lasers, anyway?

Verisure reviews: What do customers say?

Verisure’s reviews are pretty good across the board.

According to Trustpilot, 86% of Verisure’s 7,443 reviewers (at the time of writing) rated the company as ‘Excellent’ – that is, five stars out of a possible five.

Among the stuff Verisure’s customers love are the customer service and installation:

“[My Verisure representative] was friendly and non-pushy, but explained the service clearly. When I decided to go ahead, the fitting was quick, dust-free, and efficient. The rep gave me his personal number, as well as that of customer support. I’m delighted with the alarm and service. Verisure… absolutely sure!”

Verisure’s call out service also earned its fair share of the plaudits, particularly for its COVID-friendliness during a difficult period:

“We had a slight issue with the outside alarm, and contacted Verisure to ask for advice. It sent a lady, Charlotte (Wrexham area) to fix the problem straight away.

“She came in wearing full PPE, which instantly made me feel safe in such a strange time. She was quick and efficient in repairing a slight error to the system. During her time fixing the batteries she was very kind, talkative and helpful. After being at home for a month it was nice to have some company for the day!”

4% of Verisure’s Trustpilot reviews are four stars out of five, or ‘Great’. While these are positive, they’re not quite as sparkly as the above. Some issues raised by Verisure’s customers include false alarms, the cost of the monitoring service, and post-installation teething problems.

“Installation was a quick, good, and clean job. The most annoying thing for me has been the app. Calling customer service about it proved to be a waste of time – I was put on hold for 40 minutes with only that [irritating] message “thank you for calling, we know your time is valuable and we will be with you as soon as we can” for company. Verisure’s customer service is a myth – I’m not impressed with it.”

Despite this, we found many Verisure reviews that lauded the customer service, and even a cursory glance at its Trustpilot page indicates its commitment to responding to complaints in a friendly, polite manner.

Heck, even some of Verisure’s three-star reviews (denoting ‘Average’, of which there were less than 1%) had good (albeit slightly robotic) things to say about the service:

“Nadine contacted me this afternoon. She immediately asked the security questions. She professionally dealt with my questions. This reiterated my confidence in Verisure.”

On to the two-star reviews, indicating ‘Poor’, which make up 1% of Verisure’s total. So, what isn’t the security giant doing so well?

According to a couple of customers, Verisure failed to provide terms and conditions prior to installation. And, while Verisure’s equipment and alarm technology gets pretty much universal acclaim, its app – which recently underwent a core update – isn’t so lucky… nor are Verisure’s contracts, or the ease of cancellation.

“The system works well, until you try and cancel the contract. Then, Verisure makes it utterly impossible. You either can’t get through, or you get so bored of listening to The Proclaimers on loop that you have to end the call. I’ve been trying to cancel [my contract] for months, and after telling Verisure – and Verisure agreeing to the cancellation – it still isn’t cancelled. It is still sending us bills!”

Finally, 8% of Verisure’s current Trustpilot reviews are one star, meaning ‘Bad’. Basically, they’re stinkers.

Contract lengths and cancellations dominate the complaints, as do aberrations in Verisure’s normally reliable customer support:

“[The] initial customer service seemed nice when I went for it. Then I read bad reviews, and asked some questions around contract length, [and whether] I’d get to keep the products after the monthly contract ends. [I also asked] for the full terms and conditions. I requested this by email, so I’d have a written copy.

I was told this would be done right away, but heard nothing after three days. When I went to cancel, the same sales agent was really sassy and snappy on the phone. He told me that I’d get my refund and hung up abruptly.”

Still, Verisure’s reviews make it clear there’s plenty to get excited about.

Its overall rating of 4.6/5 from 7,443 reviews is up there with other heavy-hitting security system providers such as ADT (4.5/5 from 8,995 reviews) and SECOM (4.7/5 from 813 reviews). Scroll on for a bit more info about these providers, and how they compare to Verisure.

Got a Verisure review that’s worth sharing? Get in touch with us, at, and we’ll make sure your voice gets heard.

Verisure alternatives: What other providers should I consider?

Not quite sold on Verisure? We get it – each business’s needs are different, and Verisure’s high-end tech (and its equally lofty price point) might not be the right fit for you. Plus, it’s always nice to know what else is out there.

Explore the top three business security system suppliers we’d recommend if you elect not to pick Verisure below, or use the links here to jump straight to your favourite.


Best Verisure alternative for its range of CCTV cameras

“Prompt and professional service”. That’s a recent review from SECOM customer Mrs Power, and we think it sums SECOM up pretty well. Founded almost six decades ago, there’s a reason you’ve heard of this company before (or perhaps seen its logo pasted across shop windows across the country). Quite frankly, it’s one of the best security system providers out there, full stop – although we most love its range of security cameras. Compared to Verisure (which offers just the Cloud Cam Pro), SECOM offers an IP camera, as well as your choice of a bullet, box, or dome design – suitable for all buildings, all conditions, and all preferences!

For more information about what a SECOM security setup can do for your business, read our SECOM review.

Stanley Security

Best Verisure alternative for its clever mobile app

From the reviews we’ve read, it sounds like Verisure’s latest app update hasn’t done it much good. If ultimate app intuitiveness is on your wishlist, then make Stanley Security your selection. It helps you manage your CCTV feed from your smartphone or tablet, and includes a noteworthy intruder protection feature. Stanley’s tech also extends into the world of business productivity, with tidy time and attendance systems also on offer for UK SMEs. The company doesn’t quite have enough reviews for us to judge its Trustpilot rating yet, but we like what we see so far… watch this space!


Best Verisure alternative for its lack of contracts

If all those reviews mentioning Verisure’s tricky contract issues have got you panicking, SimpliSafe might just be a safer bet. Why? Well, there are no contracts, for one, while SimpliSafe’s range of security tech – albeit not boasting the same extent of bells and whistles as Verisure’s – still offers affordability in spades. Installation is simple, too; there’s no hardwiring to speak of, and you can be set up in minutes. Cap that all off with a rocking Trustpilot rating of 4.5/5 (from 2,010 reviews), and you’re quids in.

Expert verdict

From the shocking efficiency of its Shock Sensor Detector to the cirrus-ly impressive Cloud Cam Pro, Verisure delivers the goods.

Of course, while we do recommend Verisure, you’ll still need an accurate quote before you can get going. And, since you’re here, we’d also suggest that your business could benefit from comparing alarm system prices with us.

There’s no catch – it’s just a quicker, easier, and more direct way of obtaining rates from top security system providers.

Simply take a second to complete our quick, quote-finding questionnaire. This will give us a better idea of what your requirements are, and help us match you with the right companies. It takes about 30 seconds. Go on… we’ll wait.

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When you’re done, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the security system suppliers we match you with get in touch. Pick up the phone, and you’ll receive tailored, no-obligation alarm quotes and advice to help you with your research.

Let us know how you get on, and thanks for reading!

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