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We’ve reviewed takepaymentsplus so you can decide whether it’s the right fit for your business.

takepaymentsplus is aimed at small, independent businesses. For some small businesses, the current EPOS systems on the market are too complex but traditional cash registers were too simple. This is where takepayments comes in, giving you: the card machine that does more. 

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Rapid checkout process

takepayments doesn’t just take your payments – it takes them quickly. The fast checkout process gives your customers an easy and efficient experience.

Easy receipts

Customers can be sent receipts in various forms, including SMS, emails or traditional paper receipts.

Real-time reporting

You can keep a close eye on transactions and check to see they have been processed in real time.

Get your money the next working day

You don’t need to wait around for your money to reach you, as all transactions processed will be with you the next working day.


Track employees

You can accurately track employee sales in order to make accurate decisions around scheduling, training and more.

Keep on top of stock

Access to up-to-date stock reporting means you can understand stock usage with ease.

Key benefits:

Keeps you informed

takepayments informs your business, keeping you up to date with who and what is selling best.

You can save time and resources with this information and make better, more informed decisions based on real data.

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Easy to use

You can add products in seconds and add customised categories and items.


takepaymentsplus is small and mobile, meaning it’s easy to transport and works well for businesses that don’t operate in a fixed location.

Keep costs down

Less manual work means less potential for mistakes to happen. You can use your new-found time to focus on other important tasks.


At £25 a month, this is an affordable solution for small businesses.

With takepaymentsplus, you don’t need to invest in a full EPOS system but it does a lot more than a card machine.

Customer service

You’ll receive a specialist account manager who is available to you seven days a week. This is a great way to ensure you avoid any snags or problems with the machine.

Some users have reported that customer service is not always efficient and that the account managers can sometimes change, in which case you’d have to explain your issue multiple times.

What are small businesses most concerned about?

takepayments surveyed over 1,000 UK SME owners and senior leaders across 20 sectors.

The biggest concern for small businesses is ongoing coronavirus restrictions. Although these are winding down, they’ve had lasting affects on small businesses in the UK.

The swift move to cashless payments has urged many small businesses to quickly catch up. If you found yourself on the less tech-savvy side mid-pandemic, you likely need to step up your tech.

takepaymentsplus – ‘the card machine that does more’ – is just the right amount of tech for small businesses that want to ensure they aren’t affected by any future BAU disruptions.


takepayments offers plenty of benefits for small businesses. The price point makes it affordable and means you can access EPOS features without needing to spend EPOS money.

takepaymentsplus won’t be suited to every business, though. For example, hospitality businesses will want a more comprehensive system that includes seating plans or online ordering.

We recommend this machine if you’re looking for something more than a traditional cash register but less than an EPOS system.

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Zara Chechi
Zara is a Payments Expert, specialising in writing about Point of Sale systems. With a Law Degree from City University of London, she has used her legally-honed research and analytical skills to develop expertise in the Business Services world. Featured in FinTech Magazine, she quickly became an expert in payroll, POS systems, and merchant accounts.
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